Chinese New Year Weekend 2011

Monday through Sunday, 9am to 3pm . . . and a 7pm event too, we have cool things planned like candy bar bingo, water balloon games, scavenger hunts, capture the flag, volleyball, bubble play, face painting, story time,  ~ and much, much more!

Every weekend, the activities are themed.  And we started off the season with Chinese New Year!

Maggie and Debbie slung water balloons  in the rain,  then moved the Chinese New Year games inside  the Rec Hall

There was arts and crafts in the afternoon . . .

and jewelry making and horseshoes and a chinese noodle eating contest!

Here I am with one of my favorite girl scout troops . . .

And with camping buddies who were waiting to get on the hayride

everyone told me they were having a great time!  I asked one little buddy what he liked best.

“It’s all good!” he exclaimed.

I think that says it all.