When The Campers Are Away . . .

While all of our campers are away, the wildlife comes out to play!

In early January, a Barred Owl perched on our front lawn for over four hours, hoping for a quick meal!


He even sat right on top the bird feeder at one point!  The smaller song birds didn’t pay him any mind, but I swear the squirrels didn’t come back for days.


He was not successful that day, but I can’t walk by a window, or go to the car without looking up to see if he’s returned.



In mid-January, during an ice storm, the foxes burst into our backyard . . .


At first we thought they were fighting, a territory thing.



But it quickly became obvious, it was more of a mating thing.


Love was in the air!


And just last weekend, while I was hiking (wish it was snowshoeing) the camp trail, I came across an otter catching Sunday dinner down by the beaver hut!


He lay next to holes in the ice, watching, waiting, then slipping soundlessly into the water.


Most times he came out with nothing. But one time, he emerged with a fish!


Holding it in his front paws, he ate it right there on the ice.


I was quite a ways away and needed an extension on my 500mm lens in order to capture these photos.


Even after 26 years, I’m still finding new creatures to photograph!


We’ve seen the eagles, but there’s no signs of mating or nesting quite yet. It’s still early, though. Normally, they begin to nest at the end of March, with the chicks being born around May 1st.

Come back often for updates on them!

Warmer Weather? It’s About Time!


For quite awhile, Tami paced the Wight House, biting her nails over whether or not the snow would be gone in time to open the park for Clean Up Weekend.  Dave and I told her not to worry.  The snow would be gone.  No sweat.

But I kind-of-sort-of started to worry too.  Don’t tell Tami!

I shouldn’t have though.  The snow has been melting like crazy and lots of bare ground is beginning to show.  It’s mud season now!  Ankle deep in some places.

So what’s new around here?  Let’s see . . .

Maggie, MJ, Joey and Debbie have all confirmed they’ll be back.  We’re going to have a food cart this summer . . . did I mention that already?

I did?  Oh, who cares! It’s exciting!  It’s news! It’s food!

The fox has been around quite often now that the kits have been born.  Tami thinks the pair are doing all their hunting close to the den right now.  We’re seeing them less and less every day as the kits grow and can be left alone.

fox den 2

fox den 1

The eagle is still sitting on her eggs . . . in spite of the wind, rain and ice.

Eagles 4-14  (7)

And Tami heard the loons today too!  She saw one pair, off in the distance by the beaver hut this afternoon.  They’re a tad early, but who cares! They’re back!

Have you made your reservations yet?  Don’t wait too long!  Calls have been coming in since January 2nd, and some of our more popular dates are booking quickly.

Think warm thoughts!  Opening day will be here before you know it!


Tami Forgets The Photos . . .

Well!  You’ll never guess what Tami’s gone and done now!

Labor Day Weekend blog  176a

I hadn’t seen a blog post of the ice cream party.  So I went by the house to check on her thinking she was sick, or had fallen down and couldn’t get back up or something.

To my surprise, I found she was just fine.  And when I asked where the Ice Cream Party blog post was, you know what she said??

“I didn’t have time to take photos.”

“Really???” I exclaimed.  “But we had an ice cream party!  With toppings! YOU loooooove ice cream with toppings!”

“I have a couple photos Maggie took at Arts and Crafts,” she said sheepishly.

Ice Cream Social #1 002

Ice Cream Social #1 003

“Well, my little campers do look like they’re having fun,” I said.  “Great masks!   Especially on this one . . . . ”

Ice Cream Social #1 001

“Um . . . Ben’s not wearing a mask-” Tami began.

“Pretend he is!  We need photos for the post!” I cried.  “I can’t believe you didn’t get any water balloon photos or game photos.  Or Ice Cream photos.  It WAS Ice Cream Party Weekend after all.  Sheesh.”

“I was training a new employee and we were stocking the store and-”

“But you had time to take pictures of the eagles-” I protested.

