Halloween Too ~ 2017

What could be better than Halloween in August??

Halloween Too, in August!

You heard me right. A second Halloween!

I couldn’t wait! More trick or treating! More arts and crafts! More water balloon slingshot . . .

Uh oh!

What do I hear on the roof?  It isn’t Santa, he already came this summer.

It’s the pitter-patter of . . .

rain drops! Oh no!

Tami, Debbie and Brooke are gonna cancel Halloween!!  My little campers will be deva . . . deva . . . sad!

I raced down the stairs and across the driveway and . . .

Wait a minute!  That doesn’t look like a cancellation sign, does it??

I almost forgot!  We never cancellation our recreation!  Never, ever!

But . . . would my little campers come out and play?

I never should of doubted them!

We did bubble play on the porch . . . that was fun!

And we built haunted houses in the rec hall . . .

And ghostly decorations too!

It was a great start to our weekend!  And that was only Friday . . .

Saturday dawned bright and sunny again.  Tami said she ordered it special for all our campers. That was awfully nice of her.

The kids made site markers to hand out to all the families giving out candy . . . “Make 132 of them!” I said.

“Now, Maxx,” Tami warned.  “It isn’t all about the candy you know.”

Ha! I’d believe that when I saw it.

At the Ghostly Boo Parade, Brooke handed out some cool whistles!  Parents thought they were soooo amazing, they thanked Tami over and over and over again and tried to give them back.

Look how my friends are soooo ready for the trick or treating!

But we still had lots to do before then! There were Halloween Relay games on the playing field, the water balloon slingshot and oh no!   We’ve been invaded by mummies!!!

Mummies kind of freak me out a little. I’ll just hop on over to  . . .

what?  Fang spitting!!

Who would want to spit fangs!???

It turns out, lots of my little campers do!  That kinda-sorta looks like fun.  These campers were spitting fang-seeds over and over and over and no one was yelling at them!

In fact, they were getting ribbons for the best seed spitting distances!


The Haunted Hayride was a lot of fun too!

Our local Girl Scout Troop was camping with us this weekend. They stopped by to say hi to me and get a group photo. Awwwww!

I love all my Poland Spring campers!

6:30pm couldn’t come fast enough, though!  Everyone was ready to trick or treat!!!!

We were all ready!  But Tami said it was only 6:23pm.  “We have to wait until  6:30pm, Maxx.  No starting until the witching hour.”

Tami is such a rule-type person. Sheesh.

More and more campers kept arriving and arriving . . .

“6:25pm!” Tami called.

“My bucket is empty!” this little guy said.

“Mine too!” cried another.

“No worries,” I told them.  “We’ll start soon!”

“6:27pm!” Tami called.



Whew!  The words I’d been waiting to hear!

“Gather ’round my little campers!!” Tami called.

She gave out her super safety rules, told the campers to be back at the store for the costume party at 7:15 sharp . . . and then she finally said . . .

“Go and trick or treat!!!”

And off they went!


At 7:15 I wandered back to the office and there, right in front of my eyes, was a carnival party set up for us!!  It was so cool!!  And I wasn’t the only one to think so . . .

As I walked around, checking out everyone’s Halloween bags,  errrrr, ummm, I mean, asking everyone how they were doing . . . I realized that it wasn’t all about the candy for each and every one of my little campers.

For some, it was all about the Monster Mash Snack . . .

And for others, it was all about the prizes at the games . . .

Spider Rings
Balloon Prize from the Balloon Walk

And for still others, it was the thrill of the games themselves.

Quarter Toss
Sponge Toss

Fishing for Spider Rings
Balloon Walk

As always, we couldn’t run all our games without our fabulous teen and Girl Scout volunteers!

You all rock!!  It wouldn’t be the same without you . . .

Now excuse me, I have to go find a certain Storm Trooper and see if I can get him to come back this weekend for Sci Fi!

Until next time!


Halloween One ~ 2017!!!

Finally! Halloween had arrived!  My favorite weekend of the whole camping season!

Well, I guess they’re all my favorites . . . but Halloween has candy!

I rushed to find Debbie and Brooke!  I couldn’t wait to get started.  Friday afternoon, my little campers  met Debbie at the lake for a Nature Walk. They  gathered all kinds of nature-y things to make Lake Monsters in the picnic area. Then they had a Ghostly Cow Hunt and Teen/Adult Bingo after supper.   Last on the list for the day was a Light Parade . . .

Wait . . . what?  No trick or treating!!  “What’s up with that!?” I asked Debbie.

“It’s only Friday, Maxx.” Debbie explained. “Tomorrow you trick or treat.”

