Monstrous Team Raft Building

Hey everyone!  Maxx here

I just had to show you the pics from one of our awesome Halloween events – Monstrous Raft Building!

First, we gave everyone trash bags, milk jugs, and duct tape

Then they built their rafts anyway they wanted.

After putting on life jackets for safety

it was time to test them out!

Would they hold the kids weight?

Would they sink?

Nope!  They worked!

They really, really floated!!

They even held more weight than the kids thought they would!

Once we knew they were sea worthy,

we raced them!

What a load of fun!!!   There were some pretty creative floats too.  Great job everyone!

Afterwards, some of the kids wanted to see just how many people their float could hold

It looks like a lot to me!

Check in tomorrow so I can tell you all about our AMAZING Halloween Weekend!  It was a blast . . . and guess what?

We’re doing it all over again this coming weekend!  The haunted house, the costume party, the trick or treating!



Cool huh??