2016 Eagle Nest


Yesterday, I donned my snowshoes to trek through the campground to the lake. I was anxious to check on the eagle’s nest. Not that its time for them to be sitting on it, but one of the sure signs they’ll be nesting, is if I have proof they’ve added to it recently.

Here’s the nest last March, just before nesting season began.


Here is what I saw yesterday . . .



You can see where they’ve added a stick here and a branch there.


Things are looking good for a nesting pair!!

Every year I worry about the weight, though.  The wildlife biologist who’d come to band the eagles a few years ago had said it weighed approximately 700 to 800 pounds!  Can you imagine!?

I saw no sign of the eagles that day, but they’ve been here.  These pictures prove it.

I’m looking forward to documenting our nesting pair this year!  To give you a timeline, they were sitting on eggs March 24th last year. I happened to be at the lake during one of their mating attempts a few weeks before that. And the eaglets were born a week before we opened the campground May 1st.  We still have a few weeks to go!

But it’s worth the wait.


Helloooooo Campers!


I can’t stand it anymore!!!  It’s so booooooring around this place without all of you, my little campers!

The store’s closed, game room’s closed, pool’s closed, and worst of all . . .

The Snack Bar is closed!

Memorial Day 2015 (16)

I’ve had nothing to write about . . . nobody to talk to . . .

well, except this guy.

Halloween Too  (80)

But he doesn’t say much.

And then just now,  I went into the house for a snack and saw THIS on Tami’s camp desk!  CALENDAR OF EVENTS 2016

Finally!  Sheesh!  It took her long enough.

Now I can start counting down to Camping Season!

Only 113 days until Clean Up Weekend!