HAPPY 2010!

Hey everyone!  Maxx here!

Did you all have a great Christmas season?  How about your New Year’s celebrations?  Things were crazy around here, what with Tami directing the church youth play, baking cookies, wrapping paper flying all over, and celebrations with family and friends.  Tami says it just wouldn’t be Christmas without a little bit of craziness, though!

And I’m sorry it took so long to post a blog entry, but you see, the laptop cord to Tami’s computer started to smoke one night, and even though she didn’t freak out for tooooo long . . . and they ordered a new cord right away . . . it was so close to Christmas that it took forEVer to arrive.

Guess what??   Tami and David invited me up to the house to celebrate New Years!  We had a blast playing a  game of double twelve dominoes.  Tami kept telling me how good she was at playing it . . .


but the rest of us were just a little bit better!  She came in last place!  HA!  So she made us all switch to Tumbling Tower


where Ben, David, Alex and Bryant stacked the tower so well, Tami came in last again.  She tried telling everyone that they’d ganged up against her, soDave suggested a different kind of game.

He put four chairs facing each other in the middle of the kitchen.   Then he told everyone to sit sideways on the chairs with their feet firmly on the floor,  and to lay their heads on the knees of the person behind them.  Then I pulled OUT all the chairs from under them, and Ben snapped this picture


It was wicked cool!  They all stayed up in the air for about a minute . . . till Tami fell on her butt from giggling so much!

THIS is what Tami says about her non-winning streak


After everyone FINALLY woke up this morning, I dragged Tami and Cookie out for a walk in the woods.  The snow was falling gently, and it was so quiet and peaceful.




Tami said it was just what she needed ’cause starting Monday, she’s got a lot of work to do!  There’s over 250 advance reservations to enter in the computer and letters to send to those campers.  Then she has to send her “Think Spring” letter to the seasonals and the 500 families who camp with us year, after year, after year.

Oh!  And she’s got to write up her 2010 Calendar of Events!  Tami said all the entertainment is booked, including Santa.


While Tami was out Christmas shopping, I took a sneak peek in her files.  All our favorite theme weekends are listed!    Pirate Weekend, Adventurer Weekend, Super Hero Weekend, two Halloweens and many, many more!

I can’t wait to see all my camping buddies again so we can make some 2010 memories!