King Maxwell the Moose!



I, King Maxwell the Moose, declare that Summer cannot . . .

and will not . . .


There’s still too much fun to be had!

Kayaking, swimming in the lake! Swimming in the pool!  Fishing!  Horseshoes!  Wildlife watching!  Arts and Crafts!  Viking Ship Races!

I ruled on Friday,  “Everyone is hereby ordered to have  FUN at the following events!”

Make your own princess and king-like jewelry . . .



Make cool shields, Maid Marian headbands and Robin Hood Hats in arts and crafts.



Enter a porridge eating contest!




Escape from Chinese Finger Traps!

IMG_1802 IMG_1803

“Um, Maxwell?” A camper quietly asked.

King Maxwell,” I reminded him.

Kiiiiing Maxwell, what’s Chinese finger traps have to do with Medieval Weekend?”

“I’m the King!  You dare question the King?”  I decide what’s Medieval fun and what’s not!”

Medieval Scavenger Hunts are fun!


Cleaning bathrooms is not.

Dressing Medieval-ly is fun!







Vacuuming the pool is not.

Candy Bar Bingo is really, really fun!





Winning is double fun!








If someone was caught NOT having fun – When they should have been having fun – we threatened to send them to the stocks . . .


See???  Having fun again!

We had three girl scout troops in this weekend too!  But they were so busy doing girl scout type things, this was the only group photo Tami managed to get . . .



pouting Max blog

Tami made me turn in my crown Sunday.  She said my head was getting too big for my antlers. Whatever that means.

So I guess summer is over . . . done . . . ended . . .

What?  There’s one more big weekend?

Oh!  Labor Day Weekend!  Yes!!

I’m off to find my flag for the big parade!!


Halloween Too! (2014 Style)


What’s better than a Halloween Weekend?

Two Halloween Weekends!

I know what you’re thinking . . .

“Don’t you get bored doing the same thing two times in a row?”

Are you kidding me???  Get bored with trick or treating to 132 campsites?  Get bored with the haunted house and a carnival party?

Besides, other than Tami’s Blah-Blah-Blah rules, the two Halloweens are different!  There’s different games, like the toilet paper Mummy Wrap!

Halloween 2  (6)

Halloween 2  (7)

We didn’t do *this* last weekend.

Halloween 2  (8)

Halloween 2  (9)

Halloween 2  (10)

And we made lots of ghostly arts and crafts stuff . . .

Halloween 2  (1)

Last weekend we did more pumpkin-y things.

We had a parade and Debbie gave us the loudest whistles you ever saw!   Or heard!

Halloween 2  (3)

The moms and dads thought they were pretty cool too.  We kept hearing comments like, “Where on earth did you get those!”, as they put their hands over their ears.   Tami said it was because they wanted to buy a ton of them for themselves.

Halloween 2  (4)

Halloween 2  (5)

AAaaaaaand, we had a hayride!

Halloween 2  (25)

Tami was so distracted by all the cool costumes, that I actually made it all the way up on the hayride and was sitting down before she caught me.  I might have gotten away with it to, if it wasn’t for that Mooooooom who tattled on me.

Moms.  They stick together, don’t they?

Then there was this game . . . I couldn’t tell exactly what it was first.

Take a look at the concentration on the players faces.

Halloween 2  (17)

Was it Bocci?  No.

Horseshoes?  No.

It was a fang spitting contest!!!

Halloween 2  (19)

And of course there were really different costumes!

Halloween 2  (22)

Halloween 2  (28)



This one . . . freaked Tami right out!


She has some kind of phobia about old man masks, I guess.

But these four, she thought were adorable.  Mostly because she loves the Red Sox, SuperHeros and Poland Spring Campground.

Halloween 2  (31)

But THIS one!  Tami thought it was sooooo clever!



Buuuuuut ~ it freaked ME out.  Thank goodness this vet didn’t give shots!

Tami got us all together for the group photo and then she shooed us out into the park.  “Make sure you go on all the roads!” she said.

Halloween 2  (30)

And there was a lot of candy to be had!  There were some different people handing it out . . .

Halloween 2  (35)

some veeeeeeery, different people.

Halloween 2  (36)


But the candy was all good!!


Halloween 2  (33)

Even the Halloween party was different.  This time, we had it in the Office Circle.  And Debbie and Maggie planned lots of new games.







Except tattoos.  That was the same because everyone loves tattoos! You can’t have too many of those!


Some things that were the same . . .

Every time I turned around there were fangs!




And Tami kept posing everyone in front of Frankenstein!



