Our Eagles Are Nesting ~ 2017

Tami is obsessed. Obsessed, I tell you!

I showed up at the house to talk to her about all this snow, and how it’s piling up, and will it ever melt?!

But she just said, “Uh huh. Uh huh.” She never even looked up from her computer. I peeked over her shoulder and saw her editing photos of eagles on the nest.

That figures!  It must be April. She always does this when the our eagles nest . . . from now until those chicks hatch, it’ll be the eagles did this and the eagles did that . . .


IMG_7685 IMG_8013

For example, last week she came back from her trek in the woods, all smiling and giddy.  She’d come from the lake and as usual, the eagle was sitting on the nest. She took a few pictures and had turned to head home when she heard a ruckus. When she turned back, she saw a juvenile eagle soar into view, the second adult eagle not far behind . . .


At first, she thought the juvenile was after the nest, perhaps the eggs, but when she looked more closely at the photos, the adult had something in its talons.

IMG_8042 IMG_8044

The juvenile was after the food.

IMG_8045 IMG_8046 IMG_8047

The second adult came back to the nest and together the two adults warned the juvenile off, as it soared over their heads.

IMG_8056 IMG_8066 IMG_8069

Eventually, the juvenile moved on and the adults settled down again.


Once the danger had passed, Tami said the the second adult took to the air, it’s lunch still in its talons.


IMG_8110 IMG_8111 IMG_8112 IMG_8113 IMG_8114 IMG_8115 IMG_8116 IMG_8121 IMG_8122

I’m not sure I’d want to tangle with those eagles!

Then on April 1st, we had a giant April Fool’s snow storm, 13 inches of heavy wet snow. Tami and I trudged to the lake, worried about the eagles . . . and this is what we saw.


Under all that snow, lies our eagle, with her eggs tucked under her.  I thought she’d be cold, but Tami said she suspected the snow acted like an insulation of sorts, keeping her and the eggs warm.

The next morning, when the sun came out, Tami and I went down again. She took this photo from the shoreline across from site 23, at 1,000 feet away, hoping to see down into the nest. At the time, she didn’t see anything but snow.

But once she cropped it   . . . see? See the white head?

IMG_8337 IMG_8338

From our shoreline at 500 feet, this was the image Tami captured. That poor eagle!

IMG_8365 IMG_8379 IMG_8384

But by 3 o’clock in the afternoon, everything was back to normal!


Be prepared, Tami’s gonna post a bunch of eagle photos from now until we open. They’ll be no stopping her, I’m afraid.  But as soon as you all get back here to camp, we can distract her with Clean Up Weekend and Spring Special Weekend photos. There’s so many of you camping with us this Spring! We’re going to kick off the season with a bang!


Medieval Fairy Tale Weekend

But . . . wait . ..

“Which is it?”, I asked Tami.




Fairy Tale?


“Both?” she said.


Sometimes that Tami has great ideas.

Knights in shining armor started arriving to help protect Poland Spring Campground right after Tami hung the banners.


Tami said she felt safer with them camping with us.

Debbie and Brooke took all their favorite activities from last year’s Medieval and Fairy Tales weekends and put them together in one awesome package! Hammer Throw Games (Bocci), Bubble Play and a Fairy and Gnome hunt. We made Viking Ships at arts and crafts and sailed them in the lake.

And that was only Friday.

Early on Saturday, all our little campers went to Arts and Crafts to make shields, scepters and medieval crowns.



Oh, they were amazing!


And then it was time to practice how to be a knight . . .




We played leap frog . . .


And three legged races . . .

IMG_0416 IMG_0417

And we jousted too!







We shot off water balloons, had a scavenger hunt and ate porridge!





At the hayride, everyone came in their finest court dress!

Princesses and knights alike!







And Saturday night, we were very honored to have Hope and Carol from Wind Over Wings!!

A crowd gathered on our playing field.




They brought us Tansy the Screech Owl . . . who was hit by a car and lost an eye.

IMG_9355 IMG_9362

Kai the American Kestrel who was also rescued after being hit by a car. She can no longer fly.


