And We’ve Started the 2015 Nesting Season!


The happy couple is expecting!  And if Tami’s calculations are correct, they should be born right around opening day.  Which means, we’ll be able to get a head count (when they can hold up their heads) around two weeks after that.

Tami has marked it on her calendar. She’s all ga-ga and well, you know how she gets about her eagles and her loons.

Nesting eagles 3-24-15  (40)

Look at how big the nest has gotten!  Isn’t that like, an eagle mansion or something?

Nesting eagles 3-24-15  (39)

The last time we saw the nest grow to this size, there were triplets.  But Tami keeps telling me that we already had triplets, just a couple years ago.  And THAT was a miracle.

But I can’t help wondering . . .

Because they’re still adding to it!  Tami just watched the mate of the nesting eagle bring a branch in today!

Nesting Eagles 3-25-15  (37)

Nesting Eagles 3-25-15  (42)

Nesting Eagles 3-25-15  (46)

Nesting Eagles 3-25-15  (48)

Tami still has to put on the snowshoes to get to the lake.  She tried to go without yesterday, ’cause she was in a hurry, but she sunk up to her knees one too many times.

There’s still ice on the lake too.  We can’t wait for the wood ducks, geese and loon to get back.  Tami’s getting a little tired of taking pictures of chickadees, Red-breasted woodpeckers, and nuthatches, as cute as they may be.

We’ll keep you posted on those eagle babies!


Five to Ten Days From Now . . .


A quick, quick post, because it’s past my bedtime and if Tami catches me on the computer, I’ll get grounded!!

But it’d be worth it to show you these!  Look!

We’ve been watching the eagles bringing grasses and pine boughs to the nest for about a week or so.



They’re pretty picky about how everything gets arranged too.


AND then we got to see something pretty cool –


The eagles mated.



This will give us a timeline for when the eggs will be laid and for when we can expect eaglets!


So, 5 to 10 days from Wednesday, means we’ll see an adult sitting on the nest between 3/15 and 3/20.  And then we’ll see eaglets between April 19th and 26th  !


Tami’s already marked it on the calendar.  We can’t wait to see how many there are this year.


Our Eagles Are Twitterpated!

Walk Dec 26  (32)
December 2014
March 2015

Can you see the difference?  It’s bigger, and higher.

And just today, there were even MORE sticks on the nest.

The eagles are getting ready to nest!

Last year, they were sitting on eggs, March 8th.  Tami is going down every day, hoping to see an eagle nestled in, only the top of her white head showing.

But for now, they keep adding sticks and twigs and pine boughs, waiting for just the right time.