Father’s Day Weekend 2014

What a fun Father’s Day Weekend we had at Poland Spring Campground!


I sure wish I’d gone to arts and crafts, o I coulda made my Dad one of these cool gifts!


Perfect!!  What Dad doesn’t like a trophy or a tie!?



Maggie also made sure we had the water balloon slingshot, relay games . . .



A Father/Child Bocci Tournament,a  scavenger hunt AAAaaaand a hayride!!


Right before Maggie called us all up on the wagon, she handed out some  awesome slide whistles!


And the sound was so pretty!  I really couldn’t figure out why all the moms and dads were talking about hiding them when the kids got off the hayride, and why Tami and Maggie were laughing whenever we blew them.


Silly parents!  Kids were made to make noise!!


Just ask Ben and Joey!

Father’s Day Weekend

What a great Father’s Day Weekend we had!

First, Maggie came up with a cool new present for our camping friends to make for their Dads ~

Can you read the tape?  It says:

“You Rule Dad!”


There were games, water balloons, a movie, and a Father/Child Horseshoe Tournament

Score Keeper!


And here are our 2nd and 1st place winners!

Well done!

We had a hayride too, of course!  We couldn’t go a weekend without one.

Maggie gives the rules before take off . . .

Our very special celebrity guests for the weekend, were Girl Scout Troop #336.

I think I heard Tami say that this was their 5th year in a row!  Wow!

We hope to see them for many more years to come!


Father’s Day Weekend 2011

What a blast!  There were lots of Dad’s and Grandads all over the campground having fun with their kids.

The Dad’s helped us make lanterns from tin cans with Maggie.  Then we played relay games like the trash bag sack race

and Duck, Duck Goose.

I think it should’ve been Duck, Duck, MOOSE!  But Maggie wouldn’t let me.

When I begged and pleaded, she said Tami warned her about me.

I wonder what she meant by that?

We also got to try out the scavenger hunt, and the water balloon slingshot and a movie and a hayride!

I tried to ride the hayride this time.  I just wanted to take a little swing around the campground, you know, to check out all the sites.  But again, Maggie said, “No, Maxx.  You know what you’re supposed to be doing.”

Sheesh, she’s sounding an awful lot like Tami lately!  But I had a grrrrrrr-eat time hanging out with my little camper friends while we waited for the hayride to come back!

Maggie said her favorite part of the day was the Father/Child horseshoe tournament.  Here are our top winners!

They look like professional horseshoe players to me!

Father’s Day is coming!

And want to know a great idea for a Father’s Day present?  Camping!  We do all kinds of fun activities – and parents are always allowed to join in.  Like the scavenger hunt, or the relay races.

One of our favorite Father’s Day traditions is the Father/Child Horseshoe tournament.  Last year, first place went to Erik and Tim (they’re on the right) and second place went to Jerry and Jerry (they’re on the left).  They got cool medals and everything!

The weekend after that is going to be Chinese New Year!  That’s a really fun weekend, too.  Last year, we celebrated by making lion masks for good luck.

Wanna know what I heard? This year is the year of the rabbit!

Father’s Day Weekend 2010


We had such a fun weekend!

It was so hot – my antlers started curling up!

Debbie and Nick had a father/child arts and crafts project Saturday morning.  There was also some kids games, the water balloon slingshot, kids candy bar bingo and a scavenger hunt!

Here’s one team of scavenger winners!

That’s a lot of stuff to find!

While some kids were scavenging, others entered our father/child horseshoe tournament.

Congratulations to our first place winners  Erik and Tim  (on the right)

and our second place winners, Jerry and Jerry!

Great job everyone!

The highlight of the weekend though, was David’s chicken B-B-Q . . . Mmmmmmm-mmmm!

It’s always soooooo yummy . . . well, Tami says it is anyway.  I never get to have any.  Tami says I’m supposed to eat water lilies and twigs and stuff.  Yuck!

We start our everyday recreation program this Friday, and we’ve got tons of great stuff planned, all day everyday!

Come and join us!!

Father’s Day Weekend


We had a grrrrr-eat time, Father’s Day Weekend!  I made lots of new camping friends and hung out with a few old ones too.  I got lots of hugs and some high fives

fathers-day011blog fathers-day010blog

But my very favorite hello was when I got patted on the nooooooose



Bryant kept us hopping this weekend!  Parachute play, candy bar bingo, water balloons, scavenger hunt, and a movie.

I think the Dad’s had lots of fun too . . .  my camping buddies made them crowns at Arts and Crafts

fathers-day022blog1 fathers-day023blog

There was a Father/Son horseshoe tournament too!   Here are our first place winners


and our second place father/son team


I heard there were some really great games played . . . well done!

Some of the Dad’s played ping pong too


On Saturday night we had an awesome chicken barbeque . . . and the Dad’s got to eat for free!  I could smell that chicken cooking all afternoon.  My tummy started rumbling


Lots of campers showed up for their half chicken, potato and salad . . .

about 70 I think


But I wasn’t one of them.

Tami said Moose don’t eat chicken. They eat twigs and leaves and water lilies.

Water lilies?  Water LILIES?

“Can I have just a bite of your half?” I begged.  “A liiiiii-ttle, teeny tiny one?”

Tami shook her head no.

“The wing?  Just the wing, please?”

“No chicken for you.”  Tami said.  She pointed to a maple tree, gently pushed me toward it and told me to try some twigs. “They’re good for you.”

Twigs?  Really?  Would you settle for brussell sprouts when everybody else was eating ice cream?

Well, don’t tell her, but Bryant slipped me a drum stick when she wasn’t looking.

It was DE-licious!