Halloween One ~ 2017!!!

Finally! Halloween had arrived!  My favorite weekend of the whole camping season!

Well, I guess they’re all my favorites . . . but Halloween has candy!

I rushed to find Debbie and Brooke!  I couldn’t wait to get started.  Friday afternoon, my little campers  met Debbie at the lake for a Nature Walk. They  gathered all kinds of nature-y things to make Lake Monsters in the picnic area. Then they had a Ghostly Cow Hunt and Teen/Adult Bingo after supper.   Last on the list for the day was a Light Parade . . .

Wait . . . what?  No trick or treating!!  “What’s up with that!?” I asked Debbie.

“It’s only Friday, Maxx.” Debbie explained. “Tomorrow you trick or treat.”

Visions of jack-o-lantern buckets full of candy danced through my dreams that night. And I woke bright and early and showed up at the office ready to go campsite to campsite . . .

Wait. What? Arts and Crafts!?

“Well, yes,” Debbie explained again, as the kids made Ghostly Site Markers. “There’s more than just trick or treating fun you know.”

“Fine,” I said. “Let’s hurry up and do them so we can get to the good stuff.”

Debbie pet my antlers and laughed.  “Oh, we will, we will.”

I have to admit, the Pots and Pans parade brought out a ton of kids!  And they were ready to make some noise, and show off the costumes they were going to wear later . . .

Look at all those pots and pans!  If you want to hear their noise, go to our Facebook Page.  They sure were loud!  I think they were as ready as I was to get to Trick or Treating!

After the water ballon slingshot , Frankenstein came to visit! 

He lives!!!

Wait . . . he doesn’t really live. But this family DID build him at the Frankenstein building activity. Isn’t he cool?

Jewelry making and a Halloween Scavenger Hunt were on the activity list next.   “When is trick or treating!!!!” I cried.

“We didn’t have the Witch’s Stew eating contest yet,” Brooke told me. “Patience, little moose.  All these campers are looking forward to it.”

Whoa. That’s a lot of hungry campers.  But . . . witch’s stew?


Eye of Newt?   Fangs of bat?  Bones of gnomes.


“How about spaghetti by Debbie?” Brooke whispered.  “Try not to scare the little campers with that wild imagination of yours!”

Oh! Spaghetti!  I can do that.

And it seems all my camper friends like spaghetti, too!!!

And while I loooooove spaghetti, it still wasn’t trick or treating!

I want candy!

“Hayride time first,” David told me.

I don’t argue with David.

Hayride time it is.

So Sammie and I went out to meet and greet all our little campers who were getting on the hayride.  And you know what?

All they could talk about was trick or treating, too!

Finally … after supper . . . Tami and Debbie and Brooke started running around, gathering up supplies for the costume party. So I wandered out of the store before they could put me to work and  . . .


And policemen!  And escapees!!!!  Yikes!


Were they after me?

Oh!  I had to laugh at myself.  They weren’t real hunters!  Or policemen. (I wasn’t sure about the escapees though)  My imagination was running away with me again!

They were trick or treaters!

They had finally arrived!

ALL 95 of them!  (Give or take a couple)

Don’t they look awesome!?

“Can we start now? Huh? Can we? Pleeeeease?” I asked.

“Not yet,” Tami shushed me. “I need some pictures first.”

I thought she meant of me . . . but nooooooo . . .

She started taking selfies with MY campers!!  Sheesh.

Finally, she decided to get the show on the road. Tami got up on her soapbox to give the annual safety rules.

Then she got a group photo (’cause she’s so proud of all the costumes!)

Then she sent us out to gather as much candy as we could!

Okay, those weren’t her exact words. I think she told us to go have fun and be safe or something.

But the day wasn’t over yet!  Oh no!  Next we had a costume party at the lake!

Some penguin named Brooke drove me to the lake in the golf cart.

There was cookie decorating . . .

A tic-tac-toe toss game . . .

A knock-the-pins-down game . . .

A balloon race with water guns . . .

Tattoos . . .

Pin the nose on the jack-o-lantern

And a ring toss!

And a Ghost Bean Bag toss, too!

We think all our little ghosts, goblins, and minecrafters had a great time!



We couldn’t have done it without our teen volunteers, though!

Thank you, everyone!

And Hunter, too!

We have the best campers, ever!