Fourth of July 2017

Oh, I am so embarrassed!

Tami has gotten it into her head that we all need to clear our minds and calm our souls on Thursdays, right before the busy weekends.  She added Yoga to the activity list!  I told her I wasn’t too sure about this . . .  What if my antlers get all tangled up?

But she said, “Try it! You might like it!”

So I watched my little campers for a bit . . .

and they seemed to be having fun with it, so I tried it too!

And you know what? It was kind of fun!

Our recreation schedule was full, full, full last weekend.  We had all our usual stuff, seven or eight things a day! But since it was the Fourth of July, we had some extra special activities, too.  Like our Red, White and Blue Bike parade . . .

Tami and I couldn’t believe our eyes, when we saw all the bikes roll up!

Our campers went above and beyond this year!

Even our littlest campers.

It was so much fun, you’ll have to check out the videos on Facebook.

On Saturday we had field games . . .

And the water balloon slingshot, too.

I turned around once, to find Brooke throwing a bucket of water on my little campers!  “Hey!” I told her, “you can’t pick on my friends that way!”

but they all lined up to let her throw some more!  I have some crazy friends!

The watermelon eating contest is always a huge hit!

Debbie cut up two big watermelons for it!

They ate . . .

and they ate . . .

And they ate!   It sure looked yummy!  Tami never lets me join in though. She says I’ll get my fur all sticky. Sheesh.

Sunday night, Bob Nixon magician extraordinaire, performed some amazing feats of magic for us . . .

And then he showed us his feet . . .

Don’t ask.

Monday night’s candy bar bingo was one of our biggest ever!

Such wide smiles on these winners . . .

And Look! We made mini catapults at Wacky Science on Tuesday!  That was pretty cool.

We had scavenger hunts . . .

And so very much more!  Too much to post in just one little blog post.

But if I had to pick one favorite thing from the whole Fourth of July week . . . just one thing . . .

I’d have to choose the Fourth of July Pots and Pans Parade . . .

they were loud and proud!!

We had such an awesome time last week, and we hope all our campers did, too.

Now it’s time to run the Jolly Roger up the flag pole and get ready for the crew of pirates who are due to arrive tomorrow . . .

Arrrrrrr!  We be ready for ya!

Fourth Of July 2016

Yay!!!  David is our hero!!   He fixed this blog!!  There was some kind of crazy glitch in the WordPress’s update that kept Tami from uploading pictures . . . and if you know Tami – you know she can’t post on her blog without pictures.

Lots of pictures.

A gazillion-trillion pictures.

Max head shot blog

(And by the way – Tami tried for weeks and weeks to figure out what was wrong.  David googled it and had it fixed in half and hour.  Sheesh! )

Now I can show off all the cool things we’re doing here at Poland Spring Campground!

Fourth of July Weekend was a B – L – A – S – T!!!

The best one ever!   (Tami says I say that every year – but I don’t think that’s true, do you?)

We had so many new campers and returning campers . . .

Young campers . ..





and  . . .

Did you think I was going to say “Old” campers?   Pishaw!


I was going to say NOISY campers!

But that’s because Tami and Debbie and Brooke handed out noisemakers for our Yankee Doodle Parade!

IMG_0052 IMG_0051

If you wore red, white and blue on you or your bike . ..

you got a noisy prize!!





And Tami told us all, right before we headed out – “Wake up all the campers out there! Let them know it’s time to have fun!”

So we did.





That was one of the biggest Yankee Doodle Parades we ever, ever had!!

There were so many people, Tami had to take a pana . . . pana . . . romana . . .


a really, really, really long picture – on her phone – to get everyone in!

There was so much to do . . . bocci, bubble play, prize bingo and Arts and Crafts at the Lake!

We made rockets and shooting star wands.





We even played Colonial Kid Games, like marbles


And the fun continued into Saturday too! There was Arts and Crafts to make Yankee Doodle Hats and Drums for the parade.  We made jewelry, shot water balloons in the playing field, and had a scavenger hunt.

But the Watermelon Eating contest was my favorite!





Fourth of July Weekend is one of my favorites!


There’s always so much to do!

Now I have to run – because tomorrow is Sunday, and Sunday always starts with Storytime . . . and at Storytime, there’s always great books!


And Moose Mix!!  MMMMmmmmm!  My favorite snack!


Shared with some of my little campers . . .




I just hope there’s some left over for me!


Fourth of July ~ 2015

Oh my goodness!

I was having so much fun with my little campers that I almost forgot to post news about our Fourth of July camping fun!

Every one wants a picture with me!


