Labor Day 2015


Tami about fell off her stool, when this grumpy camper walked in the store!  I mean, really??  What does he have to be grumpy about?  We had tons of cool things happening at the campground!!

There was our last Candy Bar Bingo of the season.  Our last Arts and Crafts.  The last Waterballoon Slingshot.  Our last Patriotic Parade







Our last Horseshoe Tournament, Jewelry Making, and Hayrides, too.


Our last group photo of 2015.




Our last Storytime with Moose Mix . . . . HEEEEEEE-Y!


I think I get it.

Darn it!  Now I’m grumpy, too!

Medieval Weekend 107

“Get up, Maxwell,” Tami scolded. “You’re antlers will stay droopy if you keep pouting like that. Go spit some seeds or something.”   Tami paused, then slapped a hand to her forehead.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“I can’t believe I just gave you permission to go spit.”  She sighed.

I laughed all the way to the Seed Spitting Contest!  That’s all I needed, was a giggle.  Tami’s so smart.

From there my little campers and I went to Bocci, Bubble Play, Kickball and lots more!!

One of the really cool highlights of the weekend was Trash Bag Theater!

We had four groups of kids, brave enough to play.  They each got a trash bag of random items, and they had twenty minutes to create a play, using each one of the items.  Then they performed their stories in front of the campground audience.  Sooooooo, much fun!!





We had plays titled, Sideway Tales, The Witch and the Sword, Pollution Mystery, and Distracted Crows.  Great job everyone!!!

The recreation may be put away, but we aren’t closed yet!  We’ll be here until Columbus Day and the lake is prettiest this time of year.  Come and camp one more time!!!

Aliens!! Aliens Everywhere!

I forgot to mention that Poland Spring Campground was overrun by Aliens back in August!!

Aliens!!!  Everywhere!!


No!  Not them!  Those are aren’t the aliens, those are my little campers.  Sheesh.  THEY played all kinds of games with Debbie, like flashlight tag, water balloon slingshot, jewelry making, space games . . .

and an alien slime eating contest.

Alien Slime!!!!




I was hanging out with them, minding my own business, when all of a sudden, Aliens started showing up all over the place!


In the rec hall . . .


In the office circle . . .


I couldn’t escape them!!





And I couldn’t get them to leave!  I dragged a couple of the littlest Aliens over to Tami and told them, “Here!  Here’s my leader!  You can have her!  Now go back to your planet!”

“What on Earth are you talking about Maxwell!?”  Tami asked.

“I think, HE thinks, we’re really aliens!”


One of my little campers lowered their mask. “We just want to bounce!” she said, as she ran to the Space Walk Bouncy House.


Tami put her hands on her hips.  “Maxwell?  Really?  Aliens in the campground?”  She took out her camera and started scrolling through the photos she’d taken all day.  “See?  They made masks and alien friends at Arts and Crafts.”




I took the camera.  “Sorry. My bad. I guess I over-reacted.”  A shiny object going into the store caught my eye.  “Wait!” I dragged Tami to the store.  “So what about that?” I cried peering in the window.


“Maxwell!  You’re letting your imagination run away with you!  For heaven’s sake, those are my friends!!  He’s an astronaut and she’s a school teacher.  For the last time, there’s no such thing as Aliens.  Now go play!”

She marched in the store.  I didn’t dare ask her about the next picture on the camera.


But it looks like an Alien to me!