And Cessna.  Red Shouldered Hawks aren’t usually calm in captivity, but after being injured, her caregivers noticed that Cessna was. She recuperated from her injuries nicely, but her wing feathers didn’t grow back.  Like the other raptors, she now helps Hope and Carol and the rest of the Wind Over Wings staff, in their quest to form a connection between us and wildlife.


And last but not least – Skywalker graced us with his presence.



Such a gorgeous raptor. A stunning Golden Eagle.



His story is inspiring . . . uplifting . . . and emotional.  Tami sheds a few tears every time she hears it.

You can read all about it here, on the Wind Over Wings website.

Now excuse me . . . I have to go figure out what my costume is going to be for Halloween One!

Halloween Too  (93)

I’m going to try hard to be scarier than this guy, this year.



Fourth Of July 2016

Yay!!!  David is our hero!!   He fixed this blog!!  There was some kind of crazy glitch in the WordPress’s update that kept Tami from uploading pictures . . . and if you know Tami – you know she can’t post on her blog without pictures.

Lots of pictures.

A gazillion-trillion pictures.

Max head shot blog

(And by the way – Tami tried for weeks and weeks to figure out what was wrong.  David googled it and had it fixed in half and hour.  Sheesh! )

Now I can show off all the cool things we’re doing here at Poland Spring Campground!

Fourth of July Weekend was a B – L – A – S – T!!!

The best one ever!   (Tami says I say that every year – but I don’t think that’s true, do you?)

We had so many new campers and returning campers . . .

Young campers . ..





and  . . .

Did you think I was going to say “Old” campers?   Pishaw!


I was going to say NOISY campers!

But that’s because Tami and Debbie and Brooke handed out noisemakers for our Yankee Doodle Parade!

IMG_0052 IMG_0051

If you wore red, white and blue on you or your bike . ..

you got a noisy prize!!





And Tami told us all, right before we headed out – “Wake up all the campers out there! Let them know it’s time to have fun!”

So we did.





That was one of the biggest Yankee Doodle Parades we ever, ever had!!

There were so many people, Tami had to take a pana . . . pana . . . romana . . .


a really, really, really long picture – on her phone – to get everyone in!

There was so much to do . . . bocci, bubble play, prize bingo and Arts and Crafts at the Lake!

We made rockets and shooting star wands.





We even played Colonial Kid Games, like marbles


And the fun continued into Saturday too! There was Arts and Crafts to make Yankee Doodle Hats and Drums for the parade.  We made jewelry, shot water balloons in the playing field, and had a scavenger hunt.

But the Watermelon Eating contest was my favorite!





Fourth of July Weekend is one of my favorites!


There’s always so much to do!

Now I have to run – because tomorrow is Sunday, and Sunday always starts with Storytime . . . and at Storytime, there’s always great books!


And Moose Mix!!  MMMMmmmmm!  My favorite snack!


Shared with some of my little campers . . .




I just hope there’s some left over for me!


Posting Problems .. .

Please bear with us . . . as there seems to be some technical difficulties with the Blogging Site.  I’ve tried and tried to upload photos from Fourth of July Weekend, but it’s not working.

Hang in there!  Once the problem is resolved, we’ll put up a bunch of posts.

(sheeeesh!  This is so embarrassing!)

Memorial Day 2015 (16)

June ’15 Happenings

June was quite a busy month!

My camping friends surprised me with a birthday party!

Max B'day  (2)

The rec hall was packed full!

Max B'day  (12)

Everyone helped me blow out the candles on my cake . . . but they re-lit!  Twice!  That Tami!  She put trick candles on the cake.  Always keep both eyes on her.

Max B'day  (22)


I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday party!  It’s always so much more fun, celebrating with friends.

Max B'day  (14)

We had a Bouncy House Weekend right after that, and I wished we’d gotten pictures, but Tami was away at her godson’s wedding and I couldn’t find her camera!  Guess I should’ve asked for one for my birthday.

And just yesterday we celebrated Father’s Day Weekend by making lanterns, slinging water balloons, making giant bubbles, playing bocci and riding on the hayride!

