Where Have All The Campers Gone?

Halloween 2b (15)

It’s suddenly very, very quiet here! Where have all my little campers gone??



Halloween 2b (14)

Tami says it’s because everyone is back to school shopping and stuff.  Sheesh.

Halloween 2b (13)

Without my little campers to keep my company, I keep getting into trouble.  Tami yelled at me today for putting my butt in the ice chest.

Halloween 2b (10)

And then she fussed at me for ringing the bell on this bike over and over and over and over.  I liked the tinkling sound.

Tami did not.

It’s a good thing I still have Sammie to keep me out of trouble!

Halloween 2b (4)

We still have some good camping days left!!  Sci Fi Weekend is going to be a ton of fun!  And we stil have sites for Labor Day Weekend, but they’re going fast!!

Halloween Too: 2015


After all the fun we had at Halloween One, I couldn’t wait for Halloween Too!

Luckily, there were lots of cool things to do all week as we counted down the days to another trick or treat and party.  Arts and crafts every day, kids games, bubble play, bocci, water balloon activities, kickball, sandcastle building, ice cream making, bouncy house, popcorn over the campfire, story time, scavenger hunts and tie-dying, just to name a few!

Halloween Too  (18)


Halloween Too  (16)


And jewelry making, too!

Halloween Too  (14)


Saturday morning finally arrived, and my little campers got busy making site markers, to . . . . well . . . you know . . . mark the sites.

Halloween Too  (2)


Every camper who plans to give out candy gets one to hang by their site number.  This week we made ghosts.  Lots and lots of ghosts!  Because we hoped for lots and lots of candy!

Halloween Too  (4)


We played field games to pass the time,

Halloween Too  (5)


had a Ghostly noisemaker parade, a Fang Spitting contest, shot off water balloons and had a toilet paper Mummy Making contest!

Halloween Too  (8)

Halloween Too  (9)

And then we had our traditional Saturday Hayride group photo.

Halloween Too  (26)

The minutes between the hayride and trick or treating time at 6:30 were endless!  At 6:27 the first trick or treaters finally arrived at the meeting spot!

Halloween Too  (32)

Halloween Too  (33)

Halloween Too  (35)

Halloween Too  (36)

Tami asked us to gather together for a group photo.  We did it so she’d finally let us go trick or treating . . .


Halloween Too  (37)

But she made us wait, insisting on giving us “yawn” RULES.

Halloween 2b (34)

Honestly, all I heard was blah-blah-blah, don’t knock on doors, blah-blah-blah, no bikes, use your own two feet, blah-blah-blah, come back for our costume party at 7pm, blah.

Halloween 2b (35)

I don’t think my little campers heard anything she said either. Can’t you just see the thought bubbles over their heads, with candy names dancing in them?

Halloween 2b (30)

Finally, I heard “are you ready?”

My little campers said, “Yeah.”


Halloween 2b (36)


Tami tipped her head to one side and said,  “You don’t sound ready.  The campers need to know you’re coming.  Are you ready!!??”

And we all yelled,


“GO!  Trick or treat!” she said.

Halloween 2b (38)

So we did!!

Halloween 2b (43)


Halloween Too  (58)

Halloween Too  (53)

Halloween Too  (54)

Halloween Too  (57)

Halloween Too  (49)

Halloween Too  (40)


Halloween Too  (52)

Halloween Too  (60)

Halloween Too  (46)

And somewhere down along the road leading to the lake, we ran into Alice in Wonderland and her friends!  All the kids thought they were so very cool!

We tried to find the Rabbit Hole but didn’t have much luck.

Halloween Too  (78)

Halloween Too  (43)

Thank goodness this camper had her ghostly site marker. We never would have known she had candy without it.

Halloween Too  (42)

Promptly at 7:10, my little campers started working their way back to the office for games and treats.  I guess maybe some of them were listening when Tami gave her talk.

There were so very many games!  Like this one where you knock over the cans with tennis balls and Katniss and Ironman pick them up..

Halloween Too  (65)

My little campers also fished for spider rings


Halloween Too  (74)


Halloween Too  (75)

And this stacking game that Autumn was running.  It was very hard to do with my hooves!

