Is it time for an Ice Cream Party yet?

You know what?

All this Spring weather makes me want an ice cream!

And not just any ice cream . . .

I want an ice cream party!

So, I tried to beg plead whine talk Tami into having one on opening weekend, but she said it was already on the schedule for another time.

“No it isn’t!” I said.

“Yes . . . it is.” she said.

“No, it isn’t.”

“Tell you what, Maxwell.  I bet you your bowl of ice cream that it’s on the schedule.”

“Okay, prove it.” I said.

And she did, darn it.  Twice.

There’s one on May 22nd and one on June 12th.

Here at Poland Spring Campground, our ice cream parties are free.  Each family brings a topping to share and we lay them out Pot Luck style.  Dave will scoop you some ice cream and you can put anything on it you want!

So what are you waiting for??   Make your Ice Cream Party reservations!

And, hey . . . can you distract Tami while I put caramel and sprinkles on mine and make a run for it before she remembers that I’m supposed to give it to her?