Ice Cream Party Weekend #1

Finally!  Tami sent that humongous lens back!  Sheesh.  She was hunkered down around her laptop every night, downloading photos and cropping them and gushing over them .  . . I couldn’t get a hoof on it to post about last weekend’s recreation until I wrestled the laptop from her tonight!

Maggie was here this past weekend.  She picked a whole lot of fun stuff to do.  First there was the water  balloon slingshot . . . and she gave away free ice creams to the first three kids who caught a balloon without breaking it!

In the afternoon, she had arts and crafts in the Rec Hall and played kickball in the playing field.

Best of all, we had an ice cream party Saturday night. The entrance fee was for each family to bring their own topping . . . and whoa . . did we have a lot of toppings!

When I saw all the campers going in the rec hall door, I got really worried there’d be none for me!  But David said he had plenty to go around.  Good thing too!  ‘Cause I love ice cream more than twigs, and water lilies and . . . and . . . everything!

I think these campers do too . . .

Especially this unidentified camper!!   See how her bowl is empty!?

Next up . . . Memorial Day Weekend!!

We have sooooo many cool activities planned, I just can’t wait!

Hurry up, Friday!

I think this might be the year I get to drive the golf cart!


Updated by Tami:   Maxx, Maxx, Maxx.  If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times.  You need a driver’s license first!