Is It Spring Yet? All the Campers Want To Know!

Hey Campers!!
How’s everyone doing? Are you waiting for Spring to really start?  I know it’s supposed to be officially here, but I hadn’t seen it yet.

So my buddy Cookie and I headed out into the campground today to find it.  We were kind of disappointed that the snow was still close to knee deep in spots, but there were a lot of bare spots too!  Especially at the lake point.

I had to keep a very, very close eye on Cookie too because she goes bonkers for open water, and there was plenty of that to be found!

While we walked the snowshoe trail, we saw places where it looked like the deer might have lain down.  And look at this . . .

I’d say those busy beavers have been hard at work, wouldn’t you?

Cookie and I said hi to the eagle who’s sitting high on her throne nest.

We’re really looking forward to seeing eagle babies!

We saw the wood duck pair today too!  Down by the beaver hut.

I’ve always wanted to see their babies, especially in that moment where they drop from their tree nest, to the ground and head for the water.  I bet that’s really cool to watch.

Cookie and I agreed, we’d seen lots of signs of Spring, and we were about to head for home when we heard honking.  No, not car honking . . .

Goose honking!  There was a whole flock in that little patch of open water.

I’m very surprised Cookie didn’t take off after them – she’s not very trained on “stay”.  Not like I am anyway . . .

I took one last photo on my way back from the lake . . .

The owner of this camper can’t wait for Spring either! I bet she could tell you, right down to the minute, how many days we have left before camp opens . . .

It won’t be long now!


Max here!

Remember how Tami and I took a walk to check out the snow situation yesterday?   The first place we went was to check on the eagles.   There was no sign of them, I’m afraid.  But I’m pretty sure I saw something moving in the nest, so it could be that the adult was hunkered down to keep warm.  The wind was whipping down the lake, and it was pretty chilly, in spite of the warm sunshine.

Tami was hoping it was time for her loons to be back, but there was still ice from the state park beach, past our point all the way off to the left as far as we could see.

But there was some open water on either side of the strip of land to the beaver hut.  So we headed over there.  Not enough open water for loons to land, but we thought we might see signs of the beavers . . . or the pileated woodpecker.

As we reached the beaver hut, Tami saw a robin on a branch


you would’ve thought she’d won Powerball or something.  After she snapped the picture, she started grinning and hopping around.  “It’s a robin!  Spring’s here . . . spring’s here . . . uh-huh . . . it’s Robin!”

Sheesh, you’d think she’d never seen one before!

Right after that she saw a Wood Duck cruising the shoreline and heading our way.  So she scooched down into the bushes.  While we waited for it to pass by, Tami told me about them.


Did you know they lay their eggs as high as 50 feet up, in the crevice of a tree?  And just one day after the chicks hatch, they jump down and follow their mother?

Whoa.  I’d like to see that.

Then some Ring-Necked Ducks came by.  From a distance, they can look a little like loons . . .  but up close I could definitely tell the difference.


We were just about to leave when a pair of Canadian Geese landed on the lake rather noisily.  They called back and forth, their song echoing loudly from one end of the lake to the other.  The Ring-Necked and Wood ducks all scattered.  Just as Tami was about to take a photo, we found out why  . . .



A humongous flock landed!   I’ve never seen so many at one time!  There had to be sixty of them if not more.

And they were kind of goofy too.  I mean, they were rolling in the water . . . they ran across it and slapped their wings on the water’s surface . . . they dove under only to pop right back up.

And they hollered endlessly!  It was like a geese party.  They made such a racket, the eagle soared overhead to see what was going on.  Which made them holler even louder, of course!

Tami and I were cracking up, watching their behavior.

They must have had a long flight, because some of them were a little sleepy


Some of them were cranky


And then there were those who didn’t know which end was up


When Tami, Ben and I went back later, they had calmed down quite a bit and  a few were sunning themselves on the ice.


It was wicked interesting to watch them in action like that.  Neither Tami nor I have ever seen them so active.