Medieval Weekend 2015


What a great time I had with my little campers last weekend!  Our every day, ALL DAY, recreation program has begun.  And the activities are FREE!


Last weekend we made boats, and raced them in the lake.


We wanted to do it for hours and hours and hours . . .




But there were lots of other things to do, too.  Like Hammer Throw, ice melting contest, penny hunt, scavenger hunt, bocci, story time, candy bar bingo and arts and crafts, to name a few.

My favorite, was making hats and shields, wands and swords!





Everyone gathered at the office for our Saturday hayride. The local Ladies, Knights and Squires, joined us as well.


For the most part, we all got along famously!



Until I was challenged by a squire with a much fancier hat than I!


He fought valiantly, and was besting me!  Before I knew it, jousting and sword play began happening all over the place!


It was a difficult undertaking, but I finally managed to settle everyone down, so we could take a group photo of the Poland Spring townsfolk.


I had so much fun!  I didn’t want it to end.


I’m happy to say, Poland Spring Campground is full, full, full for Fourth of July Weekend, but there’s space left for Pirate Weekend . . . call today to reserve your site! We promise not to make you walk the plank.

Well, more than once, anyway.


June ’15 Happenings

June was quite a busy month!

My camping friends surprised me with a birthday party!

Max B'day  (2)

The rec hall was packed full!

Max B'day  (12)

Everyone helped me blow out the candles on my cake . . . but they re-lit!  Twice!  That Tami!  She put trick candles on the cake.  Always keep both eyes on her.

Max B'day  (22)


I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday party!  It’s always so much more fun, celebrating with friends.

Max B'day  (14)

We had a Bouncy House Weekend right after that, and I wished we’d gotten pictures, but Tami was away at her godson’s wedding and I couldn’t find her camera!  Guess I should’ve asked for one for my birthday.

And just yesterday we celebrated Father’s Day Weekend by making lanterns, slinging water balloons, making giant bubbles, playing bocci and riding on the hayride!

The hayride is where I get to meet all my little campers right in front of the office.  We have a blast high-fiving, playing, hugging, and joking around.

Father's Day (2)

Father's Day (5)

Father's Day (4)

Right up until they get on the hay wagon for a ride around the camp.  That’s when the fun stops, ’cause Tami won’t let me drive the truck, or ride on the wagon.  “You’ll knock somebody off with those antlers of yours,” she always says.

Father's Day (8)

But we DO get to take a group photo!

Father's Day (6)

Next weekend is Medieval Weekend!  Did you know we have all kinds of cool themes, like  Pirate, Fiesta, Halloween One,  Halloween Too, Fairy Tale, and Superhero Weekend too!?  Hurry!  Make your reservations!




Eagle Photos

If Tami’s gone missing, you can bet you’ll find her on the lake with her camera.

Springtime is the best time for photos.  All of nature is waking up, finding mates, making nests and dens, feeding their young ones.  The eagles are one of her favorite subjects, not just because they’re nearby, but because she’s always able to capture some new-to-her behavior.

You’d think that after monitoring them for over ten years, she’d have seen it all.  But just last weekend, she was able to record new research, the eagles moving branches around on the nest.


They didn’t bring them in. So these are branches that were already on the nest. Maybe as the eaglets grow, they make room?




So far, the eaglets are healthy and strong.  The adults feed them equally and you can quite often hear them hollering for food from our shoreline.





The adults are very active, bringing food to the nest.


Poor things are probably quite tired!


Tami often says how grateful she is to be able to monitor and study them year round.  All that research paid off too, when it came time to write her second book, Mystery of the Eagle’s Nest!


We’ll keep you posted on the young ones progress!  But it looks like we’ve got another healthy pair!