Halloween Too  (66)

Halloween Too  (67)

But I did like the wet sponge toss!  That Justin!  He was so funny!  And brave.

Halloween Too  (68)

Sponges were flying everywhere!  And he didn’t even have a pair of antlers to protect himself!

Halloween Too  (70)


I had just gotten in line for a tattoo . . .

Halloween Too  (72)

when I spied the Grim Reaper!!

Halloween Too  (63)

Yikes!!  I slipped through the crowd and got in line for the quarter toss game so he wouldn’t see me. Having Maggie nearby made me feel better too.

Halloween Too  (82)

I’d just thrown my third quarter and missed, when one of my little campers ran over to show me his vampire teeth!

Halloween Too  (76)

“Hey! Those are pretty cool!”  I said.  “Where did you-”  Suddenly, I felt like someone was standing behind me.

Close behind me.

Staring at me over my shoulder.

You know the feeling.

I turned around sloooooowly . . .

and there he was!!!



Halloween Too  (80)

“H-h-hey there!” I said.  “Nice party, isn’t it?”

But Mr. Reaper didn’t say anything.  He just stared down at me all grim-like.

Now I know where he gets his name.

I ducked into the first door I could find and lucky me!! It was the snack room. We were making our own Monster Mix Mash!!

Halloween Too  (86)

I got myself a cup of special trail mix and walked back out the door.  Megan was doing the Balloon Walk!  I love balloons, so I got in line when suddenly, I felt those beady, staring eyes on my back again!

Halloween Too  (93)

“What do you want from me?” I cried.  “Here! Take my trail mix!”

He didn’t move.

So I hid behind this guy.  Who kinda-sorta looked like he’d been playing all the games and had gotten into the snacks.  But really, he was just holding onto his grand-daughters stuff.

Halloween Too  (91)

Or so he said.

Anyway, as I watched, a little Tinkerbell walked up to the Grim Reaper.

“Oh! Help her!! Please, help her!” I grabbed the guy’s arm. “Save her!”

No one heard me on account of all the games and laughing and stuff.

Halloween Too  (94)

I ran out to save her myself, but she did the most amazing thing!

She hugged that reaper at the knees.

Halloween Too  (95)

And he hugged her back.

Awwww!  I guess he’s not such a bad guy after all.

I shook his hand to show there were no hard feelings.

Halloween Too  (96)

And I went on to enjoy the party.  I didn’t feel his eyes on my back for the rest of the night.

But that might be on account of, his moving on to stalk someone else.

Halloween Too  (97)

Halloween One 2015!


The Halloween decorations went up on Thursday the 13th,  and all the little campers were most excited!!

Halloween 1  (30)

Our usual Thursday recreation has Sandcastle building on the playground . . . .

Halloween 1  (32)


And boy-oh-boy, did they ‘go to town’ with their building!  Look at the details!  The American Flag . . . the roads . . .

Halloween 1  (36)


And is that a bridge??  Impressive!

Halloween 1  (37)

What a cute little city!

On Friday, after Storytime, Bocci, and Bubble Play, Debbie took the little campers to the lake for a Nature Walk.  Along the way, they picked up all kinds of nature items to make Lake Monsters for the Costume Party on Saturday.

Halloween 1  (46)

Halloween 1  (45)

Halloween 1  (44)

FINALLY, Saturday was here! The BIG DAY!  Kids stampeding all over the place!!

At Arts and Crafts, we made site markers so the campers could mark their sites if they were giving out candy. We made lots and lots and lots of them . . . .

Halloween 1  (62)


In hopes there’d be lots and lots and lots of campers TO give out candy.

Halloween 1  (61)

Halloween 1  (59)

Then we made Frankensteins!


Halloween 1  (75)

It’s Alive!!!

Halloween 1  (71)

Well, kinda-sorta alive!!!

Halloween 1  (69)

We shot water balloons, made jewelry, had an adult horseshoe tournament and joined the  scavenger hunt and THEN . . .

It was witch’s stew eating time!!!

