Labor Day Weekend ~ 2017


I know, I know,


I’m late with this post.

Sigh.  That’s because I get so sad every time look at the Labor Day photos.

It was the last recreation schedule for 2017.  But my little campers didn’t let that get them down. They came prepared to celebrate!


They wore their red, white and blue holiday best!

Especially for the Pots and Pans parade on Saturday.  They decorated bikes, and wagons and helmets and each other!

I got to carry the flag in the Pots and Pans parade!

(I looooooove carrying the flag)

I think Ben’s a little jealous that I have that special job.

Debbie gave out whistles and we made tons and tons of noise with our friends!

As we wound our way around the campground, we were telling everyone to “Come out and play!”

How could they sleep in when there was so much to do??  All our favorite activities were jammed into one fun filled weekend.

“What activities?” you say?

I thought you’d never ask!  We had bocci, a scavenger hunt, water balloon slingshot, bubble play, adult bingo, candy bar bingo, a tie dye activity . . .

and we made our own lanterns, too.

There were lots of ribbons to be won, some of my little campers have been collecting them for years and years.

And of course we had a hayride!  We waved our flags and sang songs . . .

Then on Sunday, I woke up to rain.

“Oh no!” I thought. “What will my little campers do??”  I ran to the rec hall and found them making lobsters and lobster buoys!

Aren’t they awesome??

I shouldn’t have worried, because Debbie knows just what to do. She kept all the kids inside the rec hall to play games like bowling and minute to win-its, and have snacks and hang out.

Sadly, there was no recreation on Monday, but Tami and David host a special  dinner just for seasonal campers to thank them for staying with us this year . . .

Lobster and steak, with pot luck appetizers, dishes and desserts.


Wait a minuuuuuuuute . . . those aren’t the lobsters my little campers made, are they??

It’s always such a nice way to end the summer . . .

just the way it started . . . with good company!

Red, White and Blue: Labor Day Weekend

I just love my campers!


They really, really get into Labor Day Weekend!

They wear lots of red, white and blue and create Labor Day noisemakers at arts and crafts too . . .

20160903_102930 20160903_102952


I was quite jealous of their Uncle Sam hats!



When we gathered outside the store, Tami said, “Go wake everyone up!” And we did!!


We had so much fun walking the campground and making noise . . .

The weather was gorgeous all three days and we had so much to do ~ swim in the pool, kayak in the lake, loon and eagle watch, water balloon slingshot, arts and crafts twice, movie night, field games . . .

but my absolute favorites this weekend?  There were lots of them!



Have you ever played?  It’s a lot like horseshoes, but instead you roll balls and try to hit everyone out of the way to be closest to the little one . . .


Aw, Maggie explains it way better than me!


Story time was on the schedule too . . .


And we can’t have a story time . . .


without books and . . .

Moose Mix!!


My favorite!


Especially when RJ gives me his M&M’s.

We had our weekly hayride . . .



And our weekly campground group photo!


And our very last recreation activity of the year?

Candy Bar Bingo!!


The rec hall was full, full, FULL of little campers and young-at-heart campers!


And I hear tons of candy bars were won . . .

Hershey Bars, Reeses, Kit Kats . . .


Heeeeey!  What was that I just said?  The last recreation activity?

For like . . . the whole season?




But we had a great Recreation Season, didn’t we? We dressed up as knights and princesses


and pirates, too!


We met Santa


A chainsaw artist . . .


The Grinch . . .


And Skywalker, a golden eagle.


We made Frankensteins –

HalloweenOne (76)

Fairy Houses


And rockets at the lake!


I’m sure gonna miss my little campers. But you know what? We’ve got some cool things planned for 2017!

And we can’t wait!


Only 240 days until recreation starts again!!  (Give or take a few!)

Labor Day 2015


Tami about fell off her stool, when this grumpy camper walked in the store!  I mean, really??  What does he have to be grumpy about?  We had tons of cool things happening at the campground!!

There was our last Candy Bar Bingo of the season.  Our last Arts and Crafts.  The last Waterballoon Slingshot.  Our last Patriotic Parade







Our last Horseshoe Tournament, Jewelry Making, and Hayrides, too.


Our last group photo of 2015.




Our last Storytime with Moose Mix . . . . HEEEEEEE-Y!


I think I get it.

Darn it!  Now I’m grumpy, too!

Medieval Weekend 107

“Get up, Maxwell,” Tami scolded. “You’re antlers will stay droopy if you keep pouting like that. Go spit some seeds or something.”   Tami paused, then slapped a hand to her forehead.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“I can’t believe I just gave you permission to go spit.”  She sighed.

I laughed all the way to the Seed Spitting Contest!  That’s all I needed, was a giggle.  Tami’s so smart.

From there my little campers and I went to Bocci, Bubble Play, Kickball and lots more!!

One of the really cool highlights of the weekend was Trash Bag Theater!

