Adventurer Weekend!

This past Friday,  Debbie planned story time with a snack, a Bocci game, Bubble Play and then they all got together to make bug catchers.

Not frogs catchers . . .

Bug Catchers!

We weren’t going to eat them . . . like these campers ate the freeze dried crickets

The campers RACED their bugs!

Sigh.  I wish I had some pictures of the races for you because it was really, really cool!  But you see, Tami had just found out  school was starting in three days.

“Where’d the summer go!!!” she shrieked.  “I didn’t get to read half the books I’d planned to!  I still have kayaking and swimming to do!”  Then she ran off like a crazy lady.

We just kind of shrugged our shoulders and went back to Flashlight Tag.

On Saturday, Maggie trained us  to be adventurers.  We decoded secret messages, lassoed stuff, ran an obstacle course and sling-shotted water balloons.

We won ice cream prizes too!

She took us on a coool treasure hunt

to find a very exciting Archaeological Dig!

We tried to get Tami to join us in the Indiana Whip Challenge and then the Knot Tying Contest, but she’d just found out Labor Day was right around the corner and she had to get ready for it.

She mumbled something about how it wasn’t fair that summer wasn’t longer, and exactly WHO got to decide how long summer was anyway?

By 3:30 David had driven up the hay wagon and Maggie was  handing out our Adventurer prizes . . .

Tami saw all of us having fun . . .

and she started smiling too!

“We have six weeks of camping left,” she said.  “There’s still tons of cool things we can do.  Fishing, wildlife watching, paddle boarding, toasting marshmallows,  visiting with friends!”

“Yes!” I shouted.  “Lets all play manhunt tonight!”

“Oh, no you don’t,” Tami said, patting my antler. “You’re going to bed early tonight.  It’s time to get ready for school.”




Adventurer Weekend 2011

Grrrrrrr! That, Tami!  She didn’t take very many pictures this weekend . . . she was too busy getting ready for Hurricane Irene.  Debbie had lots and lots of great things to do all week long, too!  Things like ice cream making, scavenger hunts, a campfire with scary stories, sandcastle building, horseshoes, parachute play, water balloon volleyball and much, much more!

Friday recreation began with story time and ME!

There was bocci and bubble play and bug catchers too!

When Tami heard about the bug catchers, she shuddered.  “Why on earth would you catch bugs!?”

To race them of course!!   Sheesh.  Doesn’t she know, you have to like bugs if you’re going to be a super agent or an adventurer.  I mean, you never know when you might get stuck while hiding from the bad guys and you find yourself in this tiny little space, listening carefully for that big, bad guy, and then you see ~you’re surrounded by BUGS!  Lots and lots of bugs!

Maaaaaybe, if you’re lucky, you’d get stuck with this guy –

but c’mon!  What are the chances of that?  With Tami’s luck she’d get trapped with a bunch of spiders.  She hates spiders. They make her scream like a little girl.  I’ve heard it.

Friday ended with Family Bingo in the rec hall.   Debbie plays quick stand-up games, long cover-all games and all kinds of games in between.  Lots and lots of people were winners!

On Saturday my little adventurer campers tried making cups from plain paper, then they drank from them.  After that we designed paper airplanes to test fly.

Of course we had to have adventurer training!  Duh!  Over 20 kids came to practice lassoing, running the obstacle course and of course to practice sling-shotting water balloons.  I mean, what kind of adventurer would you be, if you couldn’t toss a water balloon right where you needed it most??

There was jewelry making, a knot tying contest and an adventurer hayride too!

Debbie handed out compasses to everyone so they’d know which way David was going . . .

I wanted to ride on the wagon too, but Debbie and David wouldn’t let me.  They didn’t want me to knock anyone off with my antlers.  So I tried to get in the passenger seat to co-pilot David, but my antlers wouldn’t fit through the door!


So  I had to stay behind and wait with my faithful, moose-loving bodyguard, Joey.

and we waited.

And we waited.

Until finally, the hayride came back!

Here I am with some of my little campers

And here’s some more!

I’m so glad you all came in spite of Hurricane Irene!  I had an awesome time and I hope you did too.

Adventurer Weekend 2010


What a great weekend!!

There was Bocci, bubbles, bug catchers and bug races!

There was Knot Tying, paper plane flying and paper cup making contests.

We tried our hand a lasso-ing

showed off our adventurer racing skills

and then lobbed some waterballoon bombs at targets!

there was even a clued treasure hunt with an archaeological dig for buried treasure at the end.

007 and Indiana Jones, move over!  There’s some new Adventurers on the loose –

and they’re wicked good at it!

I had so much fun hanging out with my camping buddies

and giving high fives

and pretending to be a secret agent spy and adventurer

with our magnifying glasses

that I almost didn’t hear David say,

“Only one more hayride after this one.”

“You mean, one more hayride today, right?”  I asked.

“Nope.” David shook his head.  “Next weekend will be the last hayrides of the season.”

WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!   The summer just started!”

“‘Fraid not, buddy.  Next weekend is Labor Day.   Don’t worry, there’s still campers for a few more weeks  . . . you can go kayaking with Paula, fishing with Ben and Emily or play horseshoes with Mike . . . or even get a manhunt game started with Kate, Sam, Kayla and Matt.  There’s just no hayrides or arts and crafts. or bubble play.  Debbie and Bryant have to go back to school.”


I ran over to Debbie and Alex

and I ran over to Bryant too

“It’s true,” Debbie said.  “Sorry, big guy.”

Bryant said, “But you know Maxx, Debbie and I have picked all our favorite stuff and loaded it into Labor Day Weekend for you and your friends.”

*sniffle*  “Like what?” I asked, scuffing my hoof in the dirt.

Debbie hugged me.  “Liiiiike, a Red, White and Blue Labor Day bike parade, and we’ll make noise makers and hats for it.  There’s the waterballoon slingshot, watermelon seed spitting, egg games . . . ”

“Don’t forget relay races in the pool,” Bryant added, “capture the flag, storytime and a Ping Pong Tournament.”

“Tell him the best part!” Alex said.  “Tell him what’s happening Saturday night!”


All together they said, “Candy Bar Bingo!”


“I can’t wait!”

Adventure Weekend


Hey everybody!!  Adventure weekend was loads of fun!

We had all our usual recreation, plllllll-uuuuus

we made bug catchers, went on a bug hunt and then raced them!

adventure-weekend-blog-002 adventure-weekend-blog-003

Can you see two daddy-long-legs and a beetle?  I don’t remember which bug won, but everyone had a blast!


We made some paper airplanes and helicopters too!  Then we had waterballoon target practice, you know, in case any   evil villains were lurking around the campground.

There were loads of inside party games, lasso training and tattoos for everyone


Except me, of course.  Tami still hasn’t found any tattoos that’ll stick to fur.

On Sunday, there was story time, bubble play, ceramics, Spy Training Camp, and then a Clued Treasure Hunt!  My camping buddies started out with one clue, that led to another, that led to another


until they had all nine!  The last clue told them to put the pieces together to find the hidden treasure spot, so they turned the clues over


and rearranged them until they saw


the climber!!

So they hurried to it and started digging until they found gold coins, necklaces and rings!!


Afterward there was ultimate frisbee and darts too.

Now Bryant and Debbie have their heads together, planning Labor Recreation.  They’ve taken all their favorite things and crammed them into one weekend.  Candy bar bingo, egg games, arts and crafts, ultimate frisbee, ping pong, adult bingo, a parade and much, much more!

You’ll just have to see it to believe it!