Halloween 1  (83)

Halloween 1  (84)

Tami just won’t let me do this, no matter how hard I try!!  I pleaded!  I begged!!  But she firmly said no!

I wonder why?


Halloween 1  (88)

We tried to have a Pumpkin Parade . . . we gathered .  . .

Halloween 1  (4)

But all of a sudden we heard rumbling and Tami cried, “Is that THUNDER????”  She and Debbie shooed us inside as fast as they could.  We played games instead and tried to guess the how many candy corns were in the jar.

Halloween 1  (7)

We kept one eye on the skies as the minutes ticked by . . . . 3 o’clock.  4 o’clock.  The skies cleared a bit and the sun peeked out.  5 o’clock.  6 o’clock.

6:30!!  Time for Tami to give the rules!!  And then she makes us pose for a group photo.

Halloween 1  (97)

Before she finally sends us out to trick or treat!!

Halloween 1  (8)

Halloween 1  (10)

Halloween 1  (11)

Halloween 1  (13)

Halloween 1  (20)


We got tons and tons of candy!!

Halloween 1  (18)

When we’d gone to every campsite that had a marker, we went down to the lake for a costume party and snacks.

Halloween 1  (25)

We all love having the party at the lake!

Halloween 1  (100)

Halloween 1  (126)

Halloween 1  (112)

Halloween 1  (111)

There’s all kinds of cool games to play for prizes.  And Sammie gives Tattoos too!

Halloween 1  (101)

She said the magic spell, tapped the tattoo with her wand and Abracadabra!!  The perfect Tattoo!

Halloween 1  (104)

I was amazed!!!  Maybe this time, finally, after all these years, the tattoo would stick to my fur!!  I crossed my fingers to help the magic . . .

Halloween 1  (23)

But it didn’t work.  Sigh. One of my little campers gave me a ghost sticker though!  I love my little campers!

And their costumes!

Halloween 1  (94)

Halloween 1  (95)

Halloween 1  (96)


Halloween 1  (117)

Before the party ended, I made sure to get myself a Halloween Frosting Stick and a glass of Tami’s special punch.

Halloween 1  (114)

Halloween 1  (113)

Choosing the sprinkles is always the hardest decision!

Halloween 1  (124)

When I saw the sun setting over the lake, I was so sad. I didn’t want Halloween to end.  I wanted to hang out with my little campers for ever and ever.  And ever.  I scuffed my feet in the dirt when Tami told me it was time to go.


But a pretty girl came over to tell me Halloween wasn’t ending yet!!  We had a whole week of recreation ahead of us!

“And trick or treating?  Another party?” I asked.

Halloween 1  (116)

“We’ll do it all over again next Saturday”, she said, before giving me a kiss right on my nose.

Yes!!  Halloween again!!  I can’t wait!!


Wind Over Wings

Last year, when Tami’s book, Mystery of the Eagle’s Nest was about to be released, her publisher mentioned Wind Over Wings.  “We should have them come to your book party,” Melissa said. “They’re wildlife educators who bring live raptors like owls, hawks, ravens and eagles and present them to-”

Tami didn’t hear another word after ‘bring live raptors’. She knew she had to meet these birds and their caretakers. When Hope introduced Skywalker, their Golden Eagle, to Tami  . . . she was smitten.

Tami couldn’t wait to bring Hope back to the campground, so all her little campers could meet the birds too.  Each one has a special story of perseverance and strength, and Tami wanted her friends to hear them.

Hope began by telling us about the interesting “toys” found in eagle nests; Lightbulbs and baseballs to name a few.

I guess eagles like to play as much as we do!!


Carol brought out Pippin, a Saw-whet Owl who’d been rescued from the ground after (possibly) flying into a window.



Since her accident, Pippin can’t see well, nor can she fly,  so she stays on at Wind Over Wings and helps with their educational presentations.



Don’t those eyes seem as if they can look into your soul???



All our little campers were quite taken with Pippen as Carol walked through the crowd for photo-ops.