Visions of jack-o-lantern buckets full of candy danced through my dreams that night. And I woke bright and early and showed up at the office ready to go campsite to campsite . . .

Wait. What? Arts and Crafts!?

“Well, yes,” Debbie explained again, as the kids made Ghostly Site Markers. “There’s more than just trick or treating fun you know.”

“Fine,” I said. “Let’s hurry up and do them so we can get to the good stuff.”

Debbie pet my antlers and laughed.  “Oh, we will, we will.”

I have to admit, the Pots and Pans parade brought out a ton of kids!  And they were ready to make some noise, and show off the costumes they were going to wear later . . .

Look at all those pots and pans!  If you want to hear their noise, go to our Facebook Page.  They sure were loud!  I think they were as ready as I was to get to Trick or Treating!

After the water ballon slingshot , Frankenstein came to visit! 

He lives!!!

Wait . . . he doesn’t really live. But this family DID build him at the Frankenstein building activity. Isn’t he cool?

Jewelry making and a Halloween Scavenger Hunt were on the activity list next.   “When is trick or treating!!!!” I cried.

“We didn’t have the Witch’s Stew eating contest yet,” Brooke told me. “Patience, little moose.  All these campers are looking forward to it.”

Whoa. That’s a lot of hungry campers.  But . . . witch’s stew?


Eye of Newt?   Fangs of bat?  Bones of gnomes.


“How about spaghetti by Debbie?” Brooke whispered.  “Try not to scare the little campers with that wild imagination of yours!”

Oh! Spaghetti!  I can do that.

And it seems all my camper friends like spaghetti, too!!!

And while I loooooove spaghetti, it still wasn’t trick or treating!

I want candy!

“Hayride time first,” David told me.

I don’t argue with David.

Hayride time it is.

So Sammie and I went out to meet and greet all our little campers who were getting on the hayride.  And you know what?

All they could talk about was trick or treating, too!

Finally … after supper . . . Tami and Debbie and Brooke started running around, gathering up supplies for the costume party. So I wandered out of the store before they could put me to work and  . . .


And policemen!  And escapees!!!!  Yikes!


Were they after me?

Oh!  I had to laugh at myself.  They weren’t real hunters!  Or policemen. (I wasn’t sure about the escapees though)  My imagination was running away with me again!

They were trick or treaters!

They had finally arrived!

ALL 95 of them!  (Give or take a couple)

Don’t they look awesome!?

“Can we start now? Huh? Can we? Pleeeeease?” I asked.

“Not yet,” Tami shushed me. “I need some pictures first.”

I thought she meant of me . . . but nooooooo . . .

She started taking selfies with MY campers!!  Sheesh.

Finally, she decided to get the show on the road. Tami got up on her soapbox to give the annual safety rules.

Then she got a group photo (’cause she’s so proud of all the costumes!)

Then she sent us out to gather as much candy as we could!

Okay, those weren’t her exact words. I think she told us to go have fun and be safe or something.

But the day wasn’t over yet!  Oh no!  Next we had a costume party at the lake!

Some penguin named Brooke drove me to the lake in the golf cart.

There was cookie decorating . . .

A tic-tac-toe toss game . . .

A knock-the-pins-down game . . .

A balloon race with water guns . . .

Tattoos . . .

Pin the nose on the jack-o-lantern

And a ring toss!

And a Ghost Bean Bag toss, too!

We think all our little ghosts, goblins, and minecrafters had a great time!



We couldn’t have done it without our teen volunteers, though!

Thank you, everyone!

And Hunter, too!

We have the best campers, ever!

Halloween Too ~ 2016

HalloweenToo (9)

You know, Tami really needs to re-name the second Halloween weekend.   I mean, doesn’t Halloween Too, make it sound like we do all the exact, same, stuff as Halloween One?

But we don’t!

For example, sure -we still have story time and bocci and bubble play on Friday.  But we also had a walk through the Freaky Forest in search of a Sneaky Snake.

HalloweenToo2 (2)

And we made Springy Snakes and played Ghost-Goblin games in the picnic area, too!

HalloweenToo2 (4)

On Saturday we made Ghostly Site markers instead of the pumpkin ones we made last week.

HalloweenToo2 (18)

HalloweenToo2 (17)

HalloweenToo2 (16)

We made a gazillion of them – in hopes there’d be a gazillion sites giving out candy.  And that’s all my little campers talked about

all . . . day . . . Saturday!


But before that, we played relay games –

HalloweenToo2 (31)

HalloweenToo2 (33)

HalloweenToo2 (32)

HalloweenToo2 (34)

And we shot off ghostly water balloons.

HalloweenToo2 (67)

Buuuuut, these waterballoons didn’t go through you like a ghost does!

