Santa in July!

This morning, Tami found me swimming in the lake.

“Maxwell, you have one job and one job only, to report on the recreation. You’re two blog posts behind and Super Hero Weekend starts tomorrow. When are you going to write them?”

“I can’t hear you,” I told her, while doing the back stroke. “I have water in my ears.”

“If you don’t get them done today, you’ll be grounded for the weekend. No Super Hero Weekend for you.”

No Super Hero weekend? I jumped out of the lake. “I’ll have them done today,” I told her. “No need for grounding.”

“Pictures and all?” she asked.

“Pictures and all . . . ”

So I did the post for Pirate Weekend.  And that took a lot longer than I remembered!  Since Tami doesn’t read the blog, I’m just gonna dump all my Christmas photos right here for you all to look at so I can go to Moosey Yoga, okay?  This deadline has me stressed!

Edited to add:  Apparently Tami DOES read the blog.  So I had to go back and tell you all what we did all weekend . . . . sheesh! She’s such a mean boss!

All week long my little campers and I waited for Christmas. Not the usual Christmas, but Christmas in July!

We had story time and arts and crafts every day. We made ice cream, told scary stories by the campfire, played kickball and held bubbles.

We even made Santa water sleighs and had a sink the ship contest at the lake!

When the big day finally came, there was so much to do! Arts and Crafts, Reindeer Races, snow balloon games and even a Santa Dress Up game!

These guys fooled me for a bit . . . I thought Santa had come early! But then I realized they may have had the Santa suits, but they were a little short to be the Big Guy.

This guy fooled me too!  He’s tall enough to be Santa, and was on a roof, but he didn’t have the Santa suit.

Everybody decorated! It was so Christmasy!

By 6:30 Saturday night, everyone was so excited!! Especially me! When Santa arrived, I was jumping up and down!

This kid, played it cool though.

Santa handed out treats,

while everyone played Christmas games at the party.

And just to be clear, they all won prizes. This little camper was the only lucky duck to get a cool rock like this one.

There was cookie decorating too . . .

And I think those cookies were a big hit!!

There were sooooo many people!

Santa told Tami there were 90 little campers in all .  . . 90!  Whoa!

I’m not sure how many adults there were, but they liked meeting Santa too.

And did you know, Santa brought a couple of friends with him?  The Grinch . . .

And Frosty!   It was so good to see them.

But I had to keep both eyes on that Grinch . . . he almost stole Christmas again!!!

Tami said she loved our Christmas party, because it was all about putting smiles on the kids faces, like this little guy who’s wearing the Santa hat he made at Arts and Crafts.

At the very end, Santa handed out gifts to all the good little campers. I don’t mind telling you,  I was a little worried.

Okay, A LOT worried!

But I did get a present!  So I must have been good, right??  Just like my friends, here.

And the best part about Christmas in July???


We only have to wait six months to have it all again!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Santa Was Here! Santa Was Here!

Gotta love having Santa visit in July!!


Unleeeeeess, you’ve been a naughty moose.

But I convinced Santa I changed my ways!  No more butt in the ice chest.  No more trying to steal the golf cart. No more trying to get on the hayride.

We had a great time last weekend!
It all started with our usual list of activities – Debbie and Brooke have fun stuff to do every day  – all day!  THIS weekend though, they loaded up with Christmasy stuff . . .

Like making Santa hats at arts and crafts!


And playing field games, and having a snowball-waterballoon toss,jewelry making, parent/child horseshoe tournament and lots more!

By the time it was Sleigh Ride time . . .

okay, HAYride time . . .

my little campers were asking Tami and Debbie and Brooke over and over and over again when Santa was coming.


Tami said, “Soon! I just talked to Santa and he’s on his way down from the North Pole!”

Debbie and Brooke handed out kazoos to distract us.



We played them on the Sleigh Ride to help get everyone in the whooooole campground in the Christmas Spirit.  Although the Moms and Dads kept putting their hands over their ears.

I wonder what that means?




Finally, after supper, it was time!  We all gathered at the campground entrance to wait for the Big Guy himself.

I asked Tami, “When will we know when he gets here?”

“Oh, you’ll know,” she assured me.


Because Santa arrives in style!


