Christmas In July 2010

What a Merry Christmas we had!

There was so much cool stuff to do, like the Santa Dress Up game, snowball hunts, reindeer races, sparkling jewelry making, horseshoes, kickball, elf hat making and sleigh making – I didn’t know where to start first!!

but my camping buddies sure did!  They were every where! And you know what they all kept asking?

When’s Santa coming?  When’s SANTA coming?  WHEN’S SANTA COMING???

FIIIIIIII-nally, he got here

and the Christmas party started!

Aren’t those cute elf hats!  And I bet those pretzel sticks with frosting taste good too.

We played lots of cool carnival games and won prizes while everyone got a chance to talk to Santa

Then came the best-est part.  What we’d all been waiting for  . . .

all weekend long . . .


I got one too!  Santa gave me Hot Rod Hamster!

It’s written by Tami’s friend, Cindy Lord and illustrated by Derek Anderson.  It’s sooooo cool!  I took it to story time on Sunday morning and all my little buddies liked it too.

Now I have to go find my cape . . . ’cause it’s time to turn into


Mighty Moose!!!