HalloweenToo2 (49)

HalloweenToo2 (52)

It sure is fun to watch my little campers try to catch them though!

HalloweenToo2 (51)

HalloweenToo2 (50)

HalloweenToo2 (56)

HalloweenToo2 (61)

HalloweenToo2 (62)

HalloweenToo2 (64)

In the afternoon, some of the campers asked Tami if it was time to Trick or Treat yet. “No,” she said. “Not till 6:30pm.”

“6:30?!!” I said. “Next year, *I* want to make the schedule!”

Tami laughed. “If *YOU* made the schedule, we’d have trick or treating a dozen times on Saturday alone, and nothing else!”

Hmmmmm. That sounded pretty good actually, until I remembered that we were supposed to have a Mummy Wrap contest . . .

HalloweenToo2 (80) HalloweenToo2 (82)

HalloweenToo2 (83)

HalloweenToo2 (86)

HalloweenToo2 (95)

And jewelry making for teens . . .

HalloweenToo2 (108)

And a fang spitting contest!!

HalloweenToo2 (112)

HalloweenToo2 (114)

Boy, can our campers spit!!

HalloweenToo2 (115)

Seeds!  They’re spitting seeds!

HalloweenToo2 (116)

Even the adults!!

HalloweenToo2 (118)

And if we only had trick or treating and nothing else, we wouldn’t have the Haunted Hayride!!

HalloweenToo (19)

HalloweenToo (13)

Our campers were soooooo ready for the trick or treating and costume party, they showed up in their costumes!

HalloweenToo (5)

HalloweenToo (10)

HalloweenToo (9)

HalloweenToo (6)

HalloweenToo (23)

HalloweenToo (43)

At 6:15, our little campers began to arrive at the Office.

“What time is it?  What time is it?”  They all asked, over and over again!

HalloweenToo (49)

And they tried to wait patiently . . .

HalloweenToo (51)

HalloweenToo (44) HalloweenToo (56)

HalloweenToo (57)

Now, the one thing that DOES stay the same. The thing that never, ever changes, is Tami giving the *yawn* rules to the restless crowd.

Don’t knock on blah-blah-blah . . . be sure to come back for blah-blah-blah . . . leave your bikes blah-de-blah-blah .  . .

(That’s what WE hear, because all we can think of is 132 sites of  CANDY!)

HalloweenToo2 (121)

Finally!  Tami asked for her picture . . .


HalloweenToo (62)

Then she said . . .

“Go!!  Have fun!!”

And we did!

HalloweenToo (67) HalloweenToo (69)

HalloweenToo (73)

HalloweenToo (87)

Tami, Nate and Brooke set up for the costume party . . .

HalloweenToo (82)

HalloweenToo (84) HalloweenToo (85)

HalloweenToo (86)

HalloweenToo (80)

And then it was THEIR turn to wait and wait and wait.

Tami started to get a little worried no one was coming .  . .

HalloweenToo (95)

But she shouldn’t have!

HalloweenToo (94)

HalloweenToo (121)

HalloweenToo (134) HalloweenToo (97)

HalloweenToo (136)

HalloweenToo (147)

HalloweenToo (100)

HalloweenToo (105)

HalloweenToo (113)

HalloweenToo (127)

HalloweenToo (152)

Tons of campers came to play games for prizes and try our fruit kabob treats.

Tami, David, Alex and I, want to thank everyone who came to have fun this past weekend; whether you were a Trick or Treaters or a Candy-hander-outer!  Hope to see you next year!

HalloweenToo (148)

Halloween One!

What a lucky Moose I am!!

HalloweenOne (30)

I get to have two Halloween Parties every year!


Once in October on the “real” Halloween, and again in August!

I think I like the August one better though – ’cause we have cool activities like Story Time and Bocci and Bubble Play and  . . .

making Lake Monsters!

HalloweenOne (46) HalloweenOne (48)

We don’t make Lake Monsters in October!

We do the usual weekend stuff too, like Arts and Crafts and water balloon slingshot and jewelry making and Horseshoes and a scavenger hunt.

Whew! That’s a lot of stuff!

But we have different things too, like blowing our whistles and marching in a Pumpkin Parade!

HalloweenOne (56)

and having a Witch’s Stew Eating Contest!

HalloweenOne (65)

HalloweenOne (66)

HalloweenOne (68)

(I always want to eat the stew too, but Tami won’t let me. She says it’ll get in my fur!)

We had only one glitch in the whole weekend – there was a shower at Hayride time. *heavy sigh*  But Debbie and Brooke had this really cool idea and they told all the kids to meet them at the Rec Hall.