While Santa sat and talked to every little camper here . . .



We played lots and lots of carnival style games, run by our teen volunteers!




For prizes!!



And I can’t forget the lazy man s’mores!



We were all having so much fun with Frosty,


the Grinch


and Santa


that we almost forgot about the handing-out-the-presents thing!

We all lined up and listened carefully for our names . . .





Imagine! Christmas Presents . . .

In July!

From *gasp* Santa, himself!!


Hanging out with Santa never, ever, ever gets old.




Ho Ho HO! Christmas In July!


Christmas is sooooo much fun!  And its even more fun in July!

Except for the waiting part.  Sigh.  That’s hard, really hard.

Debbie and Megan tried hard to keep us busy so we wouldn’t think about it so much.  We had a Bocci tournament, and a snowball hunt, made giant Bubbles, and played reindeer games in the field.

We had Arts and Crafts every day, too!  And we made lots of Christmas-y stuff to hang on our campsites to remind us Santa was coming.

Like Christmas Wreaths from pine cones . . .


And Sleigh-boats at the lake ~



so we could float them!  Then we had a contest to see who’s boat could hold the most presents!



We made elf hats to wear to the Christmas Party



And some Christmas jewelry too.



We even had a Santa Decorating contest.  We decorated real live kids!



And oh my goodness ~ I thought they were the Big Guy, himself! I thought Santa had come early!  Don’t they look good?


But, after all that, we still had some waiting to do. So we had a hayride and sang Christmas Carols.


I asked all my little camping friends if they’d been good this year. Turns out they all have.







Good thing!  Because Santa was coming for a visit.  The REAL Santa!




I was so excited to see him!


We all hugged him . . .


and told him what we wanted for Christmas.


Then we played carnival games for prizes . . .



And we got tattoos .  . . not the real kind, silly!  The fake kind . . .


There was cookie decorating, too!




And finally, when I thought my antlers were going to fall off from all waiting, Tami announced it was time for Santa to give out presents.



We all listened carefully for our names . . .









It was such an awesome weekend, we didn’t want it to end!!   One little guy stayed, waving goodbye and saying Thank You,  until Santa was just a speck in the driveway.


See you soon, Santa!!  Only six more months till we meet again!

Christmas 2014


We had sooooo much fun last weekend!!

I mean what’s not to like about building sleigh boats, only to sink them with rocks!?





Or how about snow ball water balloon fights?


Or toddler water balloon play . . .



Ooooooor, break-the-balloon-over-your-head, play. (Maggie must’ve made that one up)


There was soooooo much to do!  Like jewelry making, parent/child horseshoes, arts and crafts, hayride-sleigh rides, a scavenger hunt and a Santa-look-alike contest



But the best-est part of the weekend . . . the reason everyone came . . .

was for the Christmas party!!!







We brought the treat bags we’d made at Arts and Crafts . . .


And we filled them up with the prizes we won at the games . . .





while we nibbled on cookies and punch . . .



And waited in line to meet the Big Guy and his Wife.   You know who I mean!


SANTA!  And Mrs. Claus too!


Even the adults were excited to see them!


(Psst! Don’t you think this guy is a little too old to be taking a selfie with Santa?)


And at the end of the party, we all listened very, very carefully for our names . . .




Maxwell Moose???   Me?   ME!!!



It’s a mini-me!



So who had fun???

We had fun!!!



Merry Christmas!!

I LOOOOOOOOVE having two Christmas’ every year!

Christmas in July '13 054 (1280x995)

And this was one of the bestest, busiest Christmas in July’s we’ve had in a loooooong time!

Christmas in July '13 011 (1280x656) (2)

Friday was fun, and Saturday had lots and lots of fun activities like arts and crafts where we made elf hats and Christmas prize bags

Christmas in July '13 038 (770x1280)


Christmas in July '13 006 (976x1280)

But all us kids wanted Santa!

I cut the line of people checking into the store and draped myself over the counter.  “Wheeeeeeeen is HE coming!”

“Maxwell!” Tami scolded, then she apologized to the camper I’d cut.  “He’s just excited because Santa’s coming-”

“Santa’s coming!” the camper exclaimed.  “When? How?  It’s July!   Oh, my goodness, there’s so much to do!”

