Fiesta Weekend ~ 2017

Fiesta weekend is no time to take a siesta!!  You might miss something!


It all started with story time on Friday. Then Bocci, Bubble Play and Arts and Crafts.  A penny hunt at the lake and Family Bingo rounded out the day.

Saturday dawned, a beautiful day! Debbie decided we needed to make Mexican hats and maracas.  Don’t they look great!?

Meanwhile, up in the office circle, Greg and Danielle were setting up their woodcarving demonstration.  They hadn’t even parked the truck, and Tami was over there checking out their wares!

See that cute little bear at the bottom of the picture?  She bought that for herself.

“Won’t he look cute on my book signing table?” she asked. “He holds business cards!”

Humph. I think she should have taken the grumpy bear.  Kind of a self portrait, no?

Danielle and Greg made short work of setting up.

Campers of all ages wandered in and out to watch . . .

When Greg started up the chainsaw,

everyone started guessing what he was making.

Except for this little guy . . .

He found it kinda loud!

There were guesses like, “It’s a bear!” and “It’s an eagle!” and “It’s a mouse!”

Okay, I can kinda see that last guess!   But it was none of those. It was a . . .


But Greg wasn’t done . . . no way!  He had more carving to do!

And when he was done carving . . . burning.

Wait, BURNING????

Don’t worry!  It scared me too, at first. But it gives the sculpture some color and depth.

Then Greg sanded, which really adds some depth and highlights all his cuts and details.

Painting came next.


Hmmmm . . . that  moose reminds me of someone . . .

Thank you Greg and Danielle for another amazing demonstration!  It was so much fun to watch you create.

We do still have a bunch of their pieces in the office on sale, if you’d like to come by and look.

But not the little Maxwell. He stays with us.

While Greg and Danielle kept campers entertained in the office circle, recreation kept on happenin’!   There was the waterballoon slingshot, fiesta games, jewelry making

Seed spitting . . .

and the hayride too, of course.  My favorite time of the week . . . meeting and greeting my little campers . . .


And their pups!

There was so much meeting and greeting, I had to sit and rest with the retirees on the porch!

Rest, you ask?  Why do *I* need to rest??

Because we had a Fiesta Party in the playing field after supper!  I didn’t want to be too tired for that!

There were pinatas for every age group . . .

Which meant . . . C-A-N-D-Y!!!

We had lots of games to play . . .

Like, stacking the cans . . . which is not easy to do on water!

Tattoos . . .

Ring the Bottles . . .

A Shake-It Dance Off . . .

Throwing Darts at Balloons . . .


Everybody walked away a winner ~ prizes for every try!

Debbie and Ron made Sopapillas for everyone . . .

I must have licked my lips a little too much when I saw this guy putting honey on his . . . I got the don’t-even-think-about-taking-mine stare.

The longest line though . . . was the Bouncy House line!!

David is a very good bouncy house bouncer.  He lets all the little kids in . . .

But no matter how many times I tell him how handsome he his, or what a great campground owner he is . . .

he won’t let me inside!!


But I had a great time anyway!!  I hope my little campers did, too!

A huge thank you to all our camper volunteers at the Fiesta Party. We couldn’t have these events without your help and dedication!

Fiesta, Fiesta!!!

From the very first time we ever had a Fiesta Weekend, it’s been a hit!  Campers love, love, love it!!

In fact, it makes them feel like dancing . . .

20160730_190642 20160730_190641

There’s so much fun packed into just a couple days.

And if you’re silly enough to take a Siesta


you’ll miss it!

It was a mix of our usual recreation, like bubble play, bocci, kickball, story time, jewelry making . .  .



arts and crafts, water balloon slingshot and a penny hunt in the pool.


But mixed in with those were different activities too –

I bet you can’t guess what this one is!



You do??

Awww – I  bet the sacks gave it away!

We had a seed spitting contest! That’s always fun!  And at Saturday Arts and Crafts, we made sombreros, Poland Spring style!