The hayride is where I get to meet all my little campers right in front of the office.  We have a blast high-fiving, playing, hugging, and joking around.

Father's Day (2)

Father's Day (5)

Father's Day (4)

Right up until they get on the hay wagon for a ride around the camp.  That’s when the fun stops, ’cause Tami won’t let me drive the truck, or ride on the wagon.  “You’ll knock somebody off with those antlers of yours,” she always says.

Father's Day (8)

But we DO get to take a group photo!

Father's Day (6)

Next weekend is Medieval Weekend!  Did you know we have all kinds of cool themes, like  Pirate, Fiesta, Halloween One,  Halloween Too, Fairy Tale, and Superhero Weekend too!?  Hurry!  Make your reservations!




2014’s Halloween One

Halloween 1   (12)

Well.  You woulda thought it was Halloween around here, or something!

Halloween 1   (67)

It was!  It was Halloween!

I thought it’d take forever to get to my favorite part, the trick or treating and the party and the haunted house . ..

But there was so much to do, the time just flew!

(Hey!  I made a rhyme, and I didn’t even try!)

(Hey!  I did it again!)

There was the usual stuff on the Friday schedule;  Story Time, Bocci, Bubble Play and a Ghostly Cow Hunt.

What?  You’ve never done a Ghostly Cow Hunt? You poor, deprived person.

But we also made our own Lake Monsters, to help decorate for Saturday’s party.

Halloween 1   (6)

Halloween 1   (9)


And on Saturday, we had a Pumpkin Parade, Arts and Crafts, Water balloon Slingshot, and we made Frankenstein Monsters too . . .

Careful . .. careful . . .

Halloween 1   (17)

Ack!  It’s aliiiiiiiive, I tell you!  A-liiiiiive!

Halloween 1   (20)

After lunch there was an adult Horseshoe Tournament, Jewelry Making for teens, a Spooky Scavenger Hunt for the whole family and a Witch’s Stew Eating Contest.

Halloween 1   (28)

Halloween 1   (31)

Halloween 1   (30)

I wanted to try it too, but Tami said the stew sauce would stain my fur.

“Cool!” I said. “I’ll be a vampire for the party!”

She said, “No.”

Big surprise there.

Finally . . . Finally . . . It was 6:30pm!!!    I tried to get everyone to hurry up and start trick or treating to the sites where all the campers were waiting with their wonderful, tasty, yummy candy~

“Everyone stand in front of Frankenstein!”  Tami announced.

Oh, pumpkins!  I wasn’t fast enough.

She made us stand this way, then that way.  Little ones in the front, taller ones in the back.  Squish together.  Look at me.

She took photo after photo after photo . . .

Halloween 1   (37)

and the gazillion parents standing with her,  took photo, after photo, after photo.

“Hey!” I yelled, “Those poor kids are gonna get eaten by Frankenstein!”

“Oh Maxx!” Tami said, “Stop kidding around! He isn’t real!”

When the last camera was lowered from the parental eyes, I thought, Great! We can go!

But Tami had to stand on her little stool and give the

*insert eye roll here*


FINALLY, she said, “Go have fun!”

Halloween 1   (47)

Doesn’t she realize we’d get seven extra minutes of trick or treating if she didn’t do all that picture-taking-rule-spouting-stuff!

I want some of those M&M’s . . .

Halloween 1   (48)

and some of those lollipops . . .

Halloween 1   (44)

and some of those Air Heads and – wait!

Is that Frankenstein looking at me??

Halloween 1   (40)

I think he’s looking at me.

Oh! Check out all the candy this smart trick or treater has!

Halloween 1   (46)

When my little camping friends and I had all the candy our bags could hold, we headed to the lake. What a party Debbie and Maggie had set up!

Halloween 1   (75)

So many games! Like darts, eyeball stacking, tic-tac-toe toss, bean bag toss, and the fishing-pole-hat-on-the-head challenge.

What?  You’ve never tried the fishing-pole-hat-on-the-head challenge?  Where have you been camping??  Well, I’d have a picture of it, if Tami hadn’t of been  blah-blah-blabbing with all the customers.