There was a snack, like last week, but it was fruit kabobs this time!


As always, Halloween Too was a blast!  I hated to see it end.

But if it didn’t, then we couldn’t have Medieval Weekend!

Medieval 024 (1024x997)

2014’s Halloween One

Halloween 1   (12)

Well.  You woulda thought it was Halloween around here, or something!

Halloween 1   (67)

It was!  It was Halloween!

I thought it’d take forever to get to my favorite part, the trick or treating and the party and the haunted house . ..

But there was so much to do, the time just flew!

(Hey!  I made a rhyme, and I didn’t even try!)

(Hey!  I did it again!)

There was the usual stuff on the Friday schedule;  Story Time, Bocci, Bubble Play and a Ghostly Cow Hunt.

What?  You’ve never done a Ghostly Cow Hunt? You poor, deprived person.

But we also made our own Lake Monsters, to help decorate for Saturday’s party.

Halloween 1   (6)

Halloween 1   (9)


And on Saturday, we had a Pumpkin Parade, Arts and Crafts, Water balloon Slingshot, and we made Frankenstein Monsters too . . .

Careful . .. careful . . .

Halloween 1   (17)

Ack!  It’s aliiiiiiiive, I tell you!  A-liiiiiive!

Halloween 1   (20)

After lunch there was an adult Horseshoe Tournament, Jewelry Making for teens, a Spooky Scavenger Hunt for the whole family and a Witch’s Stew Eating Contest.

Halloween 1   (28)

Halloween 1   (31)

Halloween 1   (30)

I wanted to try it too, but Tami said the stew sauce would stain my fur.

“Cool!” I said. “I’ll be a vampire for the party!”

She said, “No.”

Big surprise there.

Finally . . . Finally . . . It was 6:30pm!!!    I tried to get everyone to hurry up and start trick or treating to the sites where all the campers were waiting with their wonderful, tasty, yummy candy~

“Everyone stand in front of Frankenstein!”  Tami announced.

Oh, pumpkins!  I wasn’t fast enough.

She made us stand this way, then that way.  Little ones in the front, taller ones in the back.  Squish together.  Look at me.

She took photo after photo after photo . . .

Halloween 1   (37)

and the gazillion parents standing with her,  took photo, after photo, after photo.

“Hey!” I yelled, “Those poor kids are gonna get eaten by Frankenstein!”

“Oh Maxx!” Tami said, “Stop kidding around! He isn’t real!”

When the last camera was lowered from the parental eyes, I thought, Great! We can go!

But Tami had to stand on her little stool and give the

*insert eye roll here*


FINALLY, she said, “Go have fun!”

Halloween 1   (47)

Doesn’t she realize we’d get seven extra minutes of trick or treating if she didn’t do all that picture-taking-rule-spouting-stuff!

I want some of those M&M’s . . .

Halloween 1   (48)

and some of those lollipops . . .

Halloween 1   (44)

and some of those Air Heads and – wait!

Is that Frankenstein looking at me??

Halloween 1   (40)

I think he’s looking at me.

Oh! Check out all the candy this smart trick or treater has!

Halloween 1   (46)

When my little camping friends and I had all the candy our bags could hold, we headed to the lake. What a party Debbie and Maggie had set up!

Halloween 1   (75)

So many games! Like darts, eyeball stacking, tic-tac-toe toss, bean bag toss, and the fishing-pole-hat-on-the-head challenge.

What?  You’ve never tried the fishing-pole-hat-on-the-head challenge?  Where have you been camping??  Well, I’d have a picture of it, if Tami hadn’t of been  blah-blah-blabbing with all the customers.

Halloween 1   (58)

Halloween 1   (85)

Halloween 1   (73)

The campers could get a tattoo too, but not you-know-who –

Halloween 1   (61)   (Ha!  Another rhyme! )

“It won’t stick to your fur,” the nice tattooing attendants told me.

There were prizes!  Like these cool, plastic,  glow in the dark, vampire teeth!

Halloween 1   (74)

Um ~ I think they’re plastic.  Right?  Plastic?

I got to meet so many cool campers . . .

Halloween 1   (76)

in so many cool costumes!

Halloween 1   (83)

Halloween 1   (33)


And look at this!

Halloween 1   (35)


That is an impressive amount of ribbons!  All from my faaaaaa-vorite place!

Poland Spring Campground!

Halloween 1   (36)

She’s been collecting them for years.

I even got to play the games myself.  Maggie’s is my favorite.

Halloween 1   (77)

And we can’t forget the grrrrrreat snack!  Frosting covered pretzels.