20160730_152038 20160730_152049

On Saturday afternoon, everyone wore their sombreros and brought their maracas on the hayride.



20160730_154236 20160730_153916

Pssst – somebody needs to show this little camper how to wear his hat . . .


And on Saturday night . .. we had a Fiesta PARTY!!!

Debbie, Maggie, Tami and Dave planned an awesome carnival style party with tons of games like ring toss, bouncing ball, and the very difficult, very challenging stack-the-empty-cans-on-a-floating plate  . . .

20160730_192519 20160730_192544

You could get a tattoo (not the real kind, I checked)  . . .

20160730_191144 20160730_191208

Or throw darts to POP a balloon . . .


All for prizes!!

You could get a Sopapilla from Debbie and Ron . . .


*heavy sigh* I wish *I* could have got a sopapilla.  But Tami wouldn’t let me. She says I’m a messy eater, and the honey gets caught in my fur.


And if that wasn’t enough . . . we had the bouncy house too!


Aaaaaand, for those of you who are still saying, “is that all you got?”

We had pinatas. Four of them.


Made right here in the campground!


But don’t think they were easy to crack!



20160730_190952 20160730_190953

They were not! But when they did . . .


tons and tons of candy flowed out!


We sure did have an awesome time, and I wanted it to last forever and ever and ever . . .




But now we have to hang up our sombreros to get ready for Medieval Fairy Tale Weekend and Hope from Wind Over Wings . . .

She’s bringing her amazing raptors . . . including Skywalker. I can’t wait!




Fiesta 2015!!



Fiesta Weekend was so much fun, Sammie and Debbie started dancing in the street!


There was soooooooo much to do!  We played bocci, had a Penny Hunt, shot water balloons with the slingshot and made sombreros and maracas at Arts and Crafts!




There was jewelry making, South of the Border field games, horseshoe tournament, scavenger hunt and a seed spitting contest.

You heard me!





Shhhhhhh – dont’ tell Tami.  She doesn’t like spitting. Especially when Moose spit.

But she does like hayrides with all her little campers dressed up in their sombreros





she loooooves Fiesta Parties!!!

Ours had all kinds of carnival games, and we got to try them all as many times as we wanted for the prizes . . .


We shot darts at balloons . . .


Got a tattoo from these lovely young ladies . . .


My little campers and I tried to dance ping pong balls from a tissue box around our waist.


I used every Moosey-dance move I had!



I tried to ring-a-bottle, but when I wasn’t looking,  Justin covered them with his sombrero.  So when he wasn’t looking, I cheated. A little.

I know. I know.  Tami said the same thing. So then Justin and I did it the “right” way and I won!


Hunter gave me the rules to the Stack-the-cans-on-the-plate-sitting-on-the-water game.  “You only have a minute!” He said.  “Ready . . . set . . . go!”


What?  A minute??    Soooo much pressure!  I could only get three of them!


One of our favorite carnival party snacks are the sopapias Debbie and Ron make.  Yum!!  I like mine with honey.


Afterward, I tried to get in the bouncy house with my friend RJ . . .


I asked really, really nicely.  But David said no for the tenth year in a row!!

He said my antlers were too big!




Can you believe this guy????


“Maxwell,” David said, “Your age group is breaking their pinata . . . go help them.”


So I did!!


Sadly, I was not the one to break it wide open, but one of my friends did!  And we all got bags of candy!!


A huge Thank you to all our helpers! We couldn’t run the party without you!




Fiesta Time, Means No Siesta Time!

“La cucaracha, la cucaracha!”


There was no time for taking siestas!  Not at Poland Spring Campground.  Debbie and Maggie had a full, full schedule of cool things planned.

Arts and Crafts happens eeeeee-very day.  But on Saturday, we made our own sombreros with paint and glitter and everything!



They looked soooo cool in the sun . . . all sparkly and fancy and stuff.


