Red, White and Blue!

Memorial Day Weekend is one of my favorites!  You know why?

Because I get to come out and play for the first time of the new season!

Boy oh boy, did I miss my little campers!

Debbie and Brooke planned tons of fun stuff to do, from Arts and Crafts where we made red, white and blue decorations

for the Pots and Pans parade!


to the water balloon slingshot,

jewelry making, relay races,

a scavenger hunt, wiffle ball and candy bar bingo!

Whew!  And that was only Saturday!!!

That’s the other thing I like about Memorial Day Weekend,

it’s a three day weekend!!!

On Sunday, we started the day with Story Time in the office circle.

Tami picked out some of my favorite stories.  Moose stories!!

And Brooke made some moose mix to nibble on while we heard them. Yum!!  I love that Moose Mix!

After Capture the Flag and some water balloon target practice, we had more arts and crafts time,

We made eagles in honor of our veterans, of course.

and bubble play!

My little campers make the biggest, bestest bubbles!

And then it was time for my favorite weekend activity of all . . .

Nooooooo . . . not swimming. I’m not allowed to go swimming in the pool like this little camper . . .  something about my fur clogging the filter or something-

And it wasn’t fishing, because this guy beat me to it!!  A 15 inch crappie! Wow!!

It was our weekly Saturday hayride!!  The time of the weekend when we get all my little campers together for a group photo . . . it’s . . . it’s . . . .

what does Tami call it?

A tradition!

Come make some family traditions with us this summer!  We’d love to have you . . .




Fishing on Lower Range Pond

Hey everybody!

How are all my campers doing?

You know, Tami and I hear an awful lot of fish stories over the course of a summer.  Tami’s always teasing the fisherman, young and old, insisting on proof of their catches.

“I can’t brag about it, if I don’t have proof!” she says.

So the campers bring her pictures of their best catches.   Check these beauties out!

the fish above and below were caught by the Webber family!

This was a very nice catch!

Roger Plummer said his fish (above) was a 22″, 5lb 9oz small mouth.  He caught it right off shore!

and Joe Fowler’s fish (above) was a 22″, 6lb small mouth.  He caught it in July.   It’s definitely the biggest catch of 2010!

If you have Lower Range Pond fish pictures – or any other Poland Spring Campground pictures you’d like us to post,  just send us an e-mail!  We’d love to show them off.

For fish pictures from previous years, click on the “fishing” tag on the right.

Fishing at Poland Spring Campground

Hey all!

Did you hear that Governor Baldacci signed an emergency law into effect for open water fishing to begin a week early?  How cool is that?

The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife says effective immediately, all lakes, brooks and ponds are open for fishing except for those that have normal opening dates later than April 1.

When the ice went out early, all my fishing friends couldn’t wait to drop their lines in the water and try to catch some big ones!  That was really good news for them.  But Tami read an article that said none of the bait shops were ready . . . that was really bad news.

Speaking of big fish, David got a chance to talk to some ice fisherman back in February, who were fishing right off our point.

The fish in the photo below was caught on a earlier day, but in the same spot, and the fisherman e-mailed it to Dave for the blog

They said they were having great luck, in spite of the eagle stealing a fish right out from under their noses!

Sneaky eagle!

Then again, if you fish within a few yards of an eagles nest . . .

Here’s a couple more fish pictures Tami really likes,

To see all our fish pictures, click the fishing tag to the right.  You’ll also see the photos from the day the game wardens released brown trout right off our point.

Happy Fishing Everyone!!

Can You Help Us “Think Spring”?

Hi!  Tami here . . .

A little bird told me I’d better check out the blog, and it’s a good thing I did!  That Maxwell!  He’s always sneaking on  to post something.  Even when I ask him to do the posting, he never does it like I tell him to.

I say: Tell your camping friends, the Calendar of Events will be out in the mail soon.

He posts: Hey!  Guess what?  I kind-of-sort-of- got a sneak peek at the 2010 Calendar of Events and here it is!

I say:    Maxx, post a little blurb about our Medieval Weekend.  Throw three or four pictures in there too.

He posts: Twenty pictures and two pages about all the fun medieval recreation games we had that weekend.

I say: Don’t post that picture of me in a gas mask!

He posts:    That picture of me in a gas mask.


This week, Maxx was really worried because one of his facebook camping friends told him they couldn’t “Think Spring”, no matter how hard they tried.

“Tami, Tami, what do we do?” he asked.

“Did you mention the cracklin’ campfire?  Remind her of the sad loon calls?”

“I did, I did!” he said.

“Really, Maxx, she’ll be fine,” I said.

Maxx wrung his hands.  “No, no she won’t.  She needs some spring NOW!”   And he ran off into the campground to find spring.

