Father’s Day Weekend


We had a grrrrr-eat time, Father’s Day Weekend!  I made lots of new camping friends and hung out with a few old ones too.  I got lots of hugs and some high fives

fathers-day011blog fathers-day010blog

But my very favorite hello was when I got patted on the nooooooose



Bryant kept us hopping this weekend!  Parachute play, candy bar bingo, water balloons, scavenger hunt, and a movie.

I think the Dad’s had lots of fun too . . .  my camping buddies made them crowns at Arts and Crafts

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There was a Father/Son horseshoe tournament too!   Here are our first place winners


and our second place father/son team


I heard there were some really great games played . . . well done!

Some of the Dad’s played ping pong too


On Saturday night we had an awesome chicken barbeque . . . and the Dad’s got to eat for free!  I could smell that chicken cooking all afternoon.  My tummy started rumbling


Lots of campers showed up for their half chicken, potato and salad . . .

about 70 I think


But I wasn’t one of them.

Tami said Moose don’t eat chicken. They eat twigs and leaves and water lilies.

Water lilies?  Water LILIES?

“Can I have just a bite of your half?” I begged.  “A liiiiii-ttle, teeny tiny one?”

Tami shook her head no.

“The wing?  Just the wing, please?”

“No chicken for you.”  Tami said.  She pointed to a maple tree, gently pushed me toward it and told me to try some twigs. “They’re good for you.”

Twigs?  Really?  Would you settle for brussell sprouts when everybody else was eating ice cream?

Well, don’t tell her, but Bryant slipped me a drum stick when she wasn’t looking.

It was DE-licious!

Happy Father’s Day!

Bryant was all geared up for recreation this weekend! A Father/Son Horseshoe tournament, waterballoon slingshot, Tag and relay races, arts and crafts, scavenger hunt, a movie (The Golden Compass)


a Chicken B-B-Q!

We cooked 80 – half chickens on racks over the b-b-q pits. The guys dabbed sauce on the halves every once in awhile

and then flipped the racks

When Dave declared those chickens done, the racks were taken off and opened up.

By this time, I swear everyone in the campground could smell them!

Dave passed out the chicken while Joanne, Elaine, Sharon and Lee handed out the potatoes, salad, sauce, dressing and butter

It was scrumptious!

And the best part?? All the Dads ate for FREE!

Next weekend we have an ice cream party and pony rides to kick off our full recreation schedule. There’ll be all day, every day activities through August 24th!

Happy Mother’s Day!

They predicted rain . . .

instead we had a gorgeous weekend!

While Mom’s relaxed, the kids went to Arts and Crafts to make these:

Flower Pens!  The pot above is mine from Ben . . . isn’t it pretty!?

This morning, we had a special pancake breakfast in honor of Moms.  It was free of charge, as long as at least one family member helped cook, clean up or

serve.  All the kid servers were awesome, bringing us orange juice, pancakes, bacon and coffee!  Yum!  It was a great way to start the day.

But don’t take just my word for it, check out the smiles on these Mom’s . . .

Happy Mother’s Day to all our camping Moms, whereever you may be!

Next weekend . . . Horse drawn Hayrides.