Trying to get to the lake . . .

What a day I had!!


I was walking through the woods, minding my own business, when I heard the geese!  They were back!

Well, I’m not allowed to go to the lake by myself you know.  So I ran back to find Tami and whine, plead, ask her to take me.

But she wasn’t at the house, or the workshop or in the playing field


I ran up one road and then down another



No Tami.

She wasn’t on the playground or in the rec hall.  So I checked all the campsites




But she wasn’t there either!  And I could see that sparkling water just beyond the trees . . . and I could hear the geese calling . . .

Then I saw David.  He was winterizing campsites and tipping picnic tables for the winter.

“Dave! Dave!  Where’s Tami!?”

He shrugged.  “I don’t know.  It wasn’t my turn to watch her.”


“Hold onto your antlers,” he said.  “Last I knew, she mentioned something about having to do something in the store  -”

I ran up the big hill by Big Joe’s site, stopping to catch my breath once, twice, three times, only to findthe store door was locked.  So I peeked in one of the back windows and



Tami was at it again!

“What??  Are we being invaded??” I asked.

“mo, quissy.  om fluwng nahtre lecar acdot,”  she said.

Well, that’s what it sounded like with the mask on!   Finally, she took it off and said,  “No, silly.  I’m putting another layer of clear coat on the store floor so last year’s paint job will last longer.”

I tried to get her to ditch the paint job and take me to the lake.  It’s such a pretty day today, I said.  It’s going to rain tomorrow, I said.

But she said she’d already started the job and had to finish it.  And then she’d promised Ben she’d do this with him

halloween-blog-018 halloween-e-mail-035

Pretty cool, huh??

Maybe it won’t rain so hard tomorrow.  Those weather men are wrong all summer long, so I can hope!

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  1. WOW is the color of the leaves looking bright. Max it’s going to be hard to find you in the Spring if you need to keep running through the park looking for Tami. You will lose a lot of weight and be a skinny moose when we return in the spring. Calm yourself there will be plenty of time to visit the lake and nature this fall and winter. Get your snow shoes out and ready.

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