Chinese New Year 2017

You know, sometimes, I feel like an orphaned Moose! Tami has been spending more time trying to get photos of these goslings,

than she has taking pictures of me! Aren’t I cuter than a gosling?

What do  you mean “um, no” ?

Luckily, there were tons of her friends who got photos for us.  ‘Cause Chinese New Year was chuck full of fun!

We had arts and crafts where we made hats and fans . . .

and there was jewelry making, hayrides, field games, a waterballon slingshot, nickle bingo, story time . . .

and a noodle eating contest! Yum!

Debbie and Tami tried to trick my little campers with a finger trap!

You know what?  My little campers are too smart for her! They figured it right out.

With Tami being so distracted and all, I thought maybe I’d finally get a chance to swim in the pool.  So I snuck in the gate . . . tiptoed inside .. . and right away, I heard Tami call me name!  She’s got, like, eyes in the back of her head or something!

I tried to hide . . .

but she saw me!

Tami put her hands on her hips and tapped a foot. Uh-oh.

“Maaaaaaxx, tell me what the pool rules are,” she asked.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I grumbled. “I know. No moose in the pool!”


A little while later, I saw one of my camper friends hopping in a puddle!

And I thought . .. “hey! That’s better than not getting in the water at all!”

Tami warned me, “Maaaaaxx, don’t get your sneakers wet!”

You know what?  I jumped right in!  Both feet! You can see me do it on our Facebook page! Tami wasn’t too happy with me.  But all my little campers thought it was awesome!

Come visit us!  We have free recreation every day all day!  And if that isn’t enough to convince you .  . . . .

we have ice cream at our snack shack, too!


Ice Cream Social and Maxx’s Birthday!

We always have two big ice cream events in the Spring!

Tami just <3 <3 <3’s  ice cream!!

But not as much as me!

All through Saturday May 20th,  my little campers played wiffle ball, shot off water balloons with the slingshot, played bocce . .. and at every event, they all asked each other what they were bringing for a topping to share . . .

It turned out to be the best topping smorgasbord ever!  Sooooo many campers came . . . I think they love ice cream as much as Tami does!

More than me!!

Okay, I think this young man loves it more than all of us combined!!

I always love to see what kinds of sundaes my little campers create . . .

Will they load up with lots of red toppings?

Or do they like blue??

This young lady sure is enjoying her sundae!

On June 3rd, we celebrated a very, very special birthday . . .


What a fun day that was!

We played birthday games,

shot off water balloons, and my little campers made cards and party hats at Arts and Crafts.

I had no idea they were planning a party though!  I was totally in the dark!

Tami told me Brooke needed to see me in the Rec Hall,

so I wandered on down . . .

What I didn’t know, is that there was  lookout behind the tree . . .

And a camper at the lights .  . .

when they saw me coming, they hushed up, shut off the lights, and waited . . .

and when I walked through the door, they yelled ~


I couldn’t believe it!

We blew out the candles on my cake together,

ate some cake and ice cream . . .

and my little campers gave me their cards.

They were all so thoughtful and full of heart!

I’ll treasure them forever and ever and ever!!

Thank you, Poland Spring Campers, for a fabulous birthday!  You’re the best!




June can be a quieter month, especially in the middle of the week . . . but the weekends!!  We had tons of fun!

David and Frank have been working hard to get the snack bar up and running.  Starting today, it’ll be open six days a week!  I’m so excited, ’cause they’ll be scooping ice cream!


Black Raspberry is my favorite!! Yum!

Chinese New Year Weekend always kicks off our Summer Recreation Program.  One of my favorite activities is noodle eating . . .



It makes for some messy, messy faces! Tami never lets me do it – cause she says it’s too hard to get out of my fur.  Thank goodness she doesn’t say that about the ice cream!!

We had arts and crafts in June too.  Look at these cool hats and fans we made last Saturday!  We all wore them to the hayride . . . .



And we got some prizes.

These Chinese Finger Traps are tricky though!




I got to hang out with so many of my little camper friends!






One of my favorite activities is our story times  in the office circle.  Brooke read some pretty great books last week!

