Almost . . . .

Maxx here!


Tami is running around here like a mad woman, trying to get things ready for the campers coming in for Clean Up Weekend.

“Do you have the trees yet?” she keeps asking David.  “How many donuts and muffins should I order?  Ack!  . . . ” she slaps a hand to her forehead, “I forgot the orange juice!”

No worries though, she’ll have everything ready to roll on Friday.

Just wait and see.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to have one of these by the campfire


There’s nothing like a gooey s’more, by a crackling campfire, while the loons wail through the darkness.

Hurry up  Friday!

Are you reeeeeeady to camp?

Only 17 days left until camping season begins!

We can’t wait!


So turn those little frowns


Upside down!!!

Shed those winter cocoons!


Get your camping gear together and blow your whistles!


‘Cause it’s almost time to hang with your camping buddies . . .


try your hand at catching a slingshot water balloon to win a free ice cream . . .


ride a hayride, toss a horseshoe, play field games, go fishin’ . . .


or do a fun science experiment with our Wacky Science Dude.


If you don’t have reservations yet, hurry up and make them!

So we can see YOU, at the campfire


Columbus Day Weekend

Tami here!

We saw an awful lot of this today

and I said goodbye more times than I wanted to. You’d think, that after 18 summers it would be easier to do.

It isn’t.

Year after year, I watch as friendships are formed – and bonds grow strong between adults . . . families and kids like these

I can’t begin to count the number of scrap pieces of paper I hand out so e-mail addresses and phone numbers can be exchanged . . . everyone wanting to stay in touch through the long winter months.

Our last activity of the year was a massive bonfire in the playing field.

This was a first for us!  And it turned out to be a lot of fun.  Fifty people showed up . . .

Some even brought snacks to nibble on while the flames reached skyward.

I polled the kids, asking how they felt about having to close up their campers and go home . . . not able to return until May 1st.  This expression says it all –

Poor little guy!  Winter will pass fast .  . . before you know it, you’ll be back, hanging with Maxwell Moose again.

Dave and I stayed as the crowd and fire grew smaller

and smaller . . .

and finally went out (with a little help from the hose).

A big shout out to everyone who joined us this weekend. It was a gorgeous one!  And we hope to see you all next spring!