Halloween 1   (82)

When the party was done, and we’d picked everything up, Tami and I checked out the sunset.

Halloween 1   (79)


Halloween 1   (84)

Halloween 1   (78a)

“Going to the Haunted House, Maxx?”  Tami asked.

“Yep,” I said.  “Going to hide in the store again this year?”

“Yep.” she said.

I sighed.  “I wish Halloween could last forever.”

“It can’t last forever, but it can last a week,” Tami said.

“Oh!” I cried, “That’s right! We get to do it all again, don’t we!?”

“We do!” Tami planted a kiss on my nose.

“Can we uninvite the Frankenstein’s though?” I asked.

Tami crossed her arms, and tipped her head to one side.  “Why on Earth would you want to do that?”

“‘Cause I don’t trust them!  I caught the big one in front of the store, trying to gobble up Maggie and her pet Octopus today . . . ”

Halloween 1   (32)


“Oh, Maxx!”


Super, Duper, Hero Weekend!


Here I am with the very famous, very handsome, Superman!!!

Or should I say . . . .

Suuuuuuper- maaaaaaaan!


There were lots of Supermans, and Batmans, and Wonder Womans and


Super Shoppers!



Super Buddies!

We made our own capes and headbands and tool belts at Arts and Crafts


then  had Super Hero Tryouts in the playing field . . .






All events were supervised by Batgirl, Catgirl and Superman himself.


Of course, we passed with flying colors.  We were even taught to look off into the distance at nothing in particular, like a real super hero.

And then, two villains showed up!  On OUR playing field!


We called on all superheros and whipped out our waterballoon slingshot to protect all the innocent camping families, and keep them from danger at Poland Spring Campground.



And just when we were getting the best of those two, three more villains showed up!


And we were all like . . . who ARE these guys?


We can take them!!!

And the three villains were scared.


Don’t they look scared!?

So we shot more waterballons  . . .


And just when we were getting the best of THEM, one more showed up!


Hey . . . doesn’t he look a little familiar .  . . Superman’s evil twin, perhaps?


Even with all their pirate-y, medieval-style stuff,



We still saved the day!!!

And it was a lot of fun too!

As always there were tons of things to do!  And we did them as our Super Hero selves, so no one would know our secret identities or anything . . .





Especially this guy.  I swore on my moose antlers I wouldn’t ever, ever, ever give away his real name.





Thanks to all the Super Families who joined us last weekend!  We loved having you!


Fiesta Time, Means No Siesta Time!

“La cucaracha, la cucaracha!”


There was no time for taking siestas!  Not at Poland Spring Campground.  Debbie and Maggie had a full, full schedule of cool things planned.

Arts and Crafts happens eeeeee-very day.  But on Saturday, we made our own sombreros with paint and glitter and everything!



They looked soooo cool in the sun . . . all sparkly and fancy and stuff.


We had a penny hunt on the playground, bubble play, family bingo, Bocci, South of the Border Games, Parent/Child Horseshoes, a scavenger hunt, a  seed spitting contest . . .

and a hayride!!


But as fun as all those cool activities are, we weren’t waiting for any of thoooooose!  No!

We were waiting for the Fiesta Party!!

For the bouncy house . . .

For our tattoos, too!





And to play games like the ring toss . . .


throwing darts at balloons . . .


and the Minute To Win It Challenge . . . Tower of Cans !  On a plate.  On water.



There was another Minute To Win It Challenge . . . Junk in the Trunk!

Or . . . as I like to call it :

A Get The Ping Pong Balls Out Of the Tissue Box Tied To Your Back, game.

These two were pretty creative with it . . .



Look at the moves!  The height!!



In another corner of the playing field, Debbie and her husband Ron made their Sopaipillias again this year . . .


And they were a huuuuuge hit.  (They tasted just like Fried Dough to me! But don’t tell Debbie, I said so.)

The coolest game of the Fiesta Party, was the Pinatas!

We all lined up to get our hands on the bat to break open the pinatas,


While everyone looked on and cheered . . .



I even got a turn, even though Tami said putting a bat in my hands was a dangerous thing.

Oh, pshaw!


We all won candy . . . lots and lots of candy!


We LOVE candy!

I also got to hang out with some of my faaaavorite campers as I made the rounds to play the games –


Always my favorite part.




I’m so sad, Fiesta Weekend is done.


But I heard from a friend, who heard from Debbie, who heard from Tami that this weekend is Super Hero Weekend!


Time for this mild mannered Moose to turn into . . .

Super Moose!