Halloween 1   (58)

Halloween 1   (85)

Halloween 1   (73)

The campers could get a tattoo too, but not you-know-who –

Halloween 1   (61)   (Ha!  Another rhyme! )

“It won’t stick to your fur,” the nice tattooing attendants told me.

There were prizes!  Like these cool, plastic,  glow in the dark, vampire teeth!

Halloween 1   (74)

Um ~ I think they’re plastic.  Right?  Plastic?

I got to meet so many cool campers . . .

Halloween 1   (76)

in so many cool costumes!

Halloween 1   (83)

Halloween 1   (33)


And look at this!

Halloween 1   (35)


That is an impressive amount of ribbons!  All from my faaaaaa-vorite place!

Poland Spring Campground!

Halloween 1   (36)

She’s been collecting them for years.

I even got to play the games myself.  Maggie’s is my favorite.

Halloween 1   (77)

And we can’t forget the grrrrrreat snack!  Frosting covered pretzels.

Halloween 1   (82)

When the party was done, and we’d picked everything up, Tami and I checked out the sunset.

Halloween 1   (79)


Halloween 1   (84)

Halloween 1   (78a)

“Going to the Haunted House, Maxx?”  Tami asked.

“Yep,” I said.  “Going to hide in the store again this year?”

“Yep.” she said.

I sighed.  “I wish Halloween could last forever.”

“It can’t last forever, but it can last a week,” Tami said.

“Oh!” I cried, “That’s right! We get to do it all again, don’t we!?”

“We do!” Tami planted a kiss on my nose.

“Can we uninvite the Frankenstein’s though?” I asked.

Tami crossed her arms, and tipped her head to one side.  “Why on Earth would you want to do that?”

“‘Cause I don’t trust them!  I caught the big one in front of the store, trying to gobble up Maggie and her pet Octopus today . . . ”

Halloween 1   (32)


“Oh, Maxx!”


Memorial Day 2014!


I ran into the campground office last Wednesday and told Tami I had somewhere important I had to be, and asked if she’d post all the cool pictures we’d taken of me . . . I mean, of my little campers . . . over Memorial Day Weekend.

She looked at her calendar, “I think I can, Maxx, if I squeezed it in after school, but before writing Cooper’s third adventure.  Oh! I promised Debbie I’d order some new recreation equipment, too!  Are you sure you can’t ~”

“Gee!  Thanks!!”  I gave her a big hug and took off to do that important thing I’d been waiting all month to do –


The fries were awesome!  Thomas said he sold a ton of them. The Deli Sandwich was pretty good too.  And that warm chocolate chip cookie!!  Heaven!

“Maxx!” Tami tapped me on my shoulder as I scoffed down the last of my third order of fries.


She pointed to the store.  Then the back office.  Then she showed me a roll of camouflaged colored duct tape.

I got the message.  Sit and write until I got it done.

But those fries!  And pizza!  I hadn’t tried the pizza . . .

Tami shook her head.  “No snack bar for you until you finish the blog post you promised your campers!  I told Thomas to shut you off.  You’re banned from the snack bar until you finish this blog post.”

So here goes . . .

Scenes from candy bar bingo!  It was a full house!



Lots of candy bars were won and lost!!


We had arts and crafts and water balloons and ceramics and bocci and story time and jewelry making and the movie Frozen and

bubble play!!


We made HUGE bubbles!


Salamanders were found . . .  and saved from the pool.


We had a pots and pans parade (Tami put a video of it on Facebook!)

Here I am, getting kicked out of the driver’s seat of the golf cart once again.




I LOVE our parades!




Maggie and Debbie and I make a great team!!!


I took lots of photos with kids too!



There was one glitch to the weekend though.  As if the crazy on and off again rain showers weren’t bad enough, right before the hayride, David discovered a flat tire on the wagon.


But you know what?  I have the very best little campers in the whole world!  Because they didn’t complain once!  I was so impressed, Debbie, Maggie and I handed out some patriotic tattoos!


Aren’t they all awesome!


Thanks to a camper friend who fixed the flat, we were able to have the hayride on Sunday instead!



I don’t just hang out with the kids either, you know.  I met lots of cool adult campers too!