Sue presented Zachariah to us, a large Common Raven.  He was very active, looking all around, flapping his wings rapidly.  “He likes this spot!” she told us.



Sue told us that Zachariah fell from his nest as a nestling in Maine, and broke some bones in his wing. Once he was rehabilitated, they discovered he couldn’t fly.



Raven’s are wicked smart! You should hear some of the stories they tell about their antics!  Tami liked Zachariah so much, she’s put a raven int0 Book 3.




By this point in the program, a huge crowd had gathered in our playing field!!  Sue and Carole went on to warn us on the dangers of litter.  For instance, fishing line left lying around in the water or on the ground, can get wrapped around the necks and feet of wildlife such as loons, causing them to starve or be flightless.  Did you know fishing line won’t decompose for 600 years!!??   A plastic shopping bag, can look like a jellyfish in the ocean and be swallowed by fish or birds.  That won’t decompose for 450 years.




Next, Carol presented Tansy, an Eastern Screech Owl.  This little owl was found on the side of the road in 2012, looking like a small leaf pile. Someone with sharp eyes saw her!  They believe she was hit by a car; resulting in a damaged eye and head trauma. But she’s found a home at Wind Over Wings!  I love the color of her feathers!


And then Hope presented Skywalker . . . a real live Golden Eagle.



Skywalker had a very sad story.  One minute the two year old was soaring freely in the sky, the next, he was hurtling downward after being purposely shot.  Luckily, a caring human gathered him up and took him to a veterinarian who  made the difficult decision to amputate Skywalker’s wing in order to save his life.



It took time, two years to be exact, but Hope and her staff lovingly convinced Skywalker that there was more to life.  He now has a special bond with his caregivers, and it was very evident at this presentation.


Tami’s been paired with this presentation a number of times, when she talks to students about being an author.  And every time she learns something new!

Skywalker was quite handsome, isn’t he?!  And look at those talons!! Impressive.


Skywalker and his friends are great educators!  Our campers loved having them!!

We’re looking forward to having Hope and her staff present next year as well.



Fairy Tale Weekend

Sometimes, it takes a couple years for a theme weekend to catch on and become big. Not so with Fairy Tale Weekend!!! We started with Bubble Play, a Fairy & Gnome treasure hunt, and Cottage Building for the wee folk  . . .


IMG_2852   Then we had Tortoise and Hare Races on the playing field, Arts and Crafts, Waterballoon Slingshot, Jewelry Making, a Scavenger Hunt and a Porridge Eating Contest! IMG_2860   Tami wouldn’t let me enter that contest.  She said it’d get in my fur and she’d never get it out. IMG_2863 We had our usual Saturday Afternoon hayride and that’s when all the Fairy Tale Characters came out to play!! IMG_3291

Some of our characters gave a shout out to a special friend of ours, who’s staying at Boston Children’s Hospital.




How I loved meeting all the characters!



Shrek and Fiona were a huge hit!!


We made Magical Wands and Fairy Tale Character headbands at Arts and Crafts.  There were lots and lots of spells being tossed around the hay wagon, I tell you!  I was worried I’d get changed into a toad or something.




And check out these knights in shining armor!!  Very impressive!  I’d let them guard my gate against fire breathing dragons any time!



We had so many beautiful princesses too!






And Noble Kings.  Doesn’t he look wise beyond his years?


Here is Girl Scout Troop 1655 in Harpswell.  They worked hard selling cookies this year and earned a camping trip.  Maxwell Moose bragged to everyone he knew that they chose OUR campground to visit.   Thanks girls!!!


Princess Megan was beautiful in all her finery!!


Peter Pan came to visit too, with Tiger Lily, Wendy, Tinkerbell and a Lost Boy!!


I finally got a chance to meet Shrek face to face!  He’s not a bad guy really, if you can get past that onion smell.  Tami was taking our picture for the big guy, when .  . .


Fiona just had to go and photobomb us.


Personally, I think she was a little jealous, since Shrek had just gotten a big ‘ol smooch from Paula.


Here’s the whole Poland Spring Campground Fairy Tale crew!!  Thanks again for visiting us everyone!!