“What are they doing?” I asked Tami.

“Creating Frankenstein Monsters,” she said. The phone rang and she picked it up.

“Frankenstein Monsters?” I cried. “Isn’t that dangerous!? I mean you know what happened to the villagers in the book, right?”  Tami shot me her pipe-down-so-I-can-hear-the-customer-on-the-phone-look.  You know the one.

So I ran to the Rec Hall, before they all did something crazy . . .

And I found this  . . .

HalloweenOne (78)

HalloweenOne (79)

HalloweenOne (72) HalloweenOne (74)

HalloweenOne (71)

Boy, was I embarrassed!  They weren’t making reeeeeeal, Frankenstein Monsters.

Or were they?

HalloweenOne (76)

At 6:30, Tami gathered all our little campers at the office for a special announcement and some Trick or Treating rules. As usual, all we kids  heard was blah-blah-blah-blaaaaah.  All we could think about was the candy.

Just when I thought she was going to tell us all to begin- she made us pose for a photo!

HalloweenOnephone (28)

And she wasn’t done there!  She kept stopping everyone, making them pose and telling them how adorable they were . . . and clever . . . and scary . . .

HalloweenOnephone (59) HalloweenOnephone (58)

HalloweenOnephone (27) HalloweenOnephone (25)

I kept whispering, “Tami! We want to go get the candy!”

But she kept saying, “Just one more!”

HalloweenOnephone (23) HalloweenOnephone (21)

Yeah. Her one more is really like a gazillion more.

HalloweenOnephone (18)

HalloweenOnephone (17) HalloweenOnephone (10)

HalloweenOne (50)


She followed us down the street, taking picture after picture after picture!

HalloweenOnephone (48)

HalloweenOnephone (45)

HalloweenOnephone (41)

HalloweenOnephone (33)

“You’d better get back and set up the party!” I tried distracting her.

“What time is it?” she asked, snapping another photo.

“Seven o’clock,” I said.

She was off like a shot to the rec hall!  Luckily, Debbie and Brooke had everything taken care of. Whew!

HalloweenOne (5)

There were lots of fun games . . .

HalloweenOne (7)

And I got to hang out with all my little campers for a bit.

HalloweenOne (10)

HalloweenOne (11)

HalloweenOne (14)

HalloweenOne (27)

I even got to try a game or two!

HalloweenOne (28)

Now, I wasn’t cheating here . . . it only loooooks like I was stepping over the line.

HalloweenOne (29)

There were cool prizes like spiders to scare Tami with . . .

HalloweenOne (23)

And vampire teeth, too!

HalloweenOne (15)

And we had Witch’s fingers and Goblin punch for a snack!

HalloweenOne (37)

Yes! I’m the luckiest moose in the world, ’cause I get two Hallowee-


I get three?

Oh! Right!  We’re going to do it all again THIS weekend too!


I can’t wait!

HalloweenOne (25)

Halloween One 2015!


The Halloween decorations went up on Thursday the 13th,  and all the little campers were most excited!!

Halloween 1  (30)

Our usual Thursday recreation has Sandcastle building on the playground . . . .

Halloween 1  (32)


And boy-oh-boy, did they ‘go to town’ with their building!  Look at the details!  The American Flag . . . the roads . . .

Halloween 1  (36)


And is that a bridge??  Impressive!

Halloween 1  (37)

What a cute little city!

On Friday, after Storytime, Bocci, and Bubble Play, Debbie took the little campers to the lake for a Nature Walk.  Along the way, they picked up all kinds of nature items to make Lake Monsters for the Costume Party on Saturday.

Halloween 1  (46)

Halloween 1  (45)

Halloween 1  (44)

FINALLY, Saturday was here! The BIG DAY!  Kids stampeding all over the place!!

At Arts and Crafts, we made site markers so the campers could mark their sites if they were giving out candy. We made lots and lots and lots of them . . . .

Halloween 1  (62)


In hopes there’d be lots and lots and lots of campers TO give out candy.

Halloween 1  (61)

Halloween 1  (59)

Then we made Frankensteins!


Halloween 1  (75)

It’s Alive!!!

Halloween 1  (71)

Well, kinda-sorta alive!!!

Halloween 1  (69)

We shot water balloons, made jewelry, had an adult horseshoe tournament and joined the  scavenger hunt and THEN . . .

It was witch’s stew eating time!!!

Halloween 1  (83)

Halloween 1  (84)

Tami just won’t let me do this, no matter how hard I try!!  I pleaded!  I begged!!  But she firmly said no!

I wonder why?


Halloween 1  (88)

We tried to have a Pumpkin Parade . . . we gathered .  . .