But no one was as cool as this kid!  Check out his shirt!


Spider Moose!  My favorite Super Hero of all time!  He can climb the climber, and swing from tree to tree with his super spider webbing!  And with his spidey-senses he can tell . . .

There’s crumble burgers being served at the food cart!

Gotta go!


Merry Christmas!!

I LOOOOOOOOVE having two Christmas’ every year!

Christmas in July '13 054 (1280x995)

And this was one of the bestest, busiest Christmas in July’s we’ve had in a loooooong time!

Christmas in July '13 011 (1280x656) (2)

Friday was fun, and Saturday had lots and lots of fun activities like arts and crafts where we made elf hats and Christmas prize bags

Christmas in July '13 038 (770x1280)


Christmas in July '13 006 (976x1280)

But all us kids wanted Santa!

I cut the line of people checking into the store and draped myself over the counter.  “Wheeeeeeeen is HE coming!”

“Maxwell!” Tami scolded, then she apologized to the camper I’d cut.  “He’s just excited because Santa’s coming-”

“Santa’s coming!” the camper exclaimed.  “When? How?  It’s July!   Oh, my goodness, there’s so much to do!”

The camper behind him told the camper behind her, who told the camper just coming in the door.

“Seeee!” I told Tami.  “I’m not the only one.”

“Six-thirty,” she assured everyone.  “Lots of time to get ready.  Now go play games or get on the hayride or take a kayak ride while you wait.”

Some of us preferred to eat ice cream.

Christmas in July '13 016 (849x1280)

But finally, six-thirty came.

And the campers arrived right on time to greet Santa.

Christmas in July '13 071 (1280x960)

But so did the black storm clouds.


Tami had to give the bad news.  “Santa’s been delayed.”

Moans and groans rang out.

“Only by half an hour, tops!” she said.  “He’s got Rudolph leading the way . . . the party’s still on!  Think of it as a . . . Santa Rain Delay.”

So we waited . . .and we waited and we waited . . . until . . .

Santa arrived!  And just then the sun broke out of the clouds!

Perfect timing!

Christmas in July '13 091 (970x1280)

Everyone got a chance to sit and talk to him for awhile.

Christmas in July '13 062 (1280x937)

Christmas in July '13 036 (1280x960)

Even ME!

Christmas in July '13 060 (959x1280)

I told him I’d been a very good moose.  When he looked at me with twinkling eyes over his snowy, white beard, I added, “Well, okay, I’ve been a so-so Moose.”

Santa seemed okay with that, as long as I tried to be good and promised I’d listen to Tami from now on.

Suuuuure, I will.

We played games too!  We tried to bounce a quarter into this jug . . .

Christmas in July '13 024 (1280x925)

We made Christmas Cookies . . .

Christmas in July '13 034 (1280x960)

Then ate them!

Christmas in July '13 042 (959x1280)

We got Tattoos  . . .

Christmas in July '13 046 (1280x960)

Had a balloon walk, fished in ice for prizes, dropped a marble in a fish tank, had a balloon walk, and played lots of other carnival games like tossing snowballs through a wreath . . . Christmas in July '13 025 (959x1280)

There were sooooo many people!

Christmas in July '13 048 (1280x619)


Finally, it was time for presents.

Christmas in July '13 080 (1280x720)  Christmas in July '13 073

I got a book by Rebecca Rule!  The Iciest, Diciest, Scariest Sled Ride Ever!

Christmas in July '13 092 (1280x1202)

I took it to Story Time on Sunday morning and all the kids loved it.

Christmas is the best! Don’t you think?

The Weekend We Were Overrun By Pirates!

Aaaargh!!   There was so much to do Pirate Weekend, I didn’t know where to start!  The lake?  The playing field?  The playground or the rec hall!

Debbie and Maggie told me to take a deep breath and calm down.

“But, but, how am I going to do it ALL!” I cried.

Debbie handed me a schedule.  “It’s listed right here, Maxx. But you don’t have to do it all-”

“Oh yes, I do!” I lifted my eye patch to scan the schedule quickly.

And off I went!  Three days of pirate-y fun!

