Our Eagles Are Nesting ~ 2017

Tami is obsessed. Obsessed, I tell you!

I showed up at the house to talk to her about all this snow, and how it’s piling up, and will it ever melt?!

But she just said, “Uh huh. Uh huh.” She never even looked up from her computer. I peeked over her shoulder and saw her editing photos of eagles on the nest.

That figures!  It must be April. She always does this when the our eagles nest . . . from now until those chicks hatch, it’ll be the eagles did this and the eagles did that . . .


IMG_7685 IMG_8013

For example, last week she came back from her trek in the woods, all smiling and giddy.  She’d come from the lake and as usual, the eagle was sitting on the nest. She took a few pictures and had turned to head home when she heard a ruckus. When she turned back, she saw a juvenile eagle soar into view, the second adult eagle not far behind . . .


At first, she thought the juvenile was after the nest, perhaps the eggs, but when she looked more closely at the photos, the adult had something in its talons.

IMG_8042 IMG_8044

The juvenile was after the food.

IMG_8045 IMG_8046 IMG_8047

The second adult came back to the nest and together the two adults warned the juvenile off, as it soared over their heads.

IMG_8056 IMG_8066 IMG_8069

Eventually, the juvenile moved on and the adults settled down again.


Once the danger had passed, Tami said the the second adult took to the air, it’s lunch still in its talons.


IMG_8110 IMG_8111 IMG_8112 IMG_8113 IMG_8114 IMG_8115 IMG_8116 IMG_8121 IMG_8122

I’m not sure I’d want to tangle with those eagles!

Then on April 1st, we had a giant April Fool’s snow storm, 13 inches of heavy wet snow. Tami and I trudged to the lake, worried about the eagles . . . and this is what we saw.


Under all that snow, lies our eagle, with her eggs tucked under her.  I thought she’d be cold, but Tami said she suspected the snow acted like an insulation of sorts, keeping her and the eggs warm.

The next morning, when the sun came out, Tami and I went down again. She took this photo from the shoreline across from site 23, at 1,000 feet away, hoping to see down into the nest. At the time, she didn’t see anything but snow.

But once she cropped it   . . . see? See the white head?

IMG_8337 IMG_8338

From our shoreline at 500 feet, this was the image Tami captured. That poor eagle!

IMG_8365 IMG_8379 IMG_8384

But by 3 o’clock in the afternoon, everything was back to normal!


Be prepared, Tami’s gonna post a bunch of eagle photos from now until we open. They’ll be no stopping her, I’m afraid.  But as soon as you all get back here to camp, we can distract her with Clean Up Weekend and Spring Special Weekend photos. There’s so many of you camping with us this Spring! We’re going to kick off the season with a bang!


Eaglet Twins 2016

Every Spring the campers and I stand lakeside with our binoculars and cameras pointed at the eagle nest. The big question is  . . .

Is there one eaglet in there?

Or two?

I’ve been taking pictures for a little over a week now, and I kept seeing this


and this . . .


and this . . .


and even this!

IMG_0369 IMG_0370 IMG_0371 IMG_0380

And while that was all beautiful and interesting and full of inspiration . . . it wasn’t what I was looking for.

Finally, today, I saw it!




And then . . .



I’m so excited to find we have two eaglets this year!! It’s going to be fun to watch them grow.

Our Eagles Are Nesting – 2016

On Saturday, I trudged through the campground, over ice and snow to go lakeside, where I found one of the eagles  perched on the back side of the nest.





As I watched, she turned to face away from me.   Then after a few moments, she cried out once, twice.


Then she turned to poke around in the nest with her beak before slowly walking down into the nest to sit low inside it.



IMG_8870 IMG_8886

It’s very possible I witness our eagle laying one of her eggs!

35 days from now, if all goes well, our eagle chicks will be hatching! Send good thoughts everyone!

Eagle Photos

If Tami’s gone missing, you can bet you’ll find her on the lake with her camera.

Springtime is the best time for photos.  All of nature is waking up, finding mates, making nests and dens, feeding their young ones.  The eagles are one of her favorite subjects, not just because they’re nearby, but because she’s always able to capture some new-to-her behavior.