20160626_090911 20160626_091007

And then she made Moose Mix!!  Mmmmmmmm!


We all helped her mix in all the ingredients.


And then shared the mix around the circle!


We had some face painting in June too!  Turns out Brooke is pretty good at it!  Soccer balls, cheering logos,

IMG_0001 IMG_0002

And . . . oh!  How cute!! Even my name!!


This weekend we’ve got a campground full of campers and a recreation schedule full of fun!!    C’mon – make your reservations!


I Scream . . . You Scream . . .

We all scream for


Ice Cream 6-22 025 (1024x786)

Everyone brought their toppings to share . . .

there were sprinkles . . .

Ice Cream 6-22 020 (543x1024)

and peanut butter and whipped cream and butterscotch and cookies and candy and

Ice Cream 6-22 024a

Chocolate sauce!!  Yummy

And we all lined up to make our own sundaes . . .

Ice Cream 6-22 021 (878x1024)

Ice Cream 6-22 026a

But the weekend wasn’t only about ice cream . . . we also made bugs in arts and crafts.



Ice Cream 6-22 001 (686x1024)

Oh! Don’t worry, we didn’t make bug-bugs, like the real-live Click Bug that one of Tami’s little campers brought to the office for her to inspect last week.

These were paper bugs . . . and quite pretty, I have to say!

Ice Cream 6-22 002 (1024x683)

Maggie had a scavenger hunt.

Ice Cream 6-22 007 (1024x683)

These two young ladies, were one of the three groups to find all the stuff on the list!

Ice Cream 6-22 008 (1024x682)

And of course, my little camping buddies got to go on a hayride too . . .

Ice Cream 6-22 013 (1024x683)

Hayrides are my favorite time of the day. Except that this time, it was sooooo hot . . .

I tried to go in the ice cooler . . .


Ice Cream 6-22 017 (1024x683)

but Tami said, “Nooooooo!”

Sheesh, what’s a Moose supposed to do to stay cool around here anyway?

Oh!  I know!

I’ll stand next to one of my cool camping buddies.

Ice Cream 6-22 019 (684x1024)

Now I’m a cool moose!

Who Doesn’t Like Ice Cream Socials?

Especially make-your-own-incredible-sundae, socials!


About 15 minutes before, Tami wrung her hands and said, “Gee, I hope the rain doesn’t keep the campers away!”

I wonder if these raincoats come in Moose sizes?



As if! 

These are not “fair weather” campers!  They don’t let a little rain storm keep them from their ice cream!

Nor did it stop them from making butterfly suncatchers . . .

at arts and crafts.

It didn’t keep us from playing games, or challenging each other in Minute to Win It, or from our teen jewelry making time or catching water balloons or

from playing our kazoos on the hayride!

On Sunday, Maggie read some of my favorite stories.

They were mostly about Moose.

Like me!

And she made Moose Mix too!

This is what the reading circle looks like when she asks who wants M & M’s in the mix.

I bet they wouldn’t raise their hands if she asked who wanted water lilies in their snack.

Coming up soon are Pirate Weekend with Mad Science on Saturday 7/7

and Super Hero Weekend 7/20.

Quick!  Book now before we fill up!



Ice Cream Party Weekend #1

Finally!  Tami sent that humongous lens back!  Sheesh.  She was hunkered down around her laptop every night, downloading photos and cropping them and gushing over them .  . . I couldn’t get a hoof on it to post about last weekend’s recreation until I wrestled the laptop from her tonight!

Maggie was here this past weekend.  She picked a whole lot of fun stuff to do.  First there was the water  balloon slingshot . . . and she gave away free ice creams to the first three kids who caught a balloon without breaking it!

In the afternoon, she had arts and crafts in the Rec Hall and played kickball in the playing field.

Best of all, we had an ice cream party Saturday night. The entrance fee was for each family to bring their own topping . . . and whoa . . did we have a lot of toppings!

When I saw all the campers going in the rec hall door, I got really worried there’d be none for me!  But David said he had plenty to go around.  Good thing too!  ‘Cause I love ice cream more than twigs, and water lilies and . . . and . . . everything!

I think these campers do too . . .

Especially this unidentified camper!!   See how her bowl is empty!?