Halloween 1  (4)

But all of a sudden we heard rumbling and Tami cried, “Is that THUNDER????”  She and Debbie shooed us inside as fast as they could.  We played games instead and tried to guess the how many candy corns were in the jar.

Halloween 1  (7)

We kept one eye on the skies as the minutes ticked by . . . . 3 o’clock.  4 o’clock.  The skies cleared a bit and the sun peeked out.  5 o’clock.  6 o’clock.

6:30!!  Time for Tami to give the rules!!  And then she makes us pose for a group photo.

Halloween 1  (97)

Before she finally sends us out to trick or treat!!

Halloween 1  (8)

Halloween 1  (10)

Halloween 1  (11)

Halloween 1  (13)

Halloween 1  (20)


We got tons and tons of candy!!

Halloween 1  (18)

When we’d gone to every campsite that had a marker, we went down to the lake for a costume party and snacks.

Halloween 1  (25)

We all love having the party at the lake!

Halloween 1  (100)

Halloween 1  (126)

Halloween 1  (112)

Halloween 1  (111)

There’s all kinds of cool games to play for prizes.  And Sammie gives Tattoos too!

Halloween 1  (101)

She said the magic spell, tapped the tattoo with her wand and Abracadabra!!  The perfect Tattoo!

Halloween 1  (104)

I was amazed!!!  Maybe this time, finally, after all these years, the tattoo would stick to my fur!!  I crossed my fingers to help the magic . . .

Halloween 1  (23)

But it didn’t work.  Sigh. One of my little campers gave me a ghost sticker though!  I love my little campers!

And their costumes!

Halloween 1  (94)

Halloween 1  (95)

Halloween 1  (96)


Halloween 1  (117)

Before the party ended, I made sure to get myself a Halloween Frosting Stick and a glass of Tami’s special punch.

Halloween 1  (114)

Halloween 1  (113)

Choosing the sprinkles is always the hardest decision!

Halloween 1  (124)

When I saw the sun setting over the lake, I was so sad. I didn’t want Halloween to end.  I wanted to hang out with my little campers for ever and ever.  And ever.  I scuffed my feet in the dirt when Tami told me it was time to go.


But a pretty girl came over to tell me Halloween wasn’t ending yet!!  We had a whole week of recreation ahead of us!

“And trick or treating?  Another party?” I asked.

Halloween 1  (116)

“We’ll do it all over again next Saturday”, she said, before giving me a kiss right on my nose.

Yes!!  Halloween again!!  I can’t wait!!


Halloween Too! (2014 Style)


What’s better than a Halloween Weekend?

Two Halloween Weekends!

I know what you’re thinking . . .

“Don’t you get bored doing the same thing two times in a row?”

Are you kidding me???  Get bored with trick or treating to 132 campsites?  Get bored with the haunted house and a carnival party?

Besides, other than Tami’s Blah-Blah-Blah rules, the two Halloweens are different!  There’s different games, like the toilet paper Mummy Wrap!

Halloween 2  (6)

Halloween 2  (7)

We didn’t do *this* last weekend.

Halloween 2  (8)

Halloween 2  (9)

Halloween 2  (10)

And we made lots of ghostly arts and crafts stuff . . .

Halloween 2  (1)

Last weekend we did more pumpkin-y things.

We had a parade and Debbie gave us the loudest whistles you ever saw!   Or heard!

Halloween 2  (3)

The moms and dads thought they were pretty cool too.  We kept hearing comments like, “Where on earth did you get those!”, as they put their hands over their ears.   Tami said it was because they wanted to buy a ton of them for themselves.

Halloween 2  (4)

Halloween 2  (5)

AAaaaaaand, we had a hayride!

Halloween 2  (25)

Tami was so distracted by all the cool costumes, that I actually made it all the way up on the hayride and was sitting down before she caught me.  I might have gotten away with it to, if it wasn’t for that Mooooooom who tattled on me.

Moms.  They stick together, don’t they?

Then there was this game . . . I couldn’t tell exactly what it was first.

Take a look at the concentration on the players faces.

Halloween 2  (17)

Was it Bocci?  No.

Horseshoes?  No.

It was a fang spitting contest!!!

Halloween 2  (19)

And of course there were really different costumes!

Halloween 2  (22)

Halloween 2  (28)



This one . . . freaked Tami right out!


She has some kind of phobia about old man masks, I guess.

But these four, she thought were adorable.  Mostly because she loves the Red Sox, SuperHeros and Poland Spring Campground.

Halloween 2  (31)

But THIS one!  Tami thought it was sooooo clever!



Buuuuuut ~ it freaked ME out.  Thank goodness this vet didn’t give shots!

