May Happenings


Oh, I’m so embarrassed!

Memorial Day 2015 (16)

Tami keeps forgetting to post my pictures from the Ice Cream Social!

Ice Cream Social 1  (10)

We had such a good time!  And everyone’s ice cream sundaes looked so yummy, too.

Ice Cream Social 1  (11)

At one point, a parent turned to Tami and said, “I had no idea so many people were in the campground!”

Tami smiled, and replied, “They always show up for the ice cream parties!”

Ice Cream Social 1  (14)

Memorial Day was  a blast, too!   The pool was open, there were tons of fun, free, activities, and we got to hang out with our camping friends for three whole days!!

Memorial Day 2015 (7)

One of my favorite activities is the Pots and Pans parade, ’cause we get to walk around blowing our whistles and making lots and lots of noise.

See that girl in the back of the crowd in the picture below?  That’s Megan!  Our new recreation director.  We like her. A lot. I think we’ll keep her.

Memorial Day 2015 (11)  Memorial Day 2015 (20)

We tossed around water balloons.  We created noisemakers and Memorial Day hats in Arts and Crafts. We made bubbles and played games, too. But best of all, David took out the hay wagon!

Memorial Day 2015 (22)

I love meeting up with all my little campers at Hayride time.

Memorial Day 2015 (25)


See all our red, white and blue??

Memorial Day 2015 (34)

There’s going to be lots and lots of cool recreation this summer!  We even have a new theme weekend . . . Fairy Tale Weekend!  What are you waiting for???

Make reservations today!

The Place Is Going To The Birds!

Tami is a little obsessed with taking bird photos lately.

You probably know she goes out on the lake to take photos of Eagles and Loons, but she also looks for Red-Winged Blackbirds . . .


Grackles . . .



And Osprey who’ve just caught a fish.


She sits on her own front lawn to take photos of Baltimore Orioles




And Hummingbirds too . . .




We’d love to see the photos you take while staying with us.  Please feel free to share them on our Facebook page, or e-mail them to our office and we’ll share them on our blog.


Mother’s Day 2015


Wow!  We’re very excited to have so very many families camping for our Spring Special!  It’s great to hear laughter streaming from the campsites and the pitter-patter of little feet on the playground.

I have some of the best camping kids! This crew picked up trash . . .

all on their own . . .

not looking for any reward.


Tami couldn’t stop bragging about them!

We had some great recreation on Saturday; making Mother’s Day presents, playing horseshoes and other games.  On Sunday morning, we had a Free Mother’s Day Breakfast in the Rec Hall.  David had lots of little helpers!


Mother's Day 2015  (2)

And some “big” helpers too.  Couldn’t have done it without you!

Mother's Day 2015  (9)


A big shout out to all the camping Mom’s and their families . . .

Mother's Day 2015  (3)

Mother's Day 2015  (4)

Mother's Day 2015  (6)

Mother's Day 2015  (8)


So glad you could all join us on your Special Day!

Mother's Day 2015  (12)

Clean Up 2015


As always, our campers rock!  The place is looking pretty again!

Starting at 8:30, people grabbed a doughnut or muffin, and a cup of coffee before getting to work. I tried to take a doughnut too, but Tami slapped my hand!  “Those are for the workers,” she said.

“I work!” I told her.

“You work at playing!” she scolded.

Campers were seen raking by the pool, bathrooms, and game room .

Clean Up  (7)

About 80% of the sites and roads are now clean of last year’s leaves and twigs.

Clean Up  (11)

Clean Up  (12)

Two of my favorite workers!


Clean Up  (1)

Tami couldn’t believe how much the place changed in one day. It’s amazing!



Clean Up  (8)


And I have no idea what Tami was thinking, of course there was time to play!  Sheesh!


Clean Up  (6)

Tami even found time to chat with some of her readers!


We’re looking forward to an amazing season!  If you haven’t made your reservations yet, now’s the time!