The camper behind him told the camper behind her, who told the camper just coming in the door.

“Seeee!” I told Tami.  “I’m not the only one.”

“Six-thirty,” she assured everyone.  “Lots of time to get ready.  Now go play games or get on the hayride or take a kayak ride while you wait.”

Some of us preferred to eat ice cream.

Christmas in July '13 016 (849x1280)

But finally, six-thirty came.

And the campers arrived right on time to greet Santa.

Christmas in July '13 071 (1280x960)

But so did the black storm clouds.


Tami had to give the bad news.  “Santa’s been delayed.”

Moans and groans rang out.

“Only by half an hour, tops!” she said.  “He’s got Rudolph leading the way . . . the party’s still on!  Think of it as a . . . Santa Rain Delay.”

So we waited . . .and we waited and we waited . . . until . . .

Santa arrived!  And just then the sun broke out of the clouds!

Perfect timing!

Christmas in July '13 091 (970x1280)

Everyone got a chance to sit and talk to him for awhile.

Christmas in July '13 062 (1280x937)

Christmas in July '13 036 (1280x960)

Even ME!

Christmas in July '13 060 (959x1280)

I told him I’d been a very good moose.  When he looked at me with twinkling eyes over his snowy, white beard, I added, “Well, okay, I’ve been a so-so Moose.”

Santa seemed okay with that, as long as I tried to be good and promised I’d listen to Tami from now on.

Suuuuure, I will.

We played games too!  We tried to bounce a quarter into this jug . . .

Christmas in July '13 024 (1280x925)

We made Christmas Cookies . . .

Christmas in July '13 034 (1280x960)

Then ate them!

Christmas in July '13 042 (959x1280)

We got Tattoos  . . .

Christmas in July '13 046 (1280x960)

Had a balloon walk, fished in ice for prizes, dropped a marble in a fish tank, had a balloon walk, and played lots of other carnival games like tossing snowballs through a wreath . . . Christmas in July '13 025 (959x1280)

There were sooooo many people!

Christmas in July '13 048 (1280x619)


Finally, it was time for presents.

Christmas in July '13 080 (1280x720)  Christmas in July '13 073

I got a book by Rebecca Rule!  The Iciest, Diciest, Scariest Sled Ride Ever!

Christmas in July '13 092 (1280x1202)

I took it to Story Time on Sunday morning and all the kids loved it.

Christmas is the best! Don’t you think?

Santa Was Here!

I feel like such a lucky Moose!

I get to see Santa twice a year.

It was sooooo hard to wait for the big guy to arrive.  I tried hanging out with Tami in the store, but I think . . .  maybe . . . I kinda asked one too many times when Santa was coming, ’cause she pushed me out the door and told me to go play with Debbie and Maggie before she canceled Christmas.

She can’t do that.

Can she?

Well, I wasn’t taking any chances, so I went to the Rec Hall where everyone was making cool Santa bags for the party  . . . .


and shiny Christmas hats, too!

Everyone worked so hard!


There wasn’t time to clock-watch!  Not with a Christmas Scavenger hunt, horseshoes, reindeer games, jewelry making, a snow-waterballoon fight . . .

and a Santa-look-alike contest . . .


Would the REEEEEAL Santa, please stand up!

And you know, it was soooo hot out.

How hot was it?

By the time the HO-HO-HO Hayride arrived in the afternoon, most of my little campers had jumped in the lake or gone to the pool.

But these toughies braved the heat to sing Christmas Carols through the campground . . .

Fa-la-la-la-la . . . La-la-la-la!

I asked Maggie if the heat wave would stop Santa and Mrs. Claus from coming to the party.

She said, “No, Maxx.  When Santa makes a promise. He keeps it.”

Still I worried.

I paced.

I checked my moose-watch over and over and over again.

But I should’ve known Maggie would be right.

Santa arrived right on time!

While each camper sat and talked to Santa and Mrs. Claus, the rest of us played a snowball stacking game,

did a balloon walk, played ice fishing, got a tattoo

threw snowballs through a wreath . . .tried to toss rings on  moose antlers,

(not mine!)

and we decorated cookies!

Until finally . . .


It was time for presents!

I thought my name would never get called.