Tami got us all together for the group photo and then she shooed us out into the park.  “Make sure you go on all the roads!” she said.

Halloween 2  (30)

And there was a lot of candy to be had!  There were some different people handing it out . . .

Halloween 2  (35)

some veeeeeeery, different people.

Halloween 2  (36)


But the candy was all good!!


Halloween 2  (33)

Even the Halloween party was different.  This time, we had it in the Office Circle.  And Debbie and Maggie planned lots of new games.







Except tattoos.  That was the same because everyone loves tattoos! You can’t have too many of those!


Some things that were the same . . .

Every time I turned around there were fangs!




And Tami kept posing everyone in front of Frankenstein!



There was a snack, like last week, but it was fruit kabobs this time!


As always, Halloween Too was a blast!  I hated to see it end.

But if it didn’t, then we couldn’t have Medieval Weekend!

Medieval 024 (1024x997)

2014’s Halloween One

Halloween 1   (12)

Well.  You woulda thought it was Halloween around here, or something!

Halloween 1   (67)

It was!  It was Halloween!

I thought it’d take forever to get to my favorite part, the trick or treating and the party and the haunted house . ..

But there was so much to do, the time just flew!

(Hey!  I made a rhyme, and I didn’t even try!)

(Hey!  I did it again!)

There was the usual stuff on the Friday schedule;  Story Time, Bocci, Bubble Play and a Ghostly Cow Hunt.

What?  You’ve never done a Ghostly Cow Hunt? You poor, deprived person.

But we also made our own Lake Monsters, to help decorate for Saturday’s party.

Halloween 1   (6)

Halloween 1   (9)


And on Saturday, we had a Pumpkin Parade, Arts and Crafts, Water balloon Slingshot, and we made Frankenstein Monsters too . . .

Careful . .. careful . . .

Halloween 1   (17)

Ack!  It’s aliiiiiiiive, I tell you!  A-liiiiiive!

Halloween 1   (20)

After lunch there was an adult Horseshoe Tournament, Jewelry Making for teens, a Spooky Scavenger Hunt for the whole family and a Witch’s Stew Eating Contest.

Halloween 1   (28)

Halloween 1   (31)

Halloween 1   (30)

I wanted to try it too, but Tami said the stew sauce would stain my fur.

“Cool!” I said. “I’ll be a vampire for the party!”

She said, “No.”

Big surprise there.

Finally . . . Finally . . . It was 6:30pm!!!    I tried to get everyone to hurry up and start trick or treating to the sites where all the campers were waiting with their wonderful, tasty, yummy candy~

“Everyone stand in front of Frankenstein!”  Tami announced.

Oh, pumpkins!  I wasn’t fast enough.

She made us stand this way, then that way.  Little ones in the front, taller ones in the back.  Squish together.  Look at me.

She took photo after photo after photo . . .

Halloween 1   (37)

and the gazillion parents standing with her,  took photo, after photo, after photo.

“Hey!” I yelled, “Those poor kids are gonna get eaten by Frankenstein!”

“Oh Maxx!” Tami said, “Stop kidding around! He isn’t real!”

When the last camera was lowered from the parental eyes, I thought, Great! We can go!

But Tami had to stand on her little stool and give the

*insert eye roll here*


FINALLY, she said, “Go have fun!”

Halloween 1   (47)

Doesn’t she realize we’d get seven extra minutes of trick or treating if she didn’t do all that picture-taking-rule-spouting-stuff!

I want some of those M&M’s . . .

Halloween 1   (48)

and some of those lollipops . . .

Halloween 1   (44)

and some of those Air Heads and – wait!

Is that Frankenstein looking at me??

Halloween 1   (40)

I think he’s looking at me.

Oh! Check out all the candy this smart trick or treater has!

Halloween 1   (46)

When my little camping friends and I had all the candy our bags could hold, we headed to the lake. What a party Debbie and Maggie had set up!

Halloween 1   (75)

So many games! Like darts, eyeball stacking, tic-tac-toe toss, bean bag toss, and the fishing-pole-hat-on-the-head challenge.

What?  You’ve never tried the fishing-pole-hat-on-the-head challenge?  Where have you been camping??  Well, I’d have a picture of it, if Tami hadn’t of been  blah-blah-blabbing with all the customers.

Halloween 1   (58)

Halloween 1   (85)

Halloween 1   (73)

The campers could get a tattoo too, but not you-know-who –

Halloween 1   (61)   (Ha!  Another rhyme! )

“It won’t stick to your fur,” the nice tattooing attendants told me.

There were prizes!  Like these cool, plastic,  glow in the dark, vampire teeth!

Halloween 1   (74)

Um ~ I think they’re plastic.  Right?  Plastic?