We had four groups of kids, brave enough to play.  They each got a trash bag of random items, and they had twenty minutes to create a play, using each one of the items.  Then they performed their stories in front of the campground audience.  Sooooooo, much fun!!





We had plays titled, Sideway Tales, The Witch and the Sword, Pollution Mystery, and Distracted Crows.  Great job everyone!!!

The recreation may be put away, but we aren’t closed yet!  We’ll be here until Columbus Day and the lake is prettiest this time of year.  Come and camp one more time!!!

2014 Labor Day Weekend


The bestest part of Labor Day Weekend is the parade!!


Debbie and I led a gaggle of bikers with their red, white and blue decorations . . .




And the walkers with their noisemakers from arts and crafts.  Just to be sure they’d be doubly loud, Debbie handed out some horns too.


Boy oh boy, were they a wonderfully . . . noisy bunch!





We loaded Saturday and Sunday with all Debbie and Maggie’s favorite things!

Jewelry making was lots of fun!




Seed spitting was too!


Peek a boo!  I see you at bubble play!


And because it was a looooong weekend, there was lots of time to just swing back and forth and back and forth . . .


One of the last activities . . . was my favorite activity.


And Maggie handed out my favorite noisemaker . . .

the Kazoo!




Gosh, I love hearing our little campers play it!




Saying goodbye to my summer camping friends is so hard!


I hope they all have a great winter and I can’t wait to see everyone again next May!!


But don’t forget we’re open until Columbus Day.  Tami was out kayaking the lake today and she saw fish jumping, the osprey hunting, the kingfisher fishing and turtles sunbathing.  Harvest Hill’s Pumpkin Land is due to open soon too!  Come join us off season!

Labor Day 2013

We were a sea of red, white and blue . . .

Such a pretty dress!


We made Uncle Sam hats and noisemakers at Arts and Crafts  . . .

Debbie handed out cool flags to everyone biking or marching  . . .

There couldn’t have been a more patriotic pots and pans parade!

We loaded Saturday and Sunday with recreation.  Some of our events were bubble play, ultimate frisbee,jewelry making, two arts and crafts, seed spitting, Bingo, ceramics, pool games, relay games, horseshoes and story time with Moose Mix!

Moose Mix is very, very popular around here.

We had a candy bar Bingo too!  And you know how many candy bars were entered?

C’mon, guess!

Ninety-One!  Imagine ~

Ninety-One Candy Bars!


And then there was the super cool Water Balloon Target Practice:

Going for distance . . .


Aiming Carefully . . .

What a fabulous finish we had to our 2012 Schedule of Events!

It was a great weekend, full of new camping families and some “frequent flyer” campers too.  We love to see our camping kids reconnecting in person with their long lost friends.

And you know what? I got the highest praise I could ever get from a camping buddy.

I got . . .

a thumb up!

It’s the perfect way to end our last weekend of 2012 recreation!

Labor Day Weekend ~ 2011

You know . . .

I LOVE Labor Day Weekend, but it always makes me a little sad too.

On the one hand

We had all these cooooooool activities like Egg games

Carrying the egg on your head
Egg Under the Chin race

and a scavenger hunt, horseshoes, and the water balloon slingshot on Saturday.

And if you thought the day was done, think again!

We also decorated our bikes and made noise makers for the bike parade

Debbie made all the bikers raise their right hands and swear not to run her over . . .

had a seed spitting contest . . .

played Ultimate Frisbee with the teens and adults . . .

Uh-oh! What'd B do?

Aaaaaaand, played Candy Bar Bingo!!

with lots and lots of happy winners!

On Sunday we had Story time with Moose Mix, Relay races in the pool, Waterballoon target practice, jewelry making, Bubble Play and we created pin wheels at Arts and Crafts

Awww! Her pinwheel matches her shirt!
How clever is that? She attached her pinwheel to her bike handles!
Purple! My favorite color!

I was so proud of my little campers . . . many of them were waving the old red, white and blue!

I felt like a real, live, rock star all weekend, hanging out with my little campin’ buddies.

So I bet you’re sitting there, in front of your computer, shaking your head and saying, “Maxwell, Maxwell, Maxwell.  With all that cool stuff going on, how on earth could you be  so sad?”

It’s really simple actually.  It’s Becauseit’stheverylastweekendofrecreationandI’mgoingtomissitsomuch!


Sniffle, sniffle.

Tami says they’re still open ’til Columbus Day though.  And there’s tons of people who love fall camping because they get to go out fishing and kayaking and canoeing and wildlife watching.  And the kids still get together to play ping pong and manhunt and stuff like that.   Tami has a whole list hiking and geocacheing trails . . . oh, and there’s the cool nights by the crackling campfire to look forward to . . .

Okay, so there’s a ton more camping season left.

What are you waiting for?

Labor Day Weekend 2010

Wow!  What a Red, White and Blue Weekend!

