Adventure Weekend


Hey everybody!!  Adventure weekend was loads of fun!

We had all our usual recreation, plllllll-uuuuus

we made bug catchers, went on a bug hunt and then raced them!

adventure-weekend-blog-002 adventure-weekend-blog-003

Can you see two daddy-long-legs and a beetle?  I don’t remember which bug won, but everyone had a blast!


We made some paper airplanes and helicopters too!  Then we had waterballoon target practice, you know, in case any   evil villains were lurking around the campground.

There were loads of inside party games, lasso training and tattoos for everyone


Except me, of course.  Tami still hasn’t found any tattoos that’ll stick to fur.

On Sunday, there was story time, bubble play, ceramics, Spy Training Camp, and then a Clued Treasure Hunt!  My camping buddies started out with one clue, that led to another, that led to another


until they had all nine!  The last clue told them to put the pieces together to find the hidden treasure spot, so they turned the clues over


and rearranged them until they saw


the climber!!

So they hurried to it and started digging until they found gold coins, necklaces and rings!!


Afterward there was ultimate frisbee and darts too.

Now Bryant and Debbie have their heads together, planning Labor Recreation.  They’ve taken all their favorite things and crammed them into one weekend.  Candy bar bingo, egg games, arts and crafts, ultimate frisbee, ping pong, adult bingo, a parade and much, much more!

You’ll just have to see it to believe it!

Check out these eagle photos from 2008

One of our campers, Mike Morin sent some pic’s of last year’s baby eagle.  They’re so amazing, I just had to show them to you!

eagle1-by-mike-morin-blogcopyright 2008 Mike Morin

eagle2-mike-morin-blogcopyright 2008 Mike Morin

Now why can’t Tami take photos as crisp and clear as that?  Huh??