Yes, there’s still snow in the campground . . .

But it’s going fast!


Tami’s Dad won’t believe me  when I tell him we still have snow back here in the campground.  I dragged Tami outside today to get some pictures so I could say “I told you so” . . . have proof.

Here’s the pool, Dad!


It’s not exactly ready for swimming!

And here’s the main road


Here’s Big Joe’s road, the  road with campsites 83 to 90 and the lake road, in that order




And here’s campsite 103!


Tami and I walked through spots where the snow was still a foot deep, and she started grumbling about snow in her boots and fussing about how flip flop season can’t come soon enough.  I made her keep going though, and we ended up down by the beaver hut.    There was a little bit of open water there, and before we could stop her,  Cookie jumped right in!


Crazy dog! It must have been freezing!  What you can’t see is that there’s ice right behind her!

Calls are coming in . . . people are definitely ready!

Only 30 days until camping season begins!!

2 Replies to “Yes, there’s still snow in the campground . . .”

  1. I’m not liking what I see. That snow better be gone soon. Get out there with some portable heaters and hairdryers Max. We need to be moving in soon.

    Miss you all.


  2. LOL Believe it or not – things have much improved over the weekend. Tami says she’s going to get out today and take some more photos.

    The cubscouts are having a campfire Thursday after school . . . you think that’ll melt it some??

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