We had a penny hunt on the playground, bubble play, family bingo, Bocci, South of the Border Games, Parent/Child Horseshoes, a scavenger hunt, a  seed spitting contest . . .

and a hayride!!


But as fun as all those cool activities are, we weren’t waiting for any of thoooooose!  No!

We were waiting for the Fiesta Party!!

For the bouncy house . . .

For our tattoos, too!





And to play games like the ring toss . . .


throwing darts at balloons . . .


and the Minute To Win It Challenge . . . Tower of Cans !  On a plate.  On water.



There was another Minute To Win It Challenge . . . Junk in the Trunk!

Or . . . as I like to call it :

A Get The Ping Pong Balls Out Of the Tissue Box Tied To Your Back, game.

These two were pretty creative with it . . .



Look at the moves!  The height!!



In another corner of the playing field, Debbie and her husband Ron made their Sopaipillias again this year . . .


And they were a huuuuuge hit.  (They tasted just like Fried Dough to me! But don’t tell Debbie, I said so.)

The coolest game of the Fiesta Party, was the Pinatas!

We all lined up to get our hands on the bat to break open the pinatas,


While everyone looked on and cheered . . .



I even got a turn, even though Tami said putting a bat in my hands was a dangerous thing.

Oh, pshaw!


We all won candy . . . lots and lots of candy!


We LOVE candy!

I also got to hang out with some of my faaaavorite campers as I made the rounds to play the games –


Always my favorite part.




I’m so sad, Fiesta Weekend is done.


But I heard from a friend, who heard from Debbie, who heard from Tami that this weekend is Super Hero Weekend!


Time for this mild mannered Moose to turn into . . .

Super Moose!




Bouncy House, Pinatas, Maracas and more!

Once again, Tami hunted me down.  When she found me, she stood with her hands on her hips, tapping a foot.

Ooooooooo, I know that look.

“Guess what you forgot,  again!” she asked.

“Um – to clean the bathrooms?”


“to put away the marshmallow sticks and now they’re covered in dirt?”


“I forgot to share my Fiesta candy with you?

A gleam appeared in Tami’s eye.  “Candy?  You have candy?”  She shook her head and put up a hand.  The gleam was gone. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, n0 distracting me! I just saw Hunter and Amy and they are very, very, very disappointed in you.  You haven’t posted on the blog yet.  They read it every, single week. How could you let them . . . and ALL your readers . . . down.”

Adventurer Weekend 010 (687x1024)

I scuffed my sneaker in the dirt.  “I didn’t mean to let them down-I had to find my  Halloween Costume and some candy and then I had to decorate and I just  . . . I just . . .


“Maxx!” Tami cried, “calm down!  It’s after quiet hours!”  She patted my back.  “It’ll be okay . . . but JUST POST IT  ALREADY!”

“Okay, okay,” I said.  “This will be the quickest post ever!”

We had all our usual cool activities – but we also had . . .

Fiesta 013 (1280x733)

Sombrero hat making at Arts and Crafts . . . and maracas too!

Fiesta 016 (1071x1280)

Debbie and Maggie handed out slide whistles before the hay ride and all the parents thanked them over and over and over again!

Fiesta 024 (970x1280)

We’re not sure who this guy is but he takes an awful lot of siestas.

And the big event was the FIESTA PARTY!

It took up the whole playing field!

We had pinatas for all ages . . .

Fiesta 028 (1041x1280)

Even one for mooses!

Fiesta 062 (1107x1280)

And if we hit those homemade pinatas hard enough we got some .  . .

Fiesta 055 (1280x981)



There was a tattoo station . . .

Fiesta 047 (1280x881)

The bouncy house . . .

Fiesta 075

(doesn’t that face just say, ‘I’m never, ever, ever coming out of here! You can’t make me!”

We had a Shake Your Booty contest . . . to see how long it took everyone to get the ping pong balls out of the box.