Sooooo much love!

There was so much to do.  We made jewelry, had a scavenger hunt, and a watermelon eating contest . . .

Random Rec 1 (11)

Random Rec 1 (13)

There was also All American Relay Races, Bubble Play, Bocci and Story time . . . twice!

We sent water balloons soaring, had a hayride


Our weekly Hayride group photo!

And at Arts and Crafts we got to make USA Rockets and Shooting Star Wands


Aaaaaaand the next day, we made Yankee Doodle Hats and Drums



There was a seed spitting contest too!


Really, I don’t make this stuff up! There was soooo much to do!

But my very favorite activity . . .the one I couldn’t wait for . . . was our Pots and Pans Parade, featuring . . . ME!


Oh, okay, it really featured all my little campers in their red, white and blue.  But I was there too!  And I got to hold the flag while the bikers rode, and the walkers beat their drums.




Our campers are the most patriotic people I’ve ever seen!

20150704_101950 20150704_102723






The Friday night feature was Candy Bar Bingo! This young lady is my new best friend!!



And Sunday Night, BJ Hickman visited us!


Every time I see him, he has something new . . . and he’s so funny!




What a fun weekend!!  So glad you all could make it!

Fourth of July ’14


Rain???  Rain???



The rain may have fallen on our parade, but we didn’t let it ruin it!


We decorated our bikes and made Yankee Doodle hats and drums too!



We marched and whistled through the pouring rain!






There was soooooo much to do ~  all weekend long and well into the week.  We didn’t cancel a thing.

We never, ever do.

There were all-American and Colonial kids games in the field . . .





Watermelon eating .. .


Patriotic Jewelry making . . .



and boat-loads of ribbons were won!


There was bubble play, seed spitting, family bingo, waterballoon slingshot, Bocci, scavenger hunt and . . .

there was me!!!


IMG_1184 20140705_154111

On Sunday night, we gave magician BJ Hickman a great, big, Poland Spring Campground welcome!

BJ Hickman 018

Tami didn’t get any pictures this year though!  She was soooooo tired from the weekend, she fell asleep!  Boy, was she mad she missed it!

Anyway, Wearing red, white and blue, and carrying flags is fun . . .

but now I have to go get my pirate hat and sword!!

Pirate Weekend 004 (922x1280)

‘Cause it’s time fer me to meet the scurvy dogs that’ll be me crew this weekend on the S.S. Poland Spring Campground!



BJ Hickman Magically Reappears!


BJ Hickman 061 (960x1280)

I LOOOOOOVE having  BJ Hickman come to the campground!

He’s clever . . .

BJ Hickman 009 (2)

and magical . . .

BJ Hickman 018 (2)

and funny too!

You know, I think I want to be a magician.

Maxwell the Magnificent!

BJ Hickman 025 (2)

I can see it now . . . my name in lights.

I could make my antlers disappear.

Or my nose turn red like Rudolph’s.

BJ Hickman 042 (1280x960)

It might be kind of hard to do card tricks with hooves though.   But that’s what assistants are for, right?

BJ Hickman 050 (1280x1049)


BJ Hickman 051 (941x1280)


BJ Hickman 057 (1280x901)

Oooooo!  I wonder if Tami would let me saw her in half!

You’d all like to see that!  Wouldn’t you?

Do you think BJ would teach me that one?

BJ Hickman 059 (960x1280)

Hmmmmmm, maybe not.

You know what BJ and I have in common though?

We both like to hang out with the campers and have our picture taken!

BJ Hickman 070 (1280x985)

BJ Hickman 069 (914x1280)

I wish he could appear EVERY weekend!!!

Red, White and Blue All Over!

Oh, how my little campers like to celebrate the Fourth of July!


Fourth of July 005 (1280x1015)

Flags were everywhere!

Red, white and blue was seen in every corner of the campground!

Fourth of July Fun 028 (853x1280)

But they really, really, really like to wear our nation’s colors at the Fourth of July Parade!

Fourth of July Fun 006 (1280x959)

We had bikers . . .

Fourth of July Fun 001 (819x1280)

Walkers . . .


Fourth of July Fun 010 (1223x1280)

And carriage riders too!

Fourth of July Fun 007 (1280x1016)


Fourth of July Fun 016 (1280x1129)

We marched through the campground banging on our drums and making lots of noise to celebrate!


Fourth of July Fun 023 (1280x852)


And we did it in style!

Fourth of July Fun 013 (690x1280)


Fourth of July Fun 004 (1128x1280)

There were special activities too like a seed spitting contest, Colonial Kids Games, arts and crafts, swim relays, Family Bingo and the water balloon slingshot . . .