You’d think that after monitoring them for over ten years, she’d have seen it all.  But just last weekend, she was able to record new research, the eagles moving branches around on the nest.


They didn’t bring them in. So these are branches that were already on the nest. Maybe as the eaglets grow, they make room?




So far, the eaglets are healthy and strong.  The adults feed them equally and you can quite often hear them hollering for food from our shoreline.





The adults are very active, bringing food to the nest.


Poor things are probably quite tired!


Tami often says how grateful she is to be able to monitor and study them year round.  All that research paid off too, when it came time to write her second book, Mystery of the Eagle’s Nest!


We’ll keep you posted on the young ones progress!  But it looks like we’ve got another healthy pair!


Spring Has Finally Sprung!

When Tami got home from work yesterday, she begged me and begged me and begged me, to take a walk.

She really didn’t have to beg that hard!  The weather was the bestest we’d seen in a long time! Warm breezes blew over the still frozen lake. We saw chickadees, sparrows, finches, woodpeckers and more!

We even saw a cute little chipmunk, coming out of his home in the ground.


And a heron, who had flown in to stand in the shadows on on the edges of the lake.


When we got to the picnic area, Tami gasped.  “They’re both there!”

She was talking about the eagles, and we were just in time to watch them switch places sitting on the eggs.







The departing eagle flew right over our heads!



Only two or three minutes passed before the eagle, who was left on the nest, hunkered down for their watch over the little ones.



Tami told me that lately, she’s seen a pair of seagulls soar high over the small patch of open water on the lake.  And the eagles don’t like this, not at all!  The one on the nest will call out, and the mate flies in to help protect the family.

Such good parents!

April vacation arrives soon. Tami’s notes from 2014 tell us that the eaglets were born right around April 18th, so you can bet we’ll be going down to the lake a lot next week!

Tami won’t even have to beg me to go!

And We’ve Started the 2015 Nesting Season!


The happy couple is expecting!  And if Tami’s calculations are correct, they should be born right around opening day.  Which means, we’ll be able to get a head count (when they can hold up their heads) around two weeks after that.

Tami has marked it on her calendar. She’s all ga-ga and well, you know how she gets about her eagles and her loons.

Nesting eagles 3-24-15  (40)

Look at how big the nest has gotten!  Isn’t that like, an eagle mansion or something?

Nesting eagles 3-24-15  (39)

The last time we saw the nest grow to this size, there were triplets.  But Tami keeps telling me that we already had triplets, just a couple years ago.  And THAT was a miracle.

But I can’t help wondering . . .

Because they’re still adding to it!  Tami just watched the mate of the nesting eagle bring a branch in today!

Nesting Eagles 3-25-15  (37)

Nesting Eagles 3-25-15  (42)

Nesting Eagles 3-25-15  (46)

Nesting Eagles 3-25-15  (48)

Tami still has to put on the snowshoes to get to the lake.  She tried to go without yesterday, ’cause she was in a hurry, but she sunk up to her knees one too many times.

There’s still ice on the lake too.  We can’t wait for the wood ducks, geese and loon to get back.  Tami’s getting a little tired of taking pictures of chickadees, Red-breasted woodpeckers, and nuthatches, as cute as they may be.

We’ll keep you posted on those eagle babies!


Hanging My Head In Shame!

My last post was . . .


Labor Day Weekend??


Adventurer Weekend 010 (687x1024)

I blame Tami because, you know, I always blame her for everything anyway . . .

But hey!  I have news!!!

Tami and I saw the eagles!

First, we caught them adding sticks to the nest . . .

Adding to Nest 12-20-14 (3)

well, TRYING to add sticks to the nest.

Adding to Nest 12-20-14 (19)

This one was just a little . .

bit . . .

too heavy.

Adding to Nest 12-20-14 (23)

And then a week later, Tami and I were walking to the lakefront with Cookie, when we saw an adult eagle soaring overhead.  So we started running,

Adding to Nest 1-2-15   (2)

which isn’t easy with cameras, mind you!  And we made it just in time to point our cameras and shoot.

Adding to Nest 1-2-15   (3)

Tami got horrible, terrible photos..  Because she forgot to take the lens cap off.