I don’t think he’s going to find it, do you?  Even the groundhog insisted there’d be six more weeks of winter, no matter how hard Maxx tried to get him to change his mind.

But maybe these pictures that the Snowdon’s sent in will help.

They camped with us last August and caught these beauties

There’s three generations of fisherman there!

So what about all of you?  Can you help poor Maxx out?  If you have any pictures from your stay at Poland Spring Campground that can help us all start Thinking Spring, e-mail them to us and we’ll post them here!

Fall is officially here . . .

“Where?” I asked Tami.  “Where’s Fall?”

“All around us,” she said.


I couldn’t believe it was here already, so I took a little walk around the campground and look what I found!




From the tips of tree branches, down to the ground, color is peeking through everywhere.  Acorns and pine cones plinked and plunked onto trailer roofs.  One acorn even fell on my head!  Ouch!

I swear a chipmunk laughed at me too.

Tami and I were going through the photos she took this summer, remembering all the wicked cool recreation we’d had and you know what we decided?

We have some well dressed campers!


Pink from her eyeglasses to her puddle jumpers!


I especially love the heeled shoes!


Ummm . . . I’d say these guys are more like . . . oddly dressed campers.

Oh!  Guess what popped up in our campground in-box last week??


Mark Lippke sent a photo of his ‘catch-of-the-day’!!  Isn’t it a beauty?

And the Chicoine’s sent in this photo


from our Labor Day Seasonal Dinner.   Ed, who’d been seasonal with us for 17 years, has made 2009 his final year.  Some of us are taking his announcement better than others . . . I think Tami’s on her 10th box of tissues . . .nope . . . make that 11 boxes after posting this!

If anyone else out there would like to share a photo from their stay with us, please feel free to contact us through the website!

Rainy Days .. .


Yeeeees, it’s been raining on my little campers this week.  But it hasn’t stopped us from having fun!  There were still plenty of swimmers


And lots of people out and about having fun




Debbie and Bryant never cancel their fun activities on account of a little rain.  Or a lot of rain, either!  They just move it all indoors!

Or they build boats to float in the puddles.

The fishermen have had a great time the last two weeks.  The fish are reeeeally hungry!

Look at this beauty caught by Fred Becker!


3 1/2 lbs .  . . 21 inches long . . . brown trout.  Amazing.

The Lamoreau Family reported to Tami this morning that they’ve caught around a hundred fish during their week stay.  Among their prizes were  2   2lb large mouth bass and a 4lb’er too.  They also caught a Crappie, which I didn’t even know we had in Lower Range Pond.   Oh – and pickerel too!

The baby eagle is sitting on the edge of the nest now.  When he hollers for food, you can hear him all over the lake.


The Joyce family gave Tami this photo of the baby and adult.  Isn’t it a good one!  In no time at all, that baby will be flying.

We have tons of activities lined up for this coming week  including a performance by B J Hickman on Sunday night and a science-y arts and craft lesson on how to make Exploding Lunch Bags with the Science Guy on Tuesday.

I can’t wait to explode lunch bags!

And guess what?  The sun is trying wicked hard to shine through the clouds today!  Cross your antlers . . . I mean your fingers . . . that it gets a chance to come out!

Fish Tales

We hear an awful lot of fish stories here at Poland Spring Campground.  In the office, at the lake, over a cup of morning coffee and around the crackling campfire, fisherman 6 to 96 love to tell tales of the one that got away!

Tami likes to tease, telling them that seeing is believing.  And guess what?  They brought her proof!

Those are some nice looking fish boys!  Great job!

Dale and his wife Mary camped with us for a month this year.  Whenever Dale goes missing, we know exactly where he is . . . out in the middle of the lake somewhere!

This year, he reported averaging three fish a day, catching 21 in the first two days alone!

His wife stopped counting half way through the month.  She couldn’t keep up.

Don’t worry though, he assured me there’s plenty left for the rest of us!

Just ask his daughter,

And his grandson with his first fish!

A chip off the old block!  Look at that smile . . .

Dale told Tami he mostly caught 12 – 14 inch bass.

That’s a beauty!

And last but not least, here’s one of the Emery boys with his supper

I hear tell they taste pretty good over the campfire, but I think I’ll stick with lily pads.

A look toward warmer weather . . .

Another question I get asked a lot by potential campers:

How’s the fishin’?

I’ll let these pictures speak for themselves, most were taken within the last 3 years



joes-fisha.jpg eds-fisha.jpg



If those aren’t enough to convince you to book a campsite with us, how about this:

brown trout have been released off our point for the last three years!

The truck backs up


Opens the tanks one by one

And lets them go!



Yep. The fishin’s good.

If you don’t believe me . . .

ask the eagle family.