Clean Up Weekend

Hey there campers!!!

What a grrrrreat opening weekend!  Clean Up Weekend is always one of our favorites, because we get to see everyone and catch up after a long, snowy winter.

I don’t want to rat her out or anything, but when Tami saw the weather forecast, she was wicked worried it would pour every minute and no one would want to come.

“Pshaw!” I told her. “They’ll come!”

And come they did. We have the best campers in the whole wide world!

“We couldn’t leave you to do it yourself,” some said.

“A little rain doesn’t scare us,” others declared.

And Tami’s personal favorite, “It’s our tradition, this weekend with you. Our kids have been counting down the days!”

Many hands make light work, Tami always tells me. But there was time to play too.

And eat donuts!

It’ll take five times as long for the pick up crew to collect all the piles of leaves.

But Tami and David agree, the campers did all the hard work, raking those wet leaves into piles.  Our campground is ready for the 2017 camping season!

Tami and David are so very thankful. And Tami’s especially thankful to the young camper who went out to get photos for her. Aren’t they amazing??  She’s got a good eye.

Thanks again, Poland Spring campers!  And we hope you come back and visit soon . . .

We’ve got tons of fun planned!

Thank you, Campers!

This weekend was an amazing one!  Mother’s Day and Clean Up all rolled into one . . .

Tami, David  and I think we have amazing campers. Every Spring, they sign up to camp and help us rake sites, culverts, roads, playgrounds and more.

And in return we give them donuts.


20160507_081107 20160507_083120

I looooooove donuts.  But it’s not nearly enough!  Our campers work hard!


Okay. Most of them do. I’m going to have to talk to that Ben. I want to know how he does that.

Clean Up (1) Clean Up (2) Clean Up (3) Clean Up (4) Clean Up (5) Clean Up (6) Clean Up (10) Clean Up (11) Clean Up (12) Clean Up (13)

After the Clean Up, kids gathered to make a special treat for their moms.

Clean Up (14)

Tami got all teary and stuff, when she read their notes to their moms.

Clean Up (16)





We’re looking forward to this 2016 camping season!  We have lots of fun planned!

Come and join us!

Clean Up 2015


As always, our campers rock!  The place is looking pretty again!

Starting at 8:30, people grabbed a doughnut or muffin, and a cup of coffee before getting to work. I tried to take a doughnut too, but Tami slapped my hand!  “Those are for the workers,” she said.

“I work!” I told her.

“You work at playing!” she scolded.

Campers were seen raking by the pool, bathrooms, and game room .

Clean Up  (7)

About 80% of the sites and roads are now clean of last year’s leaves and twigs.

Clean Up  (11)

Clean Up  (12)

Two of my favorite workers!


Clean Up  (1)

Tami couldn’t believe how much the place changed in one day. It’s amazing!



Clean Up  (8)


And I have no idea what Tami was thinking, of course there was time to play!  Sheesh!


Clean Up  (6)

Tami even found time to chat with some of her readers!


We’re looking forward to an amazing season!  If you haven’t made your reservations yet, now’s the time!

Clean Up Weekend After A Looooong Winter!

One week ago we were pushing around the last of a snow pile on Main Street, so it’d dry up faster.

Two weeks ago, we put a sprinkler on a one foot high, by ten foot wide pile of snow to help it melt.

There were lots of days when we sat around the kitchen table and wondered if we’d open on time. Only once in twenty-three years had we not done so . . .

But we did!

2014-05-04 22.48.53

We started Clean Up Weekend with some tough, tough choices.

Then we moved on to the fun part of the weekend . . .

Clean Up!




And clean up, they did!  The whole campground is looking marvelous now!




When Tami walked around Sunday night, she just kept saying what amazing campers she had.  “Look how much they did, Maxwell!  This used to take me a month of raking.  Now they do it in five hours. Everyone worked so hard!”

Well, almost everyone  . . .


It was so much fun to see all our little campers again!



Next weekend is Mother’s Day Weekend!  We have some recreation:  Arts and crafts (shhhhh – making presents for Mom!) and more!   Plus a Free Mother’s Day Breakfast!  Call and make your reservations!


Clean Up Weekend 2012!


We’re finally open!

And thanks to some amazing help from our Clean Up volunteers and crew – things are looking pretty good too!

Young campers and, the *ahem*  not-so-young campers,  were  rewarded with all the donuts and muffins they could eat.

Tami didn’t get as many pictures this weekend as she normally does because she was too busy going “Blah, blah, blah” in the store with practically every camper who walked in the door.

Geez, can that woman talk!

She even chatted about leaves with some of her camping buddies . . .

They’d found two leaf charts on the geo-cache course and Tami challenged them to find every one.  They almost did it too!  The one that stumped them was the Sassafras leaf.  Still, they’d worked so hard, Tami rewarded them all with a tattoo.

Ben, on the other hand, took some great pics of the afternoon crew, who picked up leaf piles all afternoon.

