Looks like the Groundhog was right . . .

. . . these are images from this morning.


But I did see this yesterday afternoon . . .

It looked like she was poking at the nest. Probably getting it ready.

I snapped this shot, cursing myself for not bringing the bigger lens. So I ran (as fast as one can run on snowshoes) back home, grabbed the proper lens and ran (not quite so fast this time) back to the point. I set up my tripod and staked out the nest for an hour.

Let’s just say all I managed to get from all that running is some serious exercise.

look, Look, LOOK!

These aren’t the greatest photos, but they are proof I’m not fibbing about seeing those eagles!

I saw this guy from the Route 26 side of a jut of land.

When I crossed over to the backside and looked back I saw this:

I wanted to get closer . . . I didn’t have the extra long lens with me. But those darn eagles were hanging out above the open water, probably hoping to catch some lunch.

I also lots of evidence like this that show the beavers are adding to their hut again . . .

O’ What a Beautiful Mornin’

Ben and I just had to get outside this morning . . .

The sun was shining . . .

The ice was sparkling on the trees . . .

and dripping onto our heads!

Here are some images I captured today:

Again, I focused my telephoto lens on the eagle nest, but no sign of movement. My snow shoeing buddy tells me the pair were seen on Middle Range last weekend! That’s good news!

Alas, I’m not as fast with the camera as I’d like to be. Ben, Cookie and I were walking on the ice along the tree line coming from the direction of Middle Range toward our picnic area, when all of a sudden the eagle flew out from the trees on our point.

I’m ashamed to admit my first reaction was to duck! They have such an amazing wingspan!

I focused my camera skyward, but the eagle was already flying around the point and out of sight.

Ben tells me I need to practice whipping my camera toward my subject like a cowboy practices pulling his gun from his holster.

Not a bad analogy.

Last Wednesday, while driving over the causeway between the lakes, the eagle was standing on the ice in clear view of the road, eating his breakfast. Do you think I had my camera with me? NOoooooooo!

A walk in the camp . . .

Today was a beautiful winter day! My friend Sue and I donned our snowshoes

and took a hike through the park.

Cookie came with us . . . kind of

We decided to take the path through the woods, then head alongside the edge of the lake for a bit before stepping onto it.

Unfortunately, I saw no eagles on or near their nest. But this isn’t unusual. They usually nest the very end of February to early March with babies hatching in April.

Still, I had to check!

I did see a pileated woodpecker though. I wasn’t quick enough with my camera to get you a picture, but now I know where he hangs out and I’ll try again another time. There were several trees in the area that looked like this:

Sad News

I received word this week that one of our favorite magicians, Bob Nixon, passed away.

Bob was a showman extraordinaire! My campers adored him . . . my kids adored him.

I adored him.

I’ll never forget the first time my daughter and I saw him pull that rope through his body! We almost fell off our seats! Alex and Ben grew up watching his shows, as did many of my campground kids.

He was always cheerful, even when performing for the third time on a 100 degree day. And whenever I was in a “booking” bind, he was there with sound recommendations and a helping hand.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, as well as his magical community of friends.

Bob . . . you’ll be sorely missed.

Bob’s Obituary

Edited to add:

Almodarr and Angelique of The Magic of the Steelgraves will be dedicating their August 2nd Medieval weekend show here at Poland Spring Campground to Bob.

Snow and more snow . . .

So what do we do in January when we’re snowed in?

We send out our Think Spring letters with a Calendar of Events to all our repeat customers! We’re trying to coax you into booking early. If you don’t receive one by the end of January and you’d like to, just send me an e-mail with your address through the website and I’ll put one in the mail to you. Or you can see it on our website here.

Pirate Weekend

and Medieval Weekend

were so much fun last year, that we decided to add a new theme.

Are you ready for this?

Super Hero Tryout Weekend!

It’ll be August 22 – 24. We’re encouraging the kids to bring their superhero outfits and tryout at our silly Olympic events: run faster than a speeding bullet, leap tall buildings, water balloon target practice and toilet paper tie up. Mad Science will perform their Spin, Pop Boom show on Saturday night!

Wildlife Photos

Every Fall, after we’ve said goodbye to our campers and the grounds are quiet, a few visitors of a different variety show up.

This little guy was seen behind our house by Ben. In all our years here, this is the first time we’ve actually seen a fox:


The loon adults hung around until the beginning of November. Without the people coming and going, they’d come quite close to shore:

Squirrels foraged for food:

And bedding:

It was such a beautiful fall,

I watched the gray heron . . .

and the geese and ducks until mid November!

First Eagle Sighting in ’08

Once upon a time, we had a pair of ospreys. Their nest was at the tip top of a tree, on a little island just off our point. I had campers who returned year after year to watch those osprey raise their young and send them off into the world.

Then one spring, five years ago we found eagles in the nest! They’d chased off our osprey, which is common I hear. Ready made nest . . . a quiet lake full of fish . . . who could blame them really?

We were sad for a bit, until we realized what a rare treat we had! With good binoculars, we watched as first one little eaglet head, and then another, poked up out of the nest. We watched Mom and Dad bring them fish. Watched as the eaglets first perched nest-side and unfolded their wings to practice catching the breezes. Some of us were lucky to see them fly for the first time.

We’ve all been converted to eagle lovers! And we watch for them eagerly year after year.

My first eagle sighting for 2008 was this past Sunday! Driving home from Portland, we crossed the causeway between our lake and Middle Range. There he was . . . sitting high in a dead tree.

I took this photo this past Fall, after we’d closed the camp. He was sitting on our point looking over the swimming area, where the game wardens had just released a truckload of brown trout.

photo by Tamra Wight ’07

You’ll find more photos on our website.

I’ll keep you all posted on future eagle sightings!

Welcome to our new blog!

Creating a blog seemed like a great way to kick off 2008! We plan to post news, photos and updates to attract new customers and keep in touch with our regulars.

Alex and I are now working on getting out our Think Spring letter with the Calendar of Events. You should see this in your mail box by the last week in January. If for some reason you don’t, feel free to send a quick e-mail, or call us. We’ll get it right out to you. We have a new theme weekend, but I think that might be a good subject for another post!

Can you believe the snow we’ve been getting? My son can’t remember the last time the piles were so high! Here’s a pic coming in the driveway. It’s getting narrow . . . Dave’s going to have to get the tractor out and push back the piles soon.

And here’s a few from around the entrance. The Game Room never looked so lonely . . .

Game Room

And the store so empty . . .

Campground store

It’s a far cry from this, isn’t it?

store in summer