Bryant and Debbie put all their favorite recreation on the activity sheet!  There was the waterballoon slingshot, egg games, jewelry making, Watermelon Seed Spitting, and our Saturday afternoon hayrides

Look!   Debbie gave everyone a flag to wave!  Me too!!

There was a scavenger hunt and arts and crafts,  where we decorated our bikes and made hats and noisemakers.

Of course, everyone was wicked excited to see Candy Bar Bingo on the schedule.

Tami told Alex she absolutely, positively had to get photos for the blog.  But you know what?

This is all the pictures Alex could take, because the rec hall was filled up and she was too busy running around, calling numbers with Bryant, double checking cards and throwing out dum-dums and licorice at the mini-games between rounds.  Everyone was a winner!

And all that stuff?  That was just Saturday!

On Sunday, Bryant had storytime with yours truly (I liked Duck for President by Doreen Cronin, best), and there were pool races, waterballon target practice, Capture the Flag, Ping Pong, two movies, and arts and crafts.

I even got in a game of



Labor Day Weekend

I really didn’t want Labor Day Weekend to come, ’cause I knew it was the last one with fun recreation stuff to do.  But you know what?

It was a blast!

Debbie and Bryant picked all their favorites like  teen ping pong, waterballoon slingshot, adult bingo, egg games, jewelry making, a seed spitting contest, and a labor day parade


labor-day-blog-006 labor-day-blog-013

These guys made soooo much noise with their pots and pans, and the shakers they made at arts and crafts!  It was awesome!   Their bikes looked really good too . . . all red, white and blue.

I decided I wanted to lead this rowdy, patriotic group around the campground.  Debbie said, “Go right ahead, Maxx.  Jump on the golf cart.”

So I did.


Bryant jogged right over.  “Debbie meant you could ride on the cart, Maxx.  Not drive it.”

“I’ve watched you,” I told him.  “I know where the gas pedal is . . . and the brake thingy.”

Bryant rolled his eyes.  “You need a drivers license Maxx.  That’s the rules.”

Rules, schmules.  Who makes them anyway?

There was a horseshoe tournament too, a scavenger hunt, hayride


and Kid’s Candy Bar Bingo!!

Bryant and Alex said there were 90


candy bars!

Can you believe it?


The winner of the cover-all game walked away with 23 candy bars!  Hmmmm – I wonder  –   if I asked reeeeee-ally nice . . . . pretty please-ish . . .  I wonder if he’d share?


And that was just Saturday’s stuff.

On Sunday we had story time and a snack with yours truly


ceramics, pool relay races, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, waterballoon target practice, arts and crafts, capture the flag and an adult dart tournament.


It all came and went so fast.  One minute I was in front of the store with all my little camping buddies around me.  The next minute, I was trying to figure out where they all went!

I hope everyone is having a good school year so far . . . can’t wait to see you all again!  The campground’s open till Columbus Day, so if you get the hankering to camp one more time, to have s’mores over the campfire or kayak the lake while the trees burst with red, yellow and orange . . . come and see us!

More on Labor Day . . .

On the schedule today was story time, water balloon volleyball, ceramics, adult volleyball, capture the flag, darts tournament and ice games!  My favorite thing was making noisemakers for the

Labor Day Parade!

There were pin wheels . . .  Red, white and blue streamers . . .  Patriotic hats . . .

Debbi handed out some wicked loud whistles that had all the parents cringing

And then they were off to circle the campground!

I’m not sure how the little one below slept through it all.  You could hear this parading crew from the lake!

It was a great, end-of-the summer weekend!  There were times when Tami and I thought we were seeing double . . .

And there were lots of cute moments too –

(I always wondered how the campground stayed so clean!)

But now our recreation program is done for the summer.   Sigh.

While Tami, Debbi and Bryant are busy planning the theme weekends for 2009, you can still enjoy some quiet fall camping, you know!  Cool, crisp nights, the call of the loon, friends toasting marshmallows with friends . . .

Fall camping can be a lot of fun!

Labor Day Weekend already?

Maxwell Moose here with all my friends . . .

We had a great time today!

There were egg and water games in the playing field . . . we made lobsters and lobster bouys at arts and crafts. Then we headed down to the playing field where Debbi (far right) and Bryant were shooting off water ballons with help from our friend Linda.

They shot them low, for the little ones

and higher for the bigger kids!

Look how wet you get~

If you catch one without it hitting the ground or breaking, you get a free ice cream! If you don’t believe me, ask these guys!

Great job you two!

Heeeeeey! Bryant! What are you up to??

As if they weren’t wet enough already!!

At 7:30 tonight everyone gathered at the office for a light parade around the campground!

What a whole lotta flashing and blinking and bright colors! Wicked cool.

The good news is, the fun isn’t over yet! Most of my little buddies are staying until Monday, so we have another whole day of fun stuff planned for Sunday too!