I don’t know how we’d manage to get this place in shape without our Clean Up volunteers!

Thanks a heap!



Clean Up Weekend 2010


We had seventy campers check in last Friday and Saturday . . .


And that doesn’t include our 50 seasonals.

Poland Spring Campground went from totally deserted to hopping in just a few hours.  Everyone seemed so happy to be here, which was kind of strange because  Tami was about to   make them her slaves put them to work cleaning up the place.

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny.   Tami laid out 10 dozen donuts and 5 dozen muffins at 8am and two hours later, they were pretty much gone!

Of course, she came right to me.  “Maxwell!  What did I tell you about scoffing down all the donuts and muffins!  Those were for the Clean Up crew.”

But I was ready for her.  I had proof that I wasn’t the only one enjoying their sweet, gooey-ness!

“Well,” she said, “that explains 7 of them. Where’d the other 163  go?”

Why does she always blame ME, when food goes missing?  Didn’t she see all the hungry rakers out in the campground?

They were working hard

Everyone did an awesome job!   From the tallest and oldest, right down to the littlest

And not just at raking. There were sweepers

and dog watchers

and Paula too!

In the afternoon, some of my camping buddies came up to the store to get their trees. We like to encourage them to plant between the sites to replenish what might have been trampled or crushed the year before.

After all, what would a campground be without it’s trees??

A parking lot!

When the work was all done for the day, some of our campers found time for ice cream

while others found a quiet spot to fish

right alongside the loons.  Do you see it, to the left of the boat?  The fishermen were sitting so quietly, that the loons just kept diving and surfacing around the boat.  One of the loons came up with a big fish in its mouth, threw it back and swallowed it whole!

I’d like to give a big, big thank you to our entire Clean Up Crew.

We couldn’t have done it without you!!

And Tami probably would have made me her slave for the month if you hadn’t of shown up.

Come see us again real soon . . .

Open for Camping!

Finally!  The campground is open!!

I can’t wait to hang out with my little camping buddies . . .

eating donuts and doing some of this  . . .

and maybe some of this

and even some of this

Wait a minute . . .

Tami’s trying to tell me something . . .


What do you mean this weekend’s all about cleaning up?

You mean I have to  . . . gulp . . . rake?

or do some of this

or some of this

to earn my donuts??


Clean Up Weekend

Hey Camping buddies!

Those of you who are signed up for Clean Up Weekend, are you ready??

Don’t forget to bring your favorite rake . . .

and a shovel to plant one of these

And we’ll make sure to have plenty of donuts on hand for our hard working friends

Oh!  And don’t forget about the Saturday night Pot Luck Supper either!  The more the merrier!

I think Tami’s bringing the chicken wings . . .

Clean Up Weekend

What an amazing weekend!   It was so much fun to see everyone again, and to meet new friends.  Tami checked in over seventy campers on Friday, and that doesn’t  count the seasonal campers who were coming out of hibernation!

Early Saturday dawn bright and sunny. We started with coffee and conversation


and donuts of course.


Then everyone got to work raking the playground, roads, walkways and sites



Then we took a break for more donuts


Tami caught this little guy sweeping the porch  . . .


and these two offered to window wash in the campground office


So she handed out more donuts!


All in all, thirty pine trees were planted through out the campground


And 132 campsites were raked!   Tami saw the blisters to prove it


Lots of campers told me that the eagles were both flying around the lake.  One of them was sitting on the edge of the nest, and dipping her beak down into it.  I think those eggs have hatched!  Tami’s going to try to get to the lake and take some photos this week.

Stay tuned!

Four more days . . .

until Clean Up Weekend!

I just received a call from the nursery, and we’ll have trees for planting this year. In 2007, there was a little mix up, the trees didn’t come in on time, and the kids were so disappointed. We ended up sending one of our employees into the woods to carefully dig up one-foot baby pines. It’s always warms my heart to see how much the kids enjoy this ecological activity.  Some families request the same site year after year so they can check on “their trees”.

Every year we lose new growth between the sites, due to people cutting between sites, kids riding bikes off road, or campers setting up their equipment off the cleared site area. If we didn’t transplant trees, over time we’d end up with a tree-less campground.

Those of you who are camping this weekend, don’t forget about our pot luck supper on Saturday night! We’ll have a sign-up sheet in the office.  Hmmmm . . . maybe I’ll bring chili.

A snow update: Cookie and I walked the park early this morning and found only four little areas with the white stuff. Yea! There were still a few spongy road spots, but between the rain (to help get rid of the frost) and the sunshine they’re predicting after it, those areas will be firm enough by the weekend.

Halfway through my walk, the haunting sound of the loon reached out to me.  It was sweet, sweet music to my ears!

I would have headed down to the water’s edge to sneak a peek and catch if there were one or a pair,but alas . . . I had to get Ben ready for school. He was not a happy camper this morning. April vacation went by much too quickly . . .