Chinese New Year 2017

You know, sometimes, I feel like an orphaned Moose! Tami has been spending more time trying to get photos of these goslings,

than she has taking pictures of me! Aren’t I cuter than a gosling?

What do  you mean “um, no” ?

Luckily, there were tons of her friends who got photos for us.  ‘Cause Chinese New Year was chuck full of fun!

We had arts and crafts where we made hats and fans . . .

and there was jewelry making, hayrides, field games, a waterballon slingshot, nickle bingo, story time . . .

and a noodle eating contest! Yum!

Debbie and Tami tried to trick my little campers with a finger trap!

You know what?  My little campers are too smart for her! They figured it right out.

With Tami being so distracted and all, I thought maybe I’d finally get a chance to swim in the pool.  So I snuck in the gate . . . tiptoed inside .. . and right away, I heard Tami call me name!  She’s got, like, eyes in the back of her head or something!

I tried to hide . . .

but she saw me!

Tami put her hands on her hips and tapped a foot. Uh-oh.

“Maaaaaaxx, tell me what the pool rules are,” she asked.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I grumbled. “I know. No moose in the pool!”


A little while later, I saw one of my camper friends hopping in a puddle!

And I thought . .. “hey! That’s better than not getting in the water at all!”

Tami warned me, “Maaaaaxx, don’t get your sneakers wet!”

You know what?  I jumped right in!  Both feet! You can see me do it on our Facebook page! Tami wasn’t too happy with me.  But all my little campers thought it was awesome!

Come visit us!  We have free recreation every day all day!  And if that isn’t enough to convince you .  . . . .

we have ice cream at our snack shack, too!



June can be a quieter month, especially in the middle of the week . . . but the weekends!!  We had tons of fun!

David and Frank have been working hard to get the snack bar up and running.  Starting today, it’ll be open six days a week!  I’m so excited, ’cause they’ll be scooping ice cream!


Black Raspberry is my favorite!! Yum!

Chinese New Year Weekend always kicks off our Summer Recreation Program.  One of my favorite activities is noodle eating . . .



It makes for some messy, messy faces! Tami never lets me do it – cause she says it’s too hard to get out of my fur.  Thank goodness she doesn’t say that about the ice cream!!

We had arts and crafts in June too.  Look at these cool hats and fans we made last Saturday!  We all wore them to the hayride . . . .



And we got some prizes.

These Chinese Finger Traps are tricky though!




I got to hang out with so many of my little camper friends!






One of my favorite activities is our story times  in the office circle.  Brooke read some pretty great books last week!

20160626_090911 20160626_091007

And then she made Moose Mix!!  Mmmmmmmm!


We all helped her mix in all the ingredients.


And then shared the mix around the circle!


We had some face painting in June too!  Turns out Brooke is pretty good at it!  Soccer balls, cheering logos,

IMG_0001 IMG_0002

And . . . oh!  How cute!! Even my name!!


This weekend we’ve got a campground full of campers and a recreation schedule full of fun!!    C’mon – make your reservations!


Chinese New Year Fun! 2013!

WOW!  What an awesome weekend!

Chinese New Year 003 (960x1280)

There were arts and crafts, Chinese games in the playing field, Waterballoon Slingshot, a scavenger hunt . . .

Chinese New Year 009 (1280x924)

A game where you move beans with chopsticks!

Chinese New Year 010 (1280x949)

And a noddle eating contest too!

Chinese New Year 012 (1280x960)

The kids even got the adults to try by twisting their arms just a little . . . .

Chinese New Year 013 (1280x674)

Chinese New Year 014 (1280x735) Chinese New Year 016 (764x1024)

We made cool Chinese New Year hats and wore them on the hayride.  Maggie gave us some finger traps too!

Look at these two all decked out with their hats, traps and ribbons!  Cool!

Chinese New Year 017 (1280x960)

I just love hanging out with my campers!  Both the young ones and the young at hearts . . .

Chinese New Year 020 (1280x1006)

Chinese New Year 022 (1280x882)

Tami told me to stop being such a ham . . . I cut off that poor girls head in the photo!  Maybe next time, I’ll yell “DUCK!” right before I do it . . .

Chinese New Year Weekend 2011

Monday through Sunday, 9am to 3pm . . . and a 7pm event too, we have cool things planned like candy bar bingo, water balloon games, scavenger hunts, capture the flag, volleyball, bubble play, face painting, story time,  ~ and much, much more!

Every weekend, the activities are themed.  And we started off the season with Chinese New Year!

Maggie and Debbie slung water balloons  in the rain,  then moved the Chinese New Year games inside  the Rec Hall

There was arts and crafts in the afternoon . . .

and jewelry making and horseshoes and a chinese noodle eating contest!

Here I am with one of my favorite girl scout troops . . .

And with camping buddies who were waiting to get on the hayride

everyone told me they were having a great time!  I asked one little buddy what he liked best.

“It’s all good!” he exclaimed.

I think that says it all.

Father’s Day is coming!

And want to know a great idea for a Father’s Day present?  Camping!  We do all kinds of fun activities – and parents are always allowed to join in.  Like the scavenger hunt, or the relay races.

One of our favorite Father’s Day traditions is the Father/Child Horseshoe tournament.  Last year, first place went to Erik and Tim (they’re on the right) and second place went to Jerry and Jerry (they’re on the left).  They got cool medals and everything!

The weekend after that is going to be Chinese New Year!  That’s a really fun weekend, too.  Last year, we celebrated by making lion masks for good luck.

Wanna know what I heard? This year is the year of the rabbit!

Chinese New Year Weekend 2010

We were busy, busy, busy last weekend!!  Chinese New Year was a ton of fun!

Everyone seemed to be having a grrrrrr-eat time.

We made lion masks for good luck

and had a ramen noodle eating contest

There was bead making too!

Isn’t it pretty??

Horseshoes, volleyball, ceramics, storytime, a pool tournament, bubble play . . .

you name it, we had it!

Trash Bag Theater was a huge success too –

Alex and Bryant said every team created and performed amazing plays.   Bravo everyone!

And look, I even got to hold some babies

Maxwell Moose for President!

Chinese New Year Weekend

Maxx here!


The rain held off this weekend and my little camping buddies and I got to play in the sun.  There were bean games, pool tournaments, adult bingo, bubble play, relay races and horseshoes.  We made Dragon Hats


went on hayrides


we even played with chinese finger traps!


Some campers found time to pick water lilies!


Tami heard four different reports about how good the fishing was!  They all promised to send in photos as proof, too.  Tami’s gonna post them as soon as she can.

Saturday night, Tami told me I could stay up late and go to Trash Bag Theater.  It was so much fun to see what my camping friends created for plays!   One team chose to do a chase scene from Monsters Inc and the other play was narrated by Tinkerbell.  They were both so much fun to watch!


I even got to do a little skit from the Little Mermaid!


It was so much fun!  I want to do Trash Bag theater every time.  Tami says, if I’m good, she’ll let me stay up late for the next one. So, I’ve got to behave!

Alex is already decorating for Fourth of July Weekend!  We’ve almost got a full house . . . and we have lots of fun stuff planned ALL  WEEK   LONG!

I can’t wait!

Chinese New Year Weekend

I’m a little behind in my posting, time has flown these last couple of weeks!

Here’s some photos from Chinese New Year Weekend . . . notice the cool dragon hats!

This little guy can’t be bothered to look at the camera . . . he wants to get on the hayride!