Memorial Day 2014!


I ran into the campground office last Wednesday and told Tami I had somewhere important I had to be, and asked if she’d post all the cool pictures we’d taken of me . . . I mean, of my little campers . . . over Memorial Day Weekend.

She looked at her calendar, “I think I can, Maxx, if I squeezed it in after school, but before writing Cooper’s third adventure.  Oh! I promised Debbie I’d order some new recreation equipment, too!  Are you sure you can’t ~”

“Gee!  Thanks!!”  I gave her a big hug and took off to do that important thing I’d been waiting all month to do –


The fries were awesome!  Thomas said he sold a ton of them. The Deli Sandwich was pretty good too.  And that warm chocolate chip cookie!!  Heaven!

“Maxx!” Tami tapped me on my shoulder as I scoffed down the last of my third order of fries.


She pointed to the store.  Then the back office.  Then she showed me a roll of camouflaged colored duct tape.

I got the message.  Sit and write until I got it done.

But those fries!  And pizza!  I hadn’t tried the pizza . . .

Tami shook her head.  “No snack bar for you until you finish the blog post you promised your campers!  I told Thomas to shut you off.  You’re banned from the snack bar until you finish this blog post.”

So here goes . . .

Scenes from candy bar bingo!  It was a full house!



Lots of candy bars were won and lost!!


We had arts and crafts and water balloons and ceramics and bocci and story time and jewelry making and the movie Frozen and

bubble play!!


We made HUGE bubbles!


Salamanders were found . . .  and saved from the pool.


We had a pots and pans parade (Tami put a video of it on Facebook!)

Here I am, getting kicked out of the driver’s seat of the golf cart once again.




I LOVE our parades!




Maggie and Debbie and I make a great team!!!


I took lots of photos with kids too!



There was one glitch to the weekend though.  As if the crazy on and off again rain showers weren’t bad enough, right before the hayride, David discovered a flat tire on the wagon.


But you know what?  I have the very best little campers in the whole world!  Because they didn’t complain once!  I was so impressed, Debbie, Maggie and I handed out some patriotic tattoos!


Aren’t they all awesome!


Thanks to a camper friend who fixed the flat, we were able to have the hayride on Sunday instead!



I don’t just hang out with the kids either, you know.  I met lots of cool adult campers too!


But no one was as cool as this kid!  Check out his shirt!


Spider Moose!  My favorite Super Hero of all time!  He can climb the climber, and swing from tree to tree with his super spider webbing!  And with his spidey-senses he can tell . . .

There’s crumble burgers being served at the food cart!

Gotta go!


I Scream ~ You Scream ~ We All Scream ~

For Ice Cream!

The weekend started out rainy . . . really rainy!  Debbie moved all the recreation inside; arts and crafts, games, and we were all having fun.

But then the sun came out!



It sure felt good to see it!  And while we like playing with water balloons on rainy days, we really, really loved to launch them in sunshine!

Our new snack bar opened too!  Ben and his friend had a deli sandwich and pizza.  Their mouths were so full, they could barely talk.  But Tami figured their big eyes, and all the Mmmmm-mmmmm-ing noises they were making meant it was pretty good.

This young lady was Thomas’ very first customer!  And she raaaved about her breakfast to anyone who’d listen!


While the recreation, and the surprise pre-opening testing of the snack shack, were really, really cool, the big event of the weekend was . . .


The ice cream!!

The rain made it a smaller than usual party.  But we still had an excellent selection of toppings.  Crumbled cookies, sprinkles, skittles, chocolate, caramel, whipped creme, sprinkles, butter crunch and much, much, more!  Yuuuuuummy!




Everyone loved it!  Except this guy . . .


He was NOT a happy camper to find out  hay and oats wouldn’t be very popular ice cream toppings.

Silly horse!  Who puts hay on ice cream!?




A Gorgeous Mother’s Day!

I know it started with rain, but when the sun came out Saturday afternoon, I swear I could hear leaves popping out on trees and Tami’s perennials stretching from the ground with a sigh.

Debbie was back with the first official recreation of the season!  She had my little campers make Mother’s Day presents for their moms ~ flower pens in a pot!

They had water balloon target practice, played horseshoes and had a scavenger hunt too!

But the big exciting event . . . the one all the Mom’s were waiting for?

The Mother’s Day Breakfast!

Pancakes, bacon, and champagne in orange juice prepared with love by dads and kids.

Mother's Day  (2)

and served with love too.

Mother's Day  (3)


Mother's Day  (5)

The moms certainly seemed to like it!

Mother's Day  (9)

Mother's Day  (8)

Mother's Day  (7)

Mother's Day  (6)

Mother's Day  (4)

Mother's Day  (1)

I know Tami did!  She just loooooves being waited on.

Almost as much as she loves wildlife watching . . .


Clean Up Weekend After A Looooong Winter!

One week ago we were pushing around the last of a snow pile on Main Street, so it’d dry up faster.

Two weeks ago, we put a sprinkler on a one foot high, by ten foot wide pile of snow to help it melt.

There were lots of days when we sat around the kitchen table and wondered if we’d open on time. Only once in twenty-three years had we not done so . . .

But we did!

2014-05-04 22.48.53

We started Clean Up Weekend with some tough, tough choices.

Then we moved on to the fun part of the weekend . . .

Clean Up!




And clean up, they did!  The whole campground is looking marvelous now!




When Tami walked around Sunday night, she just kept saying what amazing campers she had.  “Look how much they did, Maxwell!  This used to take me a month of raking.  Now they do it in five hours. Everyone worked so hard!”

Well, almost everyone  . . .


It was so much fun to see all our little campers again!



Next weekend is Mother’s Day Weekend!  We have some recreation:  Arts and crafts (shhhhh – making presents for Mom!) and more!   Plus a Free Mother’s Day Breakfast!  Call and make your reservations!