Medieval Fairy Tale Weekend ~ 2017

When I stepped out of the woods on Saturday morning, I thought I’d gone back in time!

Right there in our very own office circle, was a pair of traditional blacksmiths!

While Rick and Jen worked, everyone walking by was a lord or lady, king or queen!!

What the heck was going on?  Did I go back in time?


Wait. What if there’s stocks?  Or gallows?  You know, sometimes, I’m kind of a naughty moose, playing tricks on Tami and stuff.  And I heard the Knights back then didn’t mess around.  My cute little face and impressive antlers weren’t going to get me out of trouble here . .. .

Waaaaaait a minute!  There’s a truck at the gate!  And Ben in the golf cart!!

I didn’t go back in time!  It’s Medieval Weekend!!!!

The blacksmiths were working hard hand-forging some cool iron work samples. I snuck a peek at their wares . . .

Fire pokers . . . key rings . . . plant hangers and even some roses!

These were Jen’s samples on her key ring. Aren’t they cool!!??

and here’s Tami’s favorite . . . a snake!!

I started looking around and WOW, did we have a ton of stuff going on!

There was a porridge eating contest . . .

Tami never lets me do that, she says it’d take too much scrubbin’ to get the oatmeal out of my fur!

But I wished I’d made it to jousting!  These kids are brave!

The viking ship races looked awesome, too.  I love all the boats!

they were so clever!

And at Arts and Crafts, we made swords and shields and crowns!

Doesn’t everyone look king-ly? And at the hayride, we were all given whistles.  Our parents and grandparents thought that was the greatest thing ever!  You know, because of all the noise we could make.

On Saturday night, Hope and her crew from Wind Over Wings arrived with their raptors . . . nature-geek Tami LOOOOOOOOVES them. Really!

This is Pippin, a Saw-Whet Owl . . .

and Tansy, an Eastern Screech Owl.  These two were shown around the room to everyone who attended.

Hope and the other Wind Over Wings Staff, told us each raptor’s story. They can’t be released back into the wild because of limitations in flight or sight.

In the case of Queen Solomon, the Great Horned Owl, she can’t be released because she became humanized after being rescued and raised by a human.

Did you know that if you find a baby bird, you CAN put it back in its nest, or close to it, and their parents will still feed them?  We didn’t know that – but we’re glad we do now!

Tami fell in love with Zachariah the first time he visited. She ended up putting a raven named Bo in her third Cooper and Packrat adventure, Mystery of the Missing Fox, after learning how smart they can be.

They are problem solvers and love to play, too!

Hope showed us how an eagle feather makes a sound when you swish it through the air.

But an owl’s feathers do not make a peep . . .

That’s so they can be stealthy and silent while hunting.

What a fun weekend!  I learned so much and had a good time, too!

Thank you, Poland Spring Campers, for coming out to play!  Visit us again soon!

Medieval Fairy Tale Weekend

But . . . wait . ..

“Which is it?”, I asked Tami.




Fairy Tale?


“Both?” she said.


Sometimes that Tami has great ideas.

Knights in shining armor started arriving to help protect Poland Spring Campground right after Tami hung the banners.


Tami said she felt safer with them camping with us.

Debbie and Brooke took all their favorite activities from last year’s Medieval and Fairy Tales weekends and put them together in one awesome package! Hammer Throw Games (Bocci), Bubble Play and a Fairy and Gnome hunt. We made Viking Ships at arts and crafts and sailed them in the lake.

And that was only Friday.

Early on Saturday, all our little campers went to Arts and Crafts to make shields, scepters and medieval crowns.



Oh, they were amazing!


And then it was time to practice how to be a knight . . .




We played leap frog . . .


And three legged races . . .

IMG_0416 IMG_0417

And we jousted too!







We shot off water balloons, had a scavenger hunt and ate porridge!





At the hayride, everyone came in their finest court dress!

Princesses and knights alike!







And Saturday night, we were very honored to have Hope and Carol from Wind Over Wings!!

A crowd gathered on our playing field.




They brought us Tansy the Screech Owl . . . who was hit by a car and lost an eye.

IMG_9355 IMG_9362

Kai the American Kestrel who was also rescued after being hit by a car. She can no longer fly.


And Cessna.  Red Shouldered Hawks aren’t usually calm in captivity, but after being injured, her caregivers noticed that Cessna was. She recuperated from her injuries nicely, but her wing feathers didn’t grow back.  Like the other raptors, she now helps Hope and Carol and the rest of the Wind Over Wings staff, in their quest to form a connection between us and wildlife.


And last but not least – Skywalker graced us with his presence.



Such a gorgeous raptor. A stunning Golden Eagle.



His story is inspiring . . . uplifting . . . and emotional.  Tami sheds a few tears every time she hears it.

You can read all about it here, on the Wind Over Wings website.

Now excuse me . . . I have to go figure out what my costume is going to be for Halloween One!

Halloween Too  (93)

I’m going to try hard to be scarier than this guy, this year.



Medieval Weekend 2015


What a great time I had with my little campers last weekend!  Our every day, ALL DAY, recreation program has begun.  And the activities are FREE!


Last weekend we made boats, and raced them in the lake.


We wanted to do it for hours and hours and hours . . .




But there were lots of other things to do, too.  Like Hammer Throw, ice melting contest, penny hunt, scavenger hunt, bocci, story time, candy bar bingo and arts and crafts, to name a few.

My favorite, was making hats and shields, wands and swords!





Everyone gathered at the office for our Saturday hayride. The local Ladies, Knights and Squires, joined us as well.


For the most part, we all got along famously!



