Rain, Rain, Rain

When was the last time you saw so much rain in one weekend??

Tami talked to the firefighters and they told her someone in town  measured at 12 inches of rain here in  Poland.  Whoa!

If you agree with the idea that 1 inch of rain, equals approximately 1 foot of snow, if this were say . . . January . . .

we would have had  . . .

(drum roll please!)

12 feet of snow!


I think I’d rather have the rain.

The level of the lake raised so much, though, that the loon nest flooded and one egg was lost.  Tami saw the adults with one loon baby in tow, so say a little prayer he does well over the next couple of weeks!  Turtles from below and eagles from above are two of the greatest dangers that little one will face.

Of course, Maggie didn’t cancel even one minute of recreation.  She did what she could outside on Saturday morning, then moved the rest inside when the clouds opened up after lunch.  She wouldn’t let me go out and play in the rain, either!  I begged and begged and pleaded . . . you know what she said???

She said I couldn’t get my fur wet.

Really?  How does she think I take a bath?

Still,  I did get to meet with campers who aren’t afraid of a few raindrops!

Just ’cause it rains, doesn’t mean we don’t have fun here at Poland Spring Campground!  Always check with the office for a rain schedule.  Sometimes, the rainy days are the best days!