Last Camping Day of 2012


Where did the Fall go?  Just yesterday it was Labor Day!

We did have some nice campfires  . . .

(The conversation must have been sooooo interesting – since it put this little one to sleep)

We had a bonfire one drizzly night too . . .

There were tons of kids hanging out through the Fall too . . .

playing on the playground, hanging out in the poland spring room, swinging on the swings and just plain having fun!

But now the place is empty . . .

and I’m so sad.

But you know what?

Only 204 days until we open again!

Count down with me this winter!


A Note from Tami

Everyone here at Poland Spring Campground hopes you and your family had a fun, safe, relaxing Labor Day Weekend.

Our recreation program has sadly ended, but we’re still open till Columbus Day Weekend with off season rates.  My campers will attest to the fact that Lower Range Pond is so quiet and gorgeous time of year.  In the last two weeks, it’s been reported that the loon family has been out and about, and the gray heron has been seen quite often too.

If you like a quieter pace, Poland Spring Campground in Fall is the place to be!

Fall 2009 Site 84
Fall 2009

Boat rentals are still available; we have kayaks, rowboats and canoes.  Lower Range Pond is a long, 290 acre lake with a 9.9hp limit.  There’s lots of room to explore!

Kayaking August 2010
Early morning by Kathy Edwards 2009

To see more fishing pictures, click on the fishing tag on the right.  There’s small mouth bass, large mouth bass, perch, rainbow trout and pickerel.  Brown trout is stocked by the wardens every Fall.  The largest reported catch this season was a a 6lb 22 inch small mouth bass.  And yes!  I do have proof of Joe Fowler’s catch!   Look for a 2010 fishing post, soon.

Warm days, cool nights, the soulful cry of the loon

and a crackling campfire with gooey s’mores.  Fall camping is the best!

Fall is officially here . . .

“Where?” I asked Tami.  “Where’s Fall?”

“All around us,” she said.


I couldn’t believe it was here already, so I took a little walk around the campground and look what I found!




From the tips of tree branches, down to the ground, color is peeking through everywhere.  Acorns and pine cones plinked and plunked onto trailer roofs.  One acorn even fell on my head!  Ouch!

I swear a chipmunk laughed at me too.

Tami and I were going through the photos she took this summer, remembering all the wicked cool recreation we’d had and you know what we decided?

We have some well dressed campers!


Pink from her eyeglasses to her puddle jumpers!


I especially love the heeled shoes!


Ummm . . . I’d say these guys are more like . . . oddly dressed campers.

Oh!  Guess what popped up in our campground in-box last week??


Mark Lippke sent a photo of his ‘catch-of-the-day’!!  Isn’t it a beauty?

And the Chicoine’s sent in this photo


from our Labor Day Seasonal Dinner.   Ed, who’d been seasonal with us for 17 years, has made 2009 his final year.  Some of us are taking his announcement better than others . . . I think Tami’s on her 10th box of tissues . . .nope . . . make that 11 boxes after posting this!

If anyone else out there would like to share a photo from their stay with us, please feel free to contact us through the website!

More on Labor Day . . .

On the schedule today was story time, water balloon volleyball, ceramics, adult volleyball, capture the flag, darts tournament and ice games!  My favorite thing was making noisemakers for the

Labor Day Parade!

There were pin wheels . . .  Red, white and blue streamers . . .  Patriotic hats . . .

Debbi handed out some wicked loud whistles that had all the parents cringing

And then they were off to circle the campground!

I’m not sure how the little one below slept through it all.  You could hear this parading crew from the lake!

It was a great, end-of-the summer weekend!  There were times when Tami and I thought we were seeing double . . .

And there were lots of cute moments too –

(I always wondered how the campground stayed so clean!)

But now our recreation program is done for the summer.   Sigh.

While Tami, Debbi and Bryant are busy planning the theme weekends for 2009, you can still enjoy some quiet fall camping, you know!  Cool, crisp nights, the call of the loon, friends toasting marshmallows with friends . . .

Fall camping can be a lot of fun!