Halloween Too ~ 2011

I’m very sad to say, Tami fibbed to me.

Yep.  She fibbed big time.

She told me Halloween Too was exactly like Halloween One.


I mean, suuuuuuure, we had horseshoes and a scavenger hunt and story time and jewelry making and Halloween relay games.  I’d argue they were the same ~ but different too!

We had a mummy wrap contest:

and a witch’s stew eating contest!

Those were NOT on the schedule last week.  Uh-uh.  I checked. Twice.

This week, we made ghosts at Arts and Crafts for the campers to hang at their sites.

My little camping buddies went on a hayride too!

and I hung out between hayrides with some different campers . . .

than I did last weekend.

I suppose there was one thing . . . make that TWO things, that stayed the same.

One, the wait to trick or treat was just as looooong, if not longer!  It’s a good thing my little camping buddies and I had lots and lots to do.  Maggie and Debbie worked really, really hard all day to keep us busy!

and two, Tami gave the same booooooring, blah-blah-blah rules as she did last week.  The whole time she was talking, all I could think about was candy, Candy, CANDY!!

I bet that’s what the rest of these trick or treaters were thinking too!

This time, the party was up at the office!

Every single game was different from last week

K with Shoot the Jack-O-Lantern's Nose
K2 with the Balloon Walk
Maggie with the Sponge Toss
Alex with her famous Tattoos
S with the can pyramid
J with Spider Fishing

and then there was  Trina and Joanne with the treat . . .

Fruit Kabobs!!

There were cool prizes – but my favorite was  . . .

vampire teeth!

Sally ran the office

while Tami, Debbie and I circulated, checking out all the awesome costumes.

and the smiling faces

But you know who wasn’t smiling when it was time for the haunted house??


As she cowered behind the reservations desk, I asked her, “What’s there to be afraid of anyway?  I mean, it can’t be all that scary if the campers are lined up  way to the back of the playground . . .

All she did was show me this picture.

Hmmmmm . . . I think maybe Tami needs a helping hand closing up the office.  I’ll just get busy sweeping the floor . . . .