Fiesta 094 (819x1280)

This guy was a natural!

Fiesta 098

We stacked Fiesta cans on a floating plate . . .

Fiesta 105 (1280x960)

Threw darts at balloons . . .

Fiesta 106 (959x1280)

Ringed bottles . . .

Fiesta 029 (1280x652)

And ate sopapillas made by Debbie and her husband Ron.

Fiesta 036

A little bit of honey and some cinnamon sugar . . . Mmmmmmmm-mmmmm!

And of course there was Moi!

Fiesta 067 (1280x959)

When Tami asked this young man what his favorite thing at the party was, he showed her his yummy-looking red lollipop.


Fiesta 080 (898x1280)

Tami better stock up on those!

What a Fiesta Weekend!

Fiesta 021 (1280x602)

I can’t wait to do it all again next year!



Fiesta Weekend with Pinatas

There was absolutely, positively no time for siestas this weekend . . .

there was too much to do!

We made sombreros . . .

and maracas too . . .

There were games! Sooooooo many games!

Like the one Debbie showed us,  called  the popcorn game . . .

We all liked that one!

The Red Chili Pepper Game was fun too.

Here’s Maggie waiting for the waterballoon slingshot to start . . .

Who wants to catch a water balloon!?

After teen jewelry making, a scavenger hunt, and horseshoes, we all gathered at the store for our traditional Saturday hayride.

Tami and Debbie and Maggie were very, very happy to hand out kazoos to all the good little campers . . .

My little friends loved them soooooooo much, they played happy tunes all over the place! In the store, on the porch, on the hay wagon and in the fire circle.

Tami kept saying, “I can’t hear you! Play louder!”

The Moms and Dads thanked Tami and Debbie and Maggie over and over again.

Especially when the little campers were told they could take the musical kazoos back to their campsites.

On Saturday night, we had a party.

But not just any party.

No. That wouldn’t do at all.

Poland Spring Campground had a



There were four pinatas!

And this is what it looked like every single time the candy poured out . . .

My favorite bouncy house was up too!

With five carnival games to choose from  . . .

The Fiesta Can Stack
Balloon Darts
Pin the Tail on the Donkey
Musical Sombreros
Ring the Bottle

I didn’t know which one to play first.  Every one had cool prizes . . .

There was even a tattoo stand.

Who is this beautiful senorita????

I kept running into her and her entourage all over the place.

The longest line though . . .

Longer than the pinata line and the bouncy house line put together . . .

was the line for Debbie’s famous sopapillas.

Mmmmmmm!  Yummy!

Do you know . . .

Even with all the laughing – running – game playing – bouncy house  campers all over the playing field, I still found someone taking a siesta!

Awwwwww!  How cute is that?  It looks like we wore this little one out.

We hope everyone had a wonderful time last weekend .  . .

I know I sure did!

I love hanging out with my camping buddies!

Come again soon!

Maracas and Sombreros


What a fabulous ending to Fiesta Weekend . . .

The big party had five carnival games, 1 tattoo stand, five pinatas, one bouncy house, sopapillas  and ME!

But wait!  I’m getting ahead of myself here. I should start at the very beginning . . .

Last Friday, Debbie read some South of the Border stories, played Bocci, helped the campers make giant bubbles, decorated pinatas at arts and crafts, hid pennies for a penny hunt and called numbers for Family Bingo!

Bright and early Saturday morning, everyone gathered in the playing field for South of the Border games!  Then they shot Water balloons for ice cream prizes.  I wish Tami could’ve gotten pictures of that!  Balloons were bursting all over the place.

After lunch, we all made sombreros and maracas at Arts and Crafts!

We wore them on the hayride, too!

Some brought their own sombreros and maracas and mascots . . .

Wait a minute . . . you don’t think that cute little pup is trying to take my job, do you?

After supper, it was time for the big party!

WAKE UP!  It’s FIESTA TIME!  Not Siesta Time!

