Super Hero Tryouts

super hero blog 132 Super Hero Tryouts

Check out our Poland Spring Campground Justice League!

Don’t they look super cool and brave?  I was .  . .

might mooseblog Super Hero Tryouts

Miiiiii-ghty Moose!  Defender of  little campers, protector of woodland creatures,  lover of Debbie’s Wednesday ice cream!

We started the weekend by finding stolen treasure, making get away boats then racing them in the rain,  playing ping pong  and bingo too.

When Saturday dawned bright and sunny, everyone bowed down to Storm for arranging it !

super hero stormblog Super Hero Tryouts

The first important task on our long list of things-to-do, was to design capes and masks to hide our secret identities

super heroblog013 Super Hero Tryouts

Then we went right into the Tryouts!   My little camping buddies were tested by Daredevil Debbie and Spiderman

super heroblog018 Super Hero Tryouts

to see if they could run faster than a speeding bullet

super heroblog024 Super Hero Tryouts

did they have teamwork skills?

super heroblog053 Super Hero Tryouts

Could they jump through hoops to capture an enemy?

super heroblog0451 Super Hero Tryouts

Leap tall buildings?

super heroblog078 Super Hero Tryouts

Squeeze through tight spots?

super heroblog084 Super Hero Tryouts

Everyone did such an awesome job!  They passed every test we threw at them!

super heroblog014 Super Hero Tryouts

Then, from out of nowhere, we were surrounded by the Poland Spring Campground Tie-Die Villians!

super heroblog096 Super Hero Tryouts

So my Super Hero campers got together and chased them away . . .

super heroblog101 Super Hero Tryouts super heroblog113 Super Hero Tryouts

With our handy, dandy, waterballoon slingshot!

They got scared, I tell you.  Scared!!

Then they shot balloons at us, and let us catch them.

Later that day we practiced tying up villians . . .

super heroblog148 Super Hero Tryouts

had important discussions about Super Heroes past and present . . .

super heroblog138 Super Hero Tryouts

and hung out with Storm, Spidey and Bat Girl!

super heroblog124 Super Hero Tryouts

Actually, we hung out with lots and lots of Spideys!  Including Bear Spideys .. .

super heroblog135 Super Hero Tryouts
On Saturday night, Almodarr and Angelique: The Magic of the Steelgraves, magically reappeared this year to amaze and astound us!   Tami could hear their laughing and clapping all the way up at the office!

steelegravesblog053 Super Hero Tryouts

steelegravesblog031 Super Hero Tryouts steelegravesblog033 Super Hero Tryouts

I wish I could’ve gone too, but Tami told me I had to go to bed early, ’cause I had to be at story time Sunday  morning. Early.  Really early!  9am!

My friend Sammie .. . well, she and I loooooove story time.  But we think it’s kind of early in the morning for a Sunday.  So, I tried to tell Bryant it was toooooo early.

But Bryant said it’s never too early for a story and moose feed . . .

So I tried to tell Ben.  But he said, that if he and Amanda had to get up at 7am to deliver the Sunday paper to all 132 campsites, I can get up to go to story time.

So I complained to Dave.  He said that he’d gladly get up at 9am to listen to stories over his morning coffee  . . . buuuut he has to do security rounds till at least 2am the night before.

I’m not even gonna ask Tami, ’cause I KNOW what she thinks about storytime.  I guess it has to stay at 9am Sammie!

Now we get ready for Halloween!

A whoooooole week of it!

halloween maxwell Super Hero Tryouts

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