I got to meet so many cool campers . . .

Halloween 1   (76)

in so many cool costumes!

Halloween 1   (83)

Halloween 1   (33)


And look at this!

Halloween 1   (35)


That is an impressive amount of ribbons!  All from my faaaaaa-vorite place!

Poland Spring Campground!

Halloween 1   (36)

She’s been collecting them for years.

I even got to play the games myself.  Maggie’s is my favorite.

Halloween 1   (77)

And we can’t forget the grrrrrreat snack!  Frosting covered pretzels.

Halloween 1   (82)

When the party was done, and we’d picked everything up, Tami and I checked out the sunset.

Halloween 1   (79)


Halloween 1   (84)

Halloween 1   (78a)

“Going to the Haunted House, Maxx?”  Tami asked.

“Yep,” I said.  “Going to hide in the store again this year?”

“Yep.” she said.

I sighed.  “I wish Halloween could last forever.”

“It can’t last forever, but it can last a week,” Tami said.

“Oh!” I cried, “That’s right! We get to do it all again, don’t we!?”

“We do!” Tami planted a kiss on my nose.

“Can we uninvite the Frankenstein’s though?” I asked.

Tami crossed her arms, and tipped her head to one side.  “Why on Earth would you want to do that?”

“‘Cause I don’t trust them!  I caught the big one in front of the store, trying to gobble up Maggie and her pet Octopus today . . . ”

Halloween 1   (32)


“Oh, Maxx!”


Halloween One and Too – Finally!

I tried . . . oh how I tried . . . to get a blog post up for Halloween One.

But Tami’s fingers were glued to her computer.

“Look over there!” I said, “By the pool!  It’s a red-nosed, winged, hummingbat!”

Click- clack-clickety-clack was all I heard.

You see, she was getting ready for her big book launch for Cooper and Packrat.  She was wicked nervous and kept writing and re-writing what she wanted to say.

“Hey! I saw a yellowed-bellied frogamander in the ladies bathroom!”


I couldn’t get her off that laptop!

And then the big moment finally came!  People just kept coming and coming and coming.

Cooper's Launch 176 (1280x853)

Tami made her little thanks-for-coming speech and then she read Chapter 1, as her little campers followed along.

Cooper's Launch 180

And she only mispronounced four words.  Not that I was counting or anything.

Way to go Tami!   To see more about the book and her launch, go to Tamra Wight – Children’s Author on Facebook, or to her website, tamrawight. com

Now that that’s done, she’s headed back out on the lake to stalk the osprey, eagles, heron, turtles and beavers and I’ve got the computer all to myself!  *rubbing hands together and laughing an evil laugh*

What can I say about Halloween One and Two?

This face says it all!

Halloween One  (1) (887x1280)

We had so much fun on Halloween One!

We built Frankenstein monsters . . .

Halloween One  (11) (771x1024)

Halloween One  (10) (1024x785)

. . . had a witch’s stew eating contest, played Halloween games and made pumpkin site markers so the kids would know where to find the candy!

Halloween One  (2) (1280x1050)

But we had a different kind of fun on Halloween Too!

We had more Halloween games, searched for the scary snake, made ghost site markers, had a scavenger hunt and a hayride!

Halloween Two 111 (1280x693)

Halloween Two 108 (945x1280)

And guess what?

We trick or treated on both Saturdays!!!


Halloween Two 114 (1179x1280)

Before we could go, we all had to meet up at the office. Why? So Tami could stand on her little box and give us the Blah-blah-blah rules!

Halloween Two 129 (995x1280)

I heard one little camper in the back say, “When’s she going to stop talking so we can go find the candy?”

Oh, wait.  That was me that said that.

Here’s the trick or treat crew from Halloween One . . .

Halloween One  (2) (1280x761)

And here’s Halloween Too!

Halloween Two 126 (1280x489)

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I could pick the better looking group.  My Poland Spring Campers are the best Halloween dressed bunch no matter which weekend you come!

Trick or treating was awesome . . . look at what these kids got!

Halloween Two 140 (957x1280)

Halloween Two 139 (1280x977)

I tried to take the Swedish fish and the Milky Way’s but they closed those bags up tight, tight, tight before I could get a hoof in.

Halloween One had a party by the lake

Halloween One  (65) (1024x775)

There were tons of games and tattoos for everyone!

There were even games Debbie and Maggie didn’t really plan on . . .

Halloween One  (55) (625x1024)

The costumes were fabulous!

Halloween One  (16) (823x1024)

Halloween One  (19) (560x1024)

Halloween One  (20) (1024x862)

Halloween One  (21) (562x1024)

Halloween One  (35) (1280x1251)

Halloween One  (38) (784x1024)


Aaaaaaah!  I’m being attacked by a shark at the lake!