Eagles 5-18 055 (1280x846)

Eagles 5-18 072 (1280x856)

Eagles 5-18 085 (1280x853)

“And the loons . . .

Loons May 18 071 (1280x854)

Loons May 18 304 (1280x848)

Loons May 18 485 (1280x854)

“And even the fox cubs!!”

Fox Den 5-14  (11) (1280x855)

Fox Den 5-14  (18) (857x1280)

Fox Den 5-14  (102) (1280x852)

Tami patted my antlers.  She knows I can never stay mad when she does that.  Then she said, “I’m sorry, Maxx.  I guess we’ll just have to have an Ice Cream Party blog post without Ice Cream Party pictures. ”

I sighed.  “I’ll forgive you this time! But don’t let it happen again.  It makes for a really, really boring post.”

I tell you, I have to keep an eye on her all the time!


Post Blizzard Update


In spite of the Jetport reporting 30 inches of snow, we really only saw 22 inches here.

Mostly Tami found the snow to be halfway to her knees . . .

Some of the drifts were waist high, but down on the point,

most of the snow had been blown away by the wild Friday and Saturday winds.

What a glorious walk we had!  It was quite warm along this stretch of the lake.  We felt as if we were the only ones out and about . . .

We could see the eagle soaring high over the treetops, but not on the nest yet.

Tami knows it’s early, but she’s really, really driving me crazy with her worrying over whether or not they’ll use the new nest.

“Chill!” I told her, which Cookie thought was kind of funny, seeings how we were standing in a knee deep drift of snow at the time.  “Why would they build it, and not use it?”

Sheesh.  She’s such a worry wart sometimes.

We went home along the edge of the lake, up  through the back of the playing field, then down main street.  Tami checked all the campers, and everything seems good.  Some have a foot of snow on them, but most have about half that much, due to those wild winds I mentioned earlier.

Did you see on Facebook, where Tami’s trail cam captured a photo of a fox at the den she’s been stalking watching?

She isn’t sure why the same den had a smaller, darker animal going in and out of it in previous photos  – but David thinks the fox is the one living there and the other must have been checking it out.  When Tami went back after the blizzard, you can see that it’s definitely being used, with tracks coming and going.  Tami’s put the camera back and we’ll keep you updated on it!

We hope you all stayed safe and warm during the blizzard.  Some of our Massachusetts friends really got clobbered, didn’t you?  Let us know how you’re doing!

Think spring everyone!  It’s right around the corner now!  Only eighty-ish days left!






Wildlife pictures courtesy of The Richards

Jeff and Debbie Richards gave Tami some awesome wildlife photos this week . . .

Here’s an adult eagle with its baby

Right now, the baby eagle is all over the lake, so he’s hard to find.  Especially since he blends into the trees so well.

Here’s a great shot of a turtle sunning himself

Can you see the dragonfly sunning himself on the turtle’s back?

And here are the fox pictures I promised.  This little guy came trotting through the sites in the middle of the quiet week, right by Jeff and Debbie’s camper

He made his way to the edge of the volleyball court and laid in the sun.

Kind of cute, huh?

Loons and eagles and foxes . . .

Hey campers!!  Maxwell here!

Look at these cool pictures Tami took of the Mom loon feeding the baby loon  yesterday!

Mama reached up high to stretch her wings.  Feeding babies is hard work!

After the loons moved out of sight, Tami was about to leave when I hollered, “Look up there! Is it a plane?  Superman?”

The eagle!  Tami kept her camera trained on him, hoping he’d dive for a fish or two.  But he must not have seen anything good to eat, because just like the loon family, he moved out of sight too.

One of our campers reported seeing the fox sun himself on the volleyball court this morning.  Jeff (the camper) and Myndi (Tami’s sister) both got some pictures of him.  Tami’s going to try and get copies so she can post them.

Things sure have been pretty quiet this week.  I can’t wait for our Fall Special people to come back tomorrow for weekend #2!