I saw all those good little boys and girls going up for their presents and I wondered ~

Was I a good Moose this year???

Had I put my butt in the ice chest one too many times?

Had I washed behind my antlers every night like Tami told me to?

Had I eaten enough water lilies?

Then I heard it!

Music to my ears.

Maggie called out,

“Max-well Mooooooose!”


I guess I was a good moose this year!

Now I have to start working on being good for Christmas in December!

Only 162 more days!





Christmas in July 2011!!

Wow!  What a weekend!  The best ever!

I know, I know . . . I say that about ALL the theme weekends.  But this time it’s true!

We had so much fun doing the usual Christmas-y activities.  I especially liked the Santa dress up game

Don’t they look exactly like the big guy, himself??

My little campers made elf hats and stocking bags at arts and crafts.  We played Christmas games on the playing field too!  There were horseshoes, the snowball slingshot, a Christmas caroling hayride, ice games, a snowball hunt and lots, lots more!  The whole place was decorated, and even some of the campsites too.   My favorite Christmas decoration was one of those really big, blow up decorations . . . it was a camper, and Santa poked his head out the door to wave!  Very cool.

I hung out with lots of friends during hayride time . . .

Of course, all that other cool stuff combined couldn’t compare to the Christmas Party Saturday night!  We all waited patiently for Santa to arrive . . .

and then the games began!

Tami had lots of awesome volunteers to run tables for cookie making

and carnival games like “ring the bottle”

the duck game, the balloon walk

the “snowball through the wreath” game, and of course,

meeting Santa

Some of the campers even dressed up in their Christmas Best!

Finally, it was time for


I waited kinda-sorta-patiently while my little camping buddies were called up one by one

and I wondered if I’d been a good Moose this year.

Then I heard it . . .

Maxwell Moose!

That’s me!

and I got exactly what I wanted!  Books!

How’d he know???

Christmas In July 2010

What a Merry Christmas we had!

There was so much cool stuff to do, like the Santa Dress Up game, snowball hunts, reindeer races, sparkling jewelry making, horseshoes, kickball, elf hat making and sleigh making – I didn’t know where to start first!!

but my camping buddies sure did!  They were every where! And you know what they all kept asking?

When’s Santa coming?  When’s SANTA coming?  WHEN’S SANTA COMING???

FIIIIIIII-nally, he got here

and the Christmas party started!

Aren’t those cute elf hats!  And I bet those pretzel sticks with frosting taste good too.

We played lots of cool carnival games and won prizes while everyone got a chance to talk to Santa

Then came the best-est part.  What we’d all been waiting for  . . .

all weekend long . . .


I got one too!  Santa gave me Hot Rod Hamster!

It’s written by Tami’s friend, Cindy Lord and illustrated by Derek Anderson.  It’s sooooo cool!  I took it to story time on Sunday morning and all my little buddies liked it too.

Now I have to go find my cape . . . ’cause it’s time to turn into


Mighty Moose!!!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . .

Hey everybody!  How’s your holiday season going so far?


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!   Do you know how I know?

Well, it’s not because Cookie stole my Christmas hat


It’s not because we got 12 inches of snow this week AND had a snow day off from school

first-snow-blog first-snow-09-blog1

And as yummy as it smells, it’s not because Tami is spending more time in the kitchen baking things like banana bread and canning apple butter.

Nooooo, you know what tells me Christmas is near??



Last Saturday, the Wight’s headed out to the tree farm for their perfect Christmas tree.

Like he has every year for the last 20, David tried to get them to pick the very first one they saw . . . the one closest to the car.  But Tami and Ben were having none of that!  It’s not a hunt for the perfect tree if you don’t hike all the way to the other end of the farm, is it?


The annual tree choosing agreement is that everyone has to like the tree for it to be considered perfect.

It takes hoooooooo-ours.   Okay, maybe just one hour.  But you know why it takes an hour?

Because Tami chooses trees that would never, ever, fit in their living room.


David chooses the smallest trees he can find


And Ben chooses trees that will hold the biggest, and the most-est gifts under it’s boughs


I always knew that Ben was one smart kid!!

Eventually, they all agree.  Or one of them gets their way, anyway.


