Fiesta Weekend 2010

Fiesta Weekend was so much fun!

We had all our usual recreation, plus sombrero making

and hayrides

There was this HUUUUUUUUGE Fiesta Party in the playing field too!

Debbie made her famous Sopaipillas – Tami had to tell me they were fried dough – and the line for them was really, really, long too!

We had the bouncy house out!  I never get tired of the bouncy house.

My little camping buddies and I tried to win prizes at the dart game

and Musical Jumping Beans

and the Ring Toss too!

When I did all of those games, I tried the Quarter Game and Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

I tried to get Alex to give me a tattoo, but she just laughed at me and said it’d never stick to my fur.

But the very, very best thing at the party . . . the one that I couldn’t wait to do . . .


We whacked at them, and whacked at them, and whacked at them, until they cracked open

and we’ could get our hands on all the yummy candy inside!

The Fiesta party was soooo much fun, and lots of parents stopped Tami to tell her how awesome a time their kids were having, so I asked her if we could do Fiesta Weekend all over again THIS weekend.

But she said, “Maax!?  Don’t you want to have Medieval Weekend?  With the jousting?  Making your own shields and swords and princess hats?  What about the duel between the Red Knight and the Blue Knight?  And the viking ship races?”

Well, I DO love Fiesta . . . but I really, really, really  love Medieval too!

Hmmmmm, where did I put my jousting noodle?