This theme will be on the schedule for 2016 for sure!!

Fiesta 2015!!



Fiesta Weekend was so much fun, Sammie and Debbie started dancing in the street!


There was soooooooo much to do!  We played bocci, had a Penny Hunt, shot water balloons with the slingshot and made sombreros and maracas at Arts and Crafts!




There was jewelry making, South of the Border field games, horseshoe tournament, scavenger hunt and a seed spitting contest.

You heard me!





Shhhhhhh – dont’ tell Tami.  She doesn’t like spitting. Especially when Moose spit.

But she does like hayrides with all her little campers dressed up in their sombreros





she loooooves Fiesta Parties!!!

Ours had all kinds of carnival games, and we got to try them all as many times as we wanted for the prizes . . .


We shot darts at balloons . . .


Got a tattoo from these lovely young ladies . . .


My little campers and I tried to dance ping pong balls from a tissue box around our waist.


I used every Moosey-dance move I had!



I tried to ring-a-bottle, but when I wasn’t looking,  Justin covered them with his sombrero.  So when he wasn’t looking, I cheated. A little.

I know. I know.  Tami said the same thing. So then Justin and I did it the “right” way and I won!


Hunter gave me the rules to the Stack-the-cans-on-the-plate-sitting-on-the-water game.  “You only have a minute!” He said.  “Ready . . . set . . . go!”


What?  A minute??    Soooo much pressure!  I could only get three of them!


One of our favorite carnival party snacks are the sopapias Debbie and Ron make.  Yum!!  I like mine with honey.


Afterward, I tried to get in the bouncy house with my friend RJ . . .


I asked really, really nicely.  But David said no for the tenth year in a row!!

He said my antlers were too big!




Can you believe this guy????


“Maxwell,” David said, “Your age group is breaking their pinata . . . go help them.”


So I did!!


Sadly, I was not the one to break it wide open, but one of my friends did!  And we all got bags of candy!!


A huge Thank you to all our helpers! We couldn’t run the party without you!




The Super Heroes of Poland Spring Campground

This year’s Super Hero Theme Weekend started like any other .  . . we had sandcastle building on the playground . . .


and my little campers and I talked about what Super Heroes we wanted to be this year.




The sandcastles were amazing!!


We have all kinds of fun, everyday!  All day!  But we really had a wicked good time building boats and racing them in the pool!  We were supposed to go to the lake, but we decided to stay close to the rec hall on account of the thunder we heard in the distance.



Friday night we had Candy Bar Bingo!  There were lots and lots of winners!

IMG_2506 IMG_2507

Stand Up Bingo games are my favorite.


On Saturday we made our Super Hero disguises . . . even Megan . . . Ahem . . . I mean, Super Megan, of course.


Debbie and Super Megan helped us to make capes,


And masks and arm bands too!


Which we wore to Super Hero Tryouts.


There were a lot of Super Hero Wanna-be’s!


We learned to work as a team . . .


run through obstacles . . .




leap tall buildings . . .


Everyone worked hard!  But we also had a lot of fun.



And Debbie proclaimed us Official Poland Spring Campground Super Heroes!


Suddenly, Tami got a call from Paula in the office!  Thor’s Hammer had been stolen by some really old, really evil guy and his gang.


Did I mention how evil they were?

As they marched toward us, they gained more minions!!!


And just like that, the line was drawn across the playing field.


We bit our nails!


Tami gave a really long pep talk about honor . . . and valor . . . and upholding the Poland Spring Campground Way!

And that was great and all, but when Debbie pulled out two crates of water balloons, and the slingshot, we gave a rousing cheer!


It was the villains turn to look worried.



The games were on!  We slung balloons . . .

IMG_1770   IMG_2653

And they fought them off!



We kept a close eye on the battle . . .



Soon, I could see that we had them beaten!


And Tami yelled, “Charge!! Get the Hammer!!”


They knew they had lost.


We saved the day for all the Poland Spring Campground campers!!


Our Super Heroes are the bravest . . .





Strongest . . .


most honorable Super Heroes in all the Universe!!


Well done, Justice League, well done.