So many of my camper friends came decked out in their finest pirate clothes.

Pirate Weekend fun 048 (960x1280)

Friday was a full day with Bubble Play, bocci, story time,  and fairy house making . . .

Pirate Weekend fun 058 (1280x959)

Pirate Weekend fun 059 (960x1280)


Pirate Weekend fun 055 (1280x1274)

Pirate Weekend fun 057 (1280x1036)

I think the Poland Spring forest wee-folk are enjoying their castles! Don’t you?

Then this treasure hunting crew set about to find lost Doubloons . . .

Pirate Weekend fun 061 (1280x960)

We played sink the ship and we walked the plank!  Then I stayed up past my bedtime to go to family bingo.

And on Saturday morning I got up and was back for more!

We made parrots and swords!

Pirate Weekend 004 (922x1280)

I ran from the landlubber games to the cannon shooting contest.  I checked in on teen jewelry making, horseshoes,  the scavenger hunt and then the pirate training games . . .

“That was awesome!” I told Maggie on Saturday afternoon between moose yawns.  “I’m so tired . . . my antlers are drooping. I think I’ll go take a nap.”

“Well, you did play hard,” Maggie said.  “I’ll see you tomorrow for Sunday morning story time. Don’t forget the moose mix.”

But then, as I crossed the parking lot, I saw this!

Pirate Weekend 005 (959x1280)

Debbie, giving the hayride rules!  And Maggie started handing out little pirate telescopes!

Pirate Weekend 007 (1280x816)


So of course, I had to stick around and hang out with my Poland Spring Campground crew!




Pirate Weekend 013 (1280x640)

Pirate Weekend 016 (942x1280)

Pirate Weekend 018 (934x1280)

And after I had a nice long nap, I watched Taryn from Mad Science perform the Fire and Ice show!

Pirate Weekend 033 (1280x960)


Pirate Weekend 045 (1280x960)


Pirate Weekend 054 (1280x960)

Pirate Weekend 044 (1280x960)

Pirate Weekend 047 (1280x960)

I told Tami that I wished it was Pirate Weekend, EVERY weekend!

“Hmmmm, good idea,” Tami said.  “All the campers seemed to love the whole pirate, swash buckling theme. I’ll go call Santa, cancel Christmas, leave the pirate decorations up-”

“Whoa, WHOA, WHOA!”   I cried, “Let’s not be hasty.  You can’t cancel *gasp* Christmas!

“Look! Look! I’ve already got my hat on!”

Christmas 2012 044 (832x1024)

Whew, that was a close one!

Always be careful what you wish for!


Red, White and Blue All Over!

Oh, how my little campers like to celebrate the Fourth of July!


Fourth of July 005 (1280x1015)

Flags were everywhere!

Red, white and blue was seen in every corner of the campground!

Fourth of July Fun 028 (853x1280)

But they really, really, really like to wear our nation’s colors at the Fourth of July Parade!

Fourth of July Fun 006 (1280x959)

We had bikers . . .

Fourth of July Fun 001 (819x1280)

Walkers . . .


Fourth of July Fun 010 (1223x1280)

And carriage riders too!

Fourth of July Fun 007 (1280x1016)


Fourth of July Fun 016 (1280x1129)

We marched through the campground banging on our drums and making lots of noise to celebrate!


Fourth of July Fun 023 (1280x852)


And we did it in style!

Fourth of July Fun 013 (690x1280)


Fourth of July Fun 004 (1128x1280)

There were special activities too like a seed spitting contest, Colonial Kids Games, arts and crafts, swim relays, Family Bingo and the water balloon slingshot . . .

And of course my favorite . . . the activity where I get to hang out with all my camping friends . . .

The hayride!!!

Fourth of July 007 (863x1280) (2)


Fourth of July 016 (926x1280)



Fourth of July 010 (1280x926) (2)

This weekend coming up is Pirate Weekend!  Tami says there’s still a few sites left . . . you really should come!  We’ll be playing sink-the-ship, have waterballoon target practice, and more!

Now where did I put my eye patch . . . and my sword . . . and my pirate hat?