Next up . . . Memorial Day Weekend!!

We have sooooo many cool activities planned, I just can’t wait!

Hurry up, Friday!

I think this might be the year I get to drive the golf cart!


Updated by Tami:   Maxx, Maxx, Maxx.  If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times.  You need a driver’s license first!


A Surprise Birthday Party for Me?

How cool was that??

Tami sent me out to check on the loons while Maggie and the kids made birthday cards and birthday hats.

She sent me back out to count the fisherman while the kids played birthday games like limbo on the playground.  Then she sent me out a-gain, while they painted their faces to get ready for my big party.

You know how they got me to the rec hall?  They told me it needed cleaning!  I thought I was being put to work, but instead . . .


All my friends were waiting to sing Happy, Happy Birthday!

We had cake and ice cream too.

It was soooo yummmy.

That was the best-est birthday EVER!!

Thanks everyone!

Ice Cream and Face Painting!

We had such a fun weekend!

Bryant and Nick did all kids of great recreation stuff on Saturday!

Then Saturday afternoon, when I showed up, Bryant painted faces

and even though I waited, and waited and waited like a good moose

I didn’t get my face painted. Or my antlers.  Or my hooves.

“Maxx?” Bryant said, “I can’t paint on fur.”

You know, sometimes it’s very, very hard to be a moose.

But I did have an awesome time hanging out with my little camping buddies!

That night, Bryant and Alex and David had an ice cream party!

Look at these amazing sundaes

Oreo cookies and sour gummie worms!  A classic!

Whipped cream, M & M’s and chocolate sauce – Mmmmmmm!

What sundae isn’t complete without whipped cream on top??

This coming weekend we’re having kids candy bar bingo Friday night, a full day of recreation Saturday and Sunday

AAAAAaaand a chicken barbecue.  You know what?  As long as one other family member buys a full meal, Dad eats free!!


Call today for reservations!

Face painting and ice cream!

There were lots of cool things to do at Poland Spring Campground last weekend!

We had arts and crafts –

played with the water balloon slingshot –

had a kickball game –

then Bryant did some face painting

while I hung out with my little camping buddies!

I tried to ride a bike, but Tami wouldn’t let me.  Sigh.

While she was busy on the phone though, I stole Alex’s camera and took a self portrait

What?  It’s hard to get a moose this awesome into one itty bitty picture, you know.

I was really, really, REALLY  glad to see everyone!

Some people I didn’t see until it was too late, and look what happened . . .

Then after supper (because Tami seems to think you can’t have treats until after your meals) we had an ice cream party!

When you put two awesome scoopers

and a whole bunch of yuuuuuuummy toppings together

You get super, duper ice cream sundaes!

somebody’s Mom put a liiiiii-ttle too much chocolate on top!

HA!  As if!  There can never be too much chocolate on ice cream!  Right?

Coming up . . .

Memorial Day Weekend!  We have some great stuff planned . . .

And on June 4th, we’ll be setting up the bouncy house again with Yours Truly!   Plus, we’re having a spaghetti supper Saturday night!   Hurry up and make those reservations, or you’ll miss out on a fabulous meal!  Mmm-mmmmm!

Is it time for an Ice Cream Party yet?

You know what?

All this Spring weather makes me want an ice cream!

And not just any ice cream . . .

I want an ice cream party!

So, I tried to beg plead whine talk Tami into having one on opening weekend, but she said it was already on the schedule for another time.

“No it isn’t!” I said.

“Yes . . . it is.” she said.

“No, it isn’t.”

“Tell you what, Maxwell.  I bet you your bowl of ice cream that it’s on the schedule.”

“Okay, prove it.” I said.

And she did, darn it.  Twice.

There’s one on May 22nd and one on June 12th.

Here at Poland Spring Campground, our ice cream parties are free.  Each family brings a topping to share and we lay them out Pot Luck style.  Dave will scoop you some ice cream and you can put anything on it you want!

So what are you waiting for??   Make your Ice Cream Party reservations!

And, hey . . . can you distract Tami while I put caramel and sprinkles on mine and make a run for it before she remembers that I’m supposed to give it to her?