There was pin-the-tail on the donkey

The Mexican Hat game . ..


The bouncy house . . . which I couldn’t sneak into again!

That David keeps too good an eye on me.

Debbie and Ron made us sopapillas . ..

which is a like a fried bread dough. They were soooo yummy!

I tried the ring toss

and the quarter toss and the dart balloon game

but I didn’t win any of them.  Sigh.

I did get prizes just for trying though!

And the biggest, bestest game ever???

The pinatas!!

When those homemade pinatas opened up, pouring candy all over the place, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven!!

Campers kept stopping Tami, to tell her how wonderful the party was and how much their kids loved it.  I begged her to do it all over again this coming weekend!

Please . . . PLEASE . . . PLEASE!

“What about Medieval Weekend?” she asked.  “We can’t cancel the giant, four man sword fight, can we?”

No . . . No we can’t!!

Fiesta Weekend

Ole Amigos!


Fiesta weekend was NOT the time to take a siesta from camping, I tell you!


The weather was great – and we had mucho recreation to share with all my camping buddies.  Mexican bean games, horseshoes, sombrero and maraca making

fiesta-blog-4 fiesta-hat-blog fiesta-hat-3-blog

relay games, bingo, jewelry making and so much more!

Saturday night, was our Fiesta Party.  Yeah, you heard me, a FIESTA PARTY!   I couldn’t believe how many campers showed up.  At least two quadrillion and three!    The playing field was full, full, full!

When Tami brought me I didn’t know which game to choose first.

Then I saw my favorite.

The bouncy house.


But Tami was right behind me saying, “blah, blah blah.”

No.  Really.  She was saying, “Maxx!  You know better . .. no bouncy house for you.”

When I pouted and scuffed the dirt with my sneaker, she said.  “No worries, Maxx.  There’s lots of fun things for a big moose like you to do.”

She took me to the Mexican Jumping Bean game


and then to the ring toss


Some of my friends suggested we go see Nancy at the dart game


I didn’t try that one, ’cause . . . well . . . moose don’t have fingers and I didn’t want to send a dart flying into the trees.    So I went to the pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey game!

First I got my eyes covered



Then I tip toed ahead until I felt the donkey poster under my hooves.  I pinned the tail and was only a liiiiiiii-ttle bit off.  My friends thought I did great!

fiesta-blog fiesta-blog-3

I watched Alex give out some tattoos. I wished for the forty thousandth time that they’d get the ones that stick to fur.

Tami said, “Yeeeee-ah.  I’ll get right on that.”


Then Tami and I went to see Debbie and Ron who were cooking up sopa pias . . . fried dough!


They said they fried up 160 of them!  Some people put honey and some put cinnamon sugar . . . some used both.  They were so yummy, I gobbled down three.  Shhhhhhh!  Don’t tell Tami, ’cause she said I could only have two.

Finally, we went to the pinata breaking.

fiesta-pinata-blog-2 fiesta-pinata-blog-3


Bryant is a brave, brave kid, let me tell you!

Three pinatas were broken and lots of treats were given out.  One of my little friends even shared her winnings with me!  That red candy was yummmmmmmy!

Now I’m off to find my cape and mask so I join my crime fighting friends as  . . .

Dah . . . DAH . . . DAAAAAAAH



Fiesta Weekend

Tami here with the Fiesta Weekend report:

What a blast! Debbie and Bryant played South of the Border Games, had story time with a chocolate mousse snack, tossed horsehoes, played bean games, had a penny hunt, then made sombreros and maracas at Arts and Crafts

Of course the highlight of the weekend is our big Fiesta Party in the playing field Saturday night. We had carnival games . . . like throwing darts at balloons

Pin the tail on the donkey

Getting a tattoo

and the jumping bean game.

There were rides by Ricco Suave the donkey

and the bouncy house was a huge hit as always.