That’s not the part that had Tami in a tizzy though!   No . . . it was the decorating part.  And that’s where I walked in last Saturday.   The tree had fit perfect in the stand  , . . and it had stood grandly in the great room, too.  Even David had declared it a great find before he’d said, “My work here is done.” and disappeared to let Tami decorate it.

She’d already strung two sets of lights, and had done half the third when  *POOF*  half of that third string went totally black.

She tried changing fuses . . . and bulbs.  Nothing worked.

And she had no spare lights.

Sooooo, the crazy obsessed silly person that she is, she headed out at 7pm on Saturday night to find five color lights, with random colored twinklers.   Because it was snowing, she decided to head to the Oxford Walmart.  They’d surely have lights, she said.

Oh, they had lights all right.    Just not HER lights.

And neither did anyone else in Oxford.

It was snowing pretty hard by then, so she bought some twinkling stars, brought them home, strung them up, poured a glass of wine and stewed all night with those stars twinkling and her tree half lit.


I told you she was silly.

Sunday morning, she went to church (she swore she didn’t pray for lights though) and then headed into Auburn.  After going to two stores, she finally found some five colored lights and the box said, “Random Twinkle”.  She was so excited, she bought THREE boxes!

When she got them home and plugged in the first set, they were half out too!

“Good thing I bought three sets,” she said, plugging in another.  It was then that I snapped the picture above.

Because it was then, that she realized . . .

only the pink ones twinkled.

The PINK ones!

Everyone in the house went to hide while she stewed some more!

I’m not exactly sure what she did after that, ’cause I didn’t come out of hiding until she declared it done.  I can tell you though, that I really don’t see a lot of pink twinklers and there’s two sets of lights by the back door ready to be returned to Lowe’s.


And don’t tell Tami, okay, because I’m afraid we’ll lose her to the funny farm if you do  . . . .

but I noticed a dark spot on the back side of the tree yesterday.

There’s a stretch of 10 lights out in the back.

She isn’t gonna like that!

Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas!

Look at all the Santa look-a-likes we had last weekend!

christmas-in-july-4blog christmas-in-july-5blog

christmas-in-july-7blog christmas-in-july-6blog

What a great job!

None of us could wait to see the real Santa.  We tried to keep busy by going to Bingo, the pool tournament or the snowball tossing contest.

But, I still had Santa on the brain.

So Debbie had us make sleigh boats, then try to see how many presents they could hold before sinking.

All I could think about was whether or not I’d been a good moose.  Would I get a present?

Arts and crafts, horseshoes, reindeer games, caroling hayrides, and the scavenger hunt were all fun and stuff  . . . but still, all my little campers and I could talk about was Santa!




Tami asked if I thought I’d been a good moose.

“Sure I have!” I said.  “Except for that time I tried to sneak past Bryant and get in the bouncy house . . .

oh, and that time I tried to follow the haywagon when you told me not to . . .

and that time I complained ’cause I wanted chicken and you gave me leaves -”

Tami interrupted me.  “How good do you think you you’ve been?”


“Thiiiiiiiii-s good!” I said.

My little camping buddies agreed with me.

“We’ll see,” Tami said.  “We’ll see.”

I ate all the twigs and leaves Tami gave me for supper.  I put my dishes in the dishwasher and took out the trash.

Finally, it was time for Santa to arrive!  We all waited for him . . .


kind of patiently.

Can you find me in the crowd?  I’m the one in the Santa hat?  Being good?

Before presents, we all got a chance to sit with Mr. and Mrs. Claus and talk with them



After that, some us went to play games,


decorate cookies


or get tatoos!


Heeeeeey?  Is this one of Santa’s elves?


Fiiiiii-nally, it was time for Santa to hand out the presents!





Then I heard it . . .

“Maxwell Moose!”

Look what I got!


Two books!  If You Give A Cat A Cupcake by Laura Numerof and The Pigeon Wants a Puppy, by Mo Williems!

I took them to story time on Sunday and Bryant read them to me and my friends.  They were awesome!

Now I want a puppy.

Santa and I had a long talk


He said he liked the way I always try my best to be a good camping moose.   And a good camping friend.  And if I keep at it, he’ll be visiting me again real soon.

Only 137 more days till the reeeee-al Christmas!