Halloween One  (51) (1024x768)

Now Halloween Too was the same, but different.

We still had a party, but it was up at the store.

And we still had games, but they were all DIFFERENT!

Like this quarter toss game that Scott swore was easy-peasy.

Halloween Two 152 (1280x680)

So did the quarter land perfectly in the white box?

Halloween Two 153 (1280x960)


There was a sponge toss game too . . .

Halloween Two 156 (1280x959)

Halloween Two campers had some cool costumes too!

Halloween Two 149 (628x1280)

Halloween Two 118 (960x1280)

Halloween Two 160 (722x1280)

Both Halloween’s had fancy vampire teeth as prizes!

Halloween One  (46) (767x1024)

Halloween Two 159 (768x1024)

Halloween One had pretzels with frosting for a snack . . .

Halloween One  (59) (768x1024)

Halloween Too had a witch’s cupboard!

Halloween Two 166 (1280x914)

This mad scientist thought the cupboard was dee-licious!

Halloween One 10 003 (1280x960)

And then a Knight arrived to do battle against some young . . .

Halloween Two 163 (1280x994)

Waaaaait a minute!!

Halloween Two 138 (584x1280)

Hold your horses!  Medieval Weekend is THIS weekend!

How’d he sneak in to Halloween???



Halloween Too!

As always, Debbie and Maggie planned a very different Halloween from the Halloween of last week!  We like to call them Halloween One and

Halloween Too!

In Arts and Crafts this week,  we made pumpkin site markers.  There were Halloween games on the playing field, water balloon slingshot practice, horseshoes

and we had a mummy wrap contest ~

Jewelry making sure did look like a ton of fun!

as did the witch’s stew eating contest.


Wow, that was some messy stew, wasn’t it??

After everyone cleaned themselves up, we had ourselves a hayride!

Once again, Tami handed out whistles before boarding.

And the parents were soooo glad she did! They tried to give them back, but Tami said her little campers could keep them.

The kids played those whistles all over the campground . . . .

until they got back to the store and took a group picture with me.

I just love my camping buddies!!

Some things stayed the same, though.   I still got tons of baby kisses . . .

and there were oodles of amazing costumes!


Tami gathered all the trick or treaters together for a picture . . .

with strict orders to be at the Halloween party AT THE LAKE for 7:15!

And they were!

A ghostly bean bag toss
A ghostly bean bag toss

Tami, Debbie and Maggie had all new games . . .

The Fishing Pole Hat Trick!

Jack-o-lantern dart toss

Sea Monster Ring Toss

a tic-tac-toe game, tattoos, plus a new treat!

Frosted Pretzels and Punch

There were even different prizes from Halloween One!

Spider Rings!

It’s not often I get to hang out with my favorite campers by the lake.

So I made the most of it until the sun started to set . . .

And my friends wandered away toward David’s  haunted house.

Sigh.  What a perfect weekend!!

Wishing you’d been here?  We still have sites for Labor Day Weekend,  you know.  Hurry up and give us a call!  Saturday and Sunday will be loaded with free recreation!  You don’t want to miss it!

Halloween #1

We were soooooo lucky last weekend!

Not just because we got to do cool Halloween stuff IN AUGUST!  Like a Fang Spitting Contest, horseshoe tournament, jumping into the Black Lagoon, a scavenger hunt, teen jewelry making, a nature walk through the Freaky Forest and sooooo much more!

And not just because we got to trick or treat after Tami got up on her milk crate and gave her blah-blah-blah rules . . .

And not because we collected tons of treats!!

You can look, but don't touch!

There was NO tricking though. We didn’t have time.  We had to gather back at the store for our Halloween Party!

We were definitely lucky to find  this fabulous party crew . . .

and Sam!

They volunteered to run the many, many games Debbie and Maggie and Tami dreamed up –

Ring The Duck


Wet Sponge Toss
The Eyeball Race
Haunted Tower Challenge
Penny Drop Challenge
Ghost Walk
Fruit Kabobs

We felt really, really lucky to win cool prizes too.

Like fangs.


I just love, love, love hanging with my camping buddies!

Even the Big and Little Grim Reapers

Pssst – by the way – if you’re ever looking to scare Tami – don’t call a grim reaper.  Call this guy.  . . .

That mask makes her scream like a little girl.

But then again, so does the Haunted House that David built!!

Most of all, we feel really, really, really  lucky . . .

that it never rained on us!

We all had such a great time!!

And just think, we get to do it all again this weekend!

Halloween Too, coming up!