Adding to Nest 1-2-15   (4)

But I got amazing pictures, didn’t I?

Adding to Nest 1-2-15   (5)

Adding to Nest 1-2-15   (11)

Such a graceful landing!

Adding to Nest 1-2-15   (18)

This adult appeared to be checking out the nest, looking down upon it several times before flying off again. I wonder if she was trying to decide if they needed more sticks, or grasses or a rug . . .

Adding to Nest 1-2-15   (24)

It’s looking awfully good, that we’ll have eaglets to watch again this year!!

Memorial Day 2014!


I ran into the campground office last Wednesday and told Tami I had somewhere important I had to be, and asked if she’d post all the cool pictures we’d taken of me . . . I mean, of my little campers . . . over Memorial Day Weekend.

She looked at her calendar, “I think I can, Maxx, if I squeezed it in after school, but before writing Cooper’s third adventure.  Oh! I promised Debbie I’d order some new recreation equipment, too!  Are you sure you can’t ~”

“Gee!  Thanks!!”  I gave her a big hug and took off to do that important thing I’d been waiting all month to do –


The fries were awesome!  Thomas said he sold a ton of them. The Deli Sandwich was pretty good too.  And that warm chocolate chip cookie!!  Heaven!

“Maxx!” Tami tapped me on my shoulder as I scoffed down the last of my third order of fries.


She pointed to the store.  Then the back office.  Then she showed me a roll of camouflaged colored duct tape.

I got the message.  Sit and write until I got it done.

But those fries!  And pizza!  I hadn’t tried the pizza . . .

Tami shook her head.  “No snack bar for you until you finish the blog post you promised your campers!  I told Thomas to shut you off.  You’re banned from the snack bar until you finish this blog post.”

So here goes . . .

Scenes from candy bar bingo!  It was a full house!



Lots of candy bars were won and lost!!


We had arts and crafts and water balloons and ceramics and bocci and story time and jewelry making and the movie Frozen and

bubble play!!


We made HUGE bubbles!


Salamanders were found . . .  and saved from the pool.


We had a pots and pans parade (Tami put a video of it on Facebook!)

Here I am, getting kicked out of the driver’s seat of the golf cart once again.




I LOVE our parades!




Maggie and Debbie and I make a great team!!!


I took lots of photos with kids too!



There was one glitch to the weekend though.  As if the crazy on and off again rain showers weren’t bad enough, right before the hayride, David discovered a flat tire on the wagon.


But you know what?  I have the very best little campers in the whole world!  Because they didn’t complain once!  I was so impressed, Debbie, Maggie and I handed out some patriotic tattoos!


Aren’t they all awesome!


Thanks to a camper friend who fixed the flat, we were able to have the hayride on Sunday instead!



I don’t just hang out with the kids either, you know.  I met lots of cool adult campers too!


But no one was as cool as this kid!  Check out his shirt!


Spider Moose!  My favorite Super Hero of all time!  He can climb the climber, and swing from tree to tree with his super spider webbing!  And with his spidey-senses he can tell . . .

There’s crumble burgers being served at the food cart!

Gotta go!


A Gorgeous Mother’s Day!

I know it started with rain, but when the sun came out Saturday afternoon, I swear I could hear leaves popping out on trees and Tami’s perennials stretching from the ground with a sigh.

Debbie was back with the first official recreation of the season!  She had my little campers make Mother’s Day presents for their moms ~ flower pens in a pot!

They had water balloon target practice, played horseshoes and had a scavenger hunt too!

But the big exciting event . . . the one all the Mom’s were waiting for?

The Mother’s Day Breakfast!

Pancakes, bacon, and champagne in orange juice prepared with love by dads and kids.

Mother's Day  (2)

and served with love too.

Mother's Day  (3)


Mother's Day  (5)

The moms certainly seemed to like it!

Mother's Day  (9)

Mother's Day  (8)

Mother's Day  (7)

Mother's Day  (6)

Mother's Day  (4)

Mother's Day  (1)

I know Tami did!  She just loooooves being waited on.

Almost as much as she loves wildlife watching . . .