Fishing on Lower Range Pond

Hey everybody!

How are all my campers doing?

You know, Tami and I hear an awful lot of fish stories over the course of a summer.  Tami’s always teasing the fisherman, young and old, insisting on proof of their catches.

“I can’t brag about it, if I don’t have proof!” she says.

So the campers bring her pictures of their best catches.   Check these beauties out!

the fish above and below were caught by the Webber family!

This was a very nice catch!

Roger Plummer said his fish (above) was a 22″, 5lb 9oz small mouth.  He caught it right off shore!

and Joe Fowler’s fish (above) was a 22″, 6lb small mouth.  He caught it in July.   It’s definitely the biggest catch of 2010!

If you have Lower Range Pond fish pictures – or any other Poland Spring Campground pictures you’d like us to post,  just send us an e-mail!  We’d love to show them off.

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