Hanging My Head In Shame!

My last post was . . .


Labor Day Weekend??


Adventurer Weekend 010 (687x1024)

I blame Tami because, you know, I always blame her for everything anyway . . .

But hey!  I have news!!!

Tami and I saw the eagles!

First, we caught them adding sticks to the nest . . .

Adding to Nest 12-20-14 (3)

well, TRYING to add sticks to the nest.

Adding to Nest 12-20-14 (19)

This one was just a little . .

bit . . .

too heavy.

Adding to Nest 12-20-14 (23)

And then a week later, Tami and I were walking to the lakefront with Cookie, when we saw an adult eagle soaring overhead.  So we started running,

Adding to Nest 1-2-15   (2)

which isn’t easy with cameras, mind you!  And we made it just in time to point our cameras and shoot.

Adding to Nest 1-2-15   (3)

Tami got horrible, terrible photos..  Because she forgot to take the lens cap off.

Adding to Nest 1-2-15   (4)

But I got amazing pictures, didn’t I?

Adding to Nest 1-2-15   (5)

Adding to Nest 1-2-15   (11)

Such a graceful landing!

Adding to Nest 1-2-15   (18)

This adult appeared to be checking out the nest, looking down upon it several times before flying off again. I wonder if she was trying to decide if they needed more sticks, or grasses or a rug . . .

Adding to Nest 1-2-15   (24)

It’s looking awfully good, that we’ll have eaglets to watch again this year!!