Once Maxwell heard all the fun, he begged his handler to bring him to the party too!

Debbie made fried dough for the very hungry party goers

While Bryant helped the kids crack open the hand made pinatas

It takes a lot of volunteers to run a party like this one . . . so I’d like to take a minute to really thank everyone who helped! We couldn’t do it without you. And even though I know we worked some of you so hard, you dropped where you stood . . .

I’m sure the kids enjoyed every minute of our Fiesta celebration! Don’t you think so Maxwell?

Especially this little guy, who just had to show me all his prizes from the games, and the candy he broke out of the pinata

We still have spaces for week stays in August, and even a couple of sites to book by the month. But you should call fast, because the phone has been ringing like crazy. The upcoming theme weekends are Medieval Weekend, with the magic of the Steelgraves on Saturday night; two weekends of Halloween, Super Hero Tryout Weekend and Labor Day.

September and October is a little lower key, but beautiful. Warm days, and cool nights. The call of the loon and great fishing . . . to find out more about our off season rates, give us a call.

Maxwell Posts for Tami

Tami and Ben have been sick with the flu for a week. So, I trudged through the snow to check in on them.

“Maxwell,” Tami said between coughs, “I need you to do me a favor.”

“Sure! Anything!” I put my hand . . . um, hoof . . . over my heart. “Your wish is my command. Clean the bathrooms? Answer the phones? Play with Ben? Take Cookie for a walk?”

“I need you to blog for me. There’s been no new posts since the 11th. My customers will think I’ve given up on it already.”

“Blog? Me?” I paced back and forth in front of her, scratching my antlers. “But, but, Tami . . . what’ll I say? What’ll I do? Who’s gonna want to read a moose post?”

“Your fans would, sweetie.” Tami patted my head and kissed my nose right before she sneezed, once, twice, three times. Flopping back on the couch and covering up with a blanket, she mumbled, “Write about what you do best, Maxwell. Fun and games.”


Yeah! I can do that!

Recreation is one of the best things about Poland Spring Campground! It’s why I hang around. Every day in July and August is loaded with awesome things to do. There’s arts and crafts at least once a day where you make stuff like catapults, boats, candles, princess hats or super cool glitter glasses


We play volleyball, basketball, bocci, horseshoes, relay races, water balloon slingshot, penny hunts, ping pong and pool tournaments for teens, bingo, flag football. We have ice cream making once a week. Pool games. Hayrides! Bingo! Jewelry making! Bubble play! Trash Bag Theater! Story time with moose feed!

You can see a sample of our recreation schedule here, on our website.

Every Monday night we have candy bar bingo. Tuesday has free pony rides


Thursday night brings popcorn over the campfire with scary stories told by the kids.

We theme every weekend too!

Pirate Weekend was new last year and an instant hit!


Here’s a scene from a skit Alexz wrote called Who Wants to Be A Pirate. Bryant and JMoney showed all the pirate campers how it’s done and then swore them in by reciting the pirate code.


Medieval weekend is always a lot of fun too! Jousting with noodles, Viking ship races, and a porridge eating contest are just a few of the awesome things you’ll find on our schedule that weekend.

misc-019.jpg misc-002.jpg

Let’s not forget Christmas in July


Halloween in August

100_0296.jpg halloween-07a.jpg

or Fiesta Weekend with a big South of the Border Party, donkey rides on Ricco Suave, pinatas and the bouncy house


But you know what I can’t wait for this year? Our brand new theme –

Super Hero Tryouts Weekend!

Who are you going to be? I think I’m going to dress up as . . . da-da-DAH . . .

Super Moose!

Shhhhh! Don’t tell anybody, but I’ve been practicing my jumping and running so I can try out at the silly Olympic events. Tami says there’s gonna be a toilet paper tie up contest and water balloon target practice too! There’s so many cool weekends, I can never choose just one favorite. But I think Super Hero Weekend is going to be top of my list.

What’s your favorite weekend?