And of course my favorite . . . the activity where I get to hang out with all my camping friends . . .

The hayride!!!

Fourth of July 007 (863x1280) (2)


Fourth of July 016 (926x1280)



Fourth of July 010 (1280x926) (2)

This weekend coming up is Pirate Weekend!  Tami says there’s still a few sites left . . . you really should come!  We’ll be playing sink-the-ship, have waterballoon target practice, and more!

Now where did I put my eye patch . . . and my sword . . . and my pirate hat?

4th of July

What a fabulous 4th of July we had!

Debbie had all kinds of great recreation happening!  A Watermelon eating contest, 4th of July relay races in the field, bike decorating and drum making . . .

A Fourth of July parade, scavenger hunt, a hayride and more!

We had soooo much fun!  There were a few surprises too . . .


Now where do you suppose this parrot came from?

You don’t think there’s . . .


PIRATES in the campground, do you?

Uh, oh!!

Fourth of July 2010

Hey there everyone!   Did you have a great Fourth of July??

We sure did!

Our pots and pans and bikes parade was awesome!  Debbie handed out whistles too – .I’m sure all the parents loved them as much as we did!  Tami said she could hear us all the way from the 40’s!!

Everyone was really, really patriotic too.  Look at all the red, white and blue!

Here are our winners from the big ping pong tournament

Steve, Jake and Mike . . . great job!!!!

So now we’ve put all the Fourth of July stuff away . . . and we’re diggin’ out the Pirate costumes!!


Come on and join our crew this weekend!  We’ll show you a jolly good time!

4th of July!


There I was at story time last Friday, when . . .

GASP . . .

the sun came out!!

Everyone squinted up at it and started exclaiming about how bright it was.

Tami said, “Shhhhhh . . .


“you’ll scare it away!”

But we didn’t.

There was plenty of sun to have a fourth of July parade.  Look how cool everyone’s bikes were

4th-of-july-09-002blog1 4th-of-july-09-003blog



Those patriotic campers of mine went through the park in a blur of red, white and blue . . . tooting their whistles . . . streamers  blowing in the breeze!  It was soooo cool!

Debbie and Bryant also had some All-American relay races on the playing field, made noisemakers at Arts and Crafts, had a seed spitting competition and played with the water balloon slingshot.

It rained a little Saturday afternoon, so our hayride was canceled.   But I still visited with my little campers while Debbie put tattoos on everyone. Everyone except me, that is.  Sigh.  Tattoos don’t stick to fur so well, I guess.

On Sunday, I brought one of my favorite books to Story Time


Mouse Was Mad, by Linda Urban.  Everyone loved it!  A couple of my camping friends, Hunter and Amy,  brought one of their favorite books too, When You Give a Moose a Muffin!  Bryant made some Moose Feed (yummmmmm)  and we nibbled on that while he read to us.

Later that afternoon, Bryant had the kids design their own Fourth of July pizzas.

4th-of-july-09-025blog 4th-of-july-09-027blog

4th-of-july-09-035blog 4th-of-july-09-028blog

4th-of-july-09-041blog 4th-of-july-09-023blog

Aren’t they all awesome?  I can’t choose a favorite  . . .

On Sunday night, BJ Hickman magically appeared to perform for us.  He was soooo funny.  Did you know he has a magical mouse?  And a magical clown?  And he can make a necklace disappear?


He tried to show us how to do some of his magic tricks . . .


I’ve been practicing that ring trick every night . . . but I still don’t get it.

oh, Oh OH!  You know what?

Tami talked to Santa yesterday.

He’s coming all the way from the North Pole to our Christmas Party Saturday night!  I’m such a lucky moose to get Christmas twice a year.   But Tami tells me, that I have to be twice as good too.

I try.  I really, really try.

Our camping friends, the Spencer’s, have a sign on their site that counts down the days.  I looked three times today, but it says the same thing every time.

3 Days till Christmas!

Happy Fourth of July!

Red, white and blue are everywhere!

The kids spent the morning making noisemakers and decorating their bikes for the Noisy Independence Parade

Later on they had a Bocci tournament, made bubbles and played waterballon games.  Tonight they’ll gather either at Family Bingo or the Ping Pong Tournment.

I wish I had more pictures for you, but it’s been busy, busy, busy!!

Busy for everyone except this young lady

She found a quiet moment with The Three Grumpies right in front of the registration desk.  I asked her if she liked to read and she said, “It’s one of my beloved things to do.”