Until I was challenged by a squire with a much fancier hat than I!


He fought valiantly, and was besting me!  Before I knew it, jousting and sword play began happening all over the place!


It was a difficult undertaking, but I finally managed to settle everyone down, so we could take a group photo of the Poland Spring townsfolk.


I had so much fun!  I didn’t want it to end.


I’m happy to say, Poland Spring Campground is full, full, full for Fourth of July Weekend, but there’s space left for Pirate Weekend . . . call today to reserve your site! We promise not to make you walk the plank.

Well, more than once, anyway.


King Maxwell the Moose!



I, King Maxwell the Moose, declare that Summer cannot . . .

and will not . . .


There’s still too much fun to be had!

Kayaking, swimming in the lake! Swimming in the pool!  Fishing!  Horseshoes!  Wildlife watching!  Arts and Crafts!  Viking Ship Races!

I ruled on Friday,  “Everyone is hereby ordered to have  FUN at the following events!”

Make your own princess and king-like jewelry . . .



Make cool shields, Maid Marian headbands and Robin Hood Hats in arts and crafts.



Enter a porridge eating contest!




Escape from Chinese Finger Traps!

IMG_1802 IMG_1803

“Um, Maxwell?” A camper quietly asked.

King Maxwell,” I reminded him.

Kiiiiing Maxwell, what’s Chinese finger traps have to do with Medieval Weekend?”

“I’m the King!  You dare question the King?”  I decide what’s Medieval fun and what’s not!”

Medieval Scavenger Hunts are fun!


Cleaning bathrooms is not.

Dressing Medieval-ly is fun!







Vacuuming the pool is not.

Candy Bar Bingo is really, really fun!





Winning is double fun!








If someone was caught NOT having fun – When they should have been having fun – we threatened to send them to the stocks . . .


See???  Having fun again!

We had three girl scout troops in this weekend too!  But they were so busy doing girl scout type things, this was the only group photo Tami managed to get . . .



pouting Max blog

Tami made me turn in my crown Sunday.  She said my head was getting too big for my antlers. Whatever that means.

So I guess summer is over . . . done . . . ended . . .

What?  There’s one more big weekend?

Oh!  Labor Day Weekend!  Yes!!

I’m off to find my flag for the big parade!!


Medieval Weekend

With the dreaded “school” starting this coming week, it was a quieter weekend, for sure.  But it doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun!

Medieval 025 (954x1024)

Tami was very pleased to see how many Lords, Ladies, Knights and Sherwood Forest dwellers there were!

Medieval 028 (767x1024)

Medieval 001 (1024x737)

Including our own Maid Maggie!

Medieval 002 (666x1024)

They showed up to build Fairy Houses, and to play Medieval Games, win candy at Candy Bar Bingo, join the Hammer Throw, jousting, water balloon slingshot and to make hats, shields and veils to wear on the hayride!

Medieval 020 (696x1024)

Medieval 019 (711x1024)

Medieval 016 (1024x767)

You know, Maggie been hanging around Tami for way too long.  First, she stands on the wagon and sweetly yells,  “Everybody on!”

Medieval 021 (1024x768)

And then, when we’re all settled in, knee to knee and shoulder to shoulder  . . .

She zaps us with the rules!

“All hands, arms, feet, swords, shields, crowns and butts stay inside the wagon at all times!”

Medieval 024 (1024x997)

“Everyone MUST stay sitting until the wagon comes to a complete stop . . . right back here!”

Medieval 023 (1024x702)

I mean, she’s so bossy!  Sheesh!

Then again, everyone does keep showing up for the activities, so I guess she can’t be all bad.

Medieval 029 (1024x767)

Question – What can clear a pool at 2pm on a beautiful, warm-in-the-sun August day?

Medieval 015 (1024x768)

A Porridge Eating Contest!!

Ready . . . Set . . . Go!

Medieval 008 (1024x768)


Medieval 009 (1024x600)

Tami won’t let me enter that contest, cause she’s afraid I’ll get porridge all in my fur.  And then I wouldn’t have looked my best for our group photo!!

Medieval 026 (1024x569)

Believe it or not, we still have room over Labor Day Weekend!  Call now . . . we have full recreation Saturday and Sunday with Candy Bar Bingo, a Red, White and Blue parade, storytime, hayrides, field games, bubble play, a horseshoe tournament, ceramics and much, much more!

Medieval Weekend

I can’t believe Tami.

You know what she did?

She totally forgot to take photos!

She missed taking pictures of viking ship making at arts and crafts

and the Fairy Troll treasure hunt

and the kayak races!

She forgot to bring her camera to Medieval Games and the water balloon slingshot!

I locked her in the dungeon for you.  With a dragon as her guard.

Then I, Sir Maxwell the Moose, ran around taking as many pictures as I could . . .

Porridge Eating was a lot of fun!


aaaaand a little messy.

I found lots of knights

And some princesses too . . .

(She made that bracelet in jewelry making! Isn’t it beautiful?)

Shields, headpieces, robin hood hats and swords were made in arts and crafts.  What cool designs they all had!

My campers and I had so much fun!

The really, really cool event though . .. was the epic sword fight between the Red and Blue Knights~

They may look a mighty fierce in these photos, but the video tells a liiiiiittle bit of a different story.  Check back for it . . .

Medieval weekend is one of my very favorites!!

Oh, and what about Tami?  No worries.  I had our resident Science Dudette

create a little memory medicine.  Tami should be back to her “old” self for this weekend . . .

Halloween Weekend!



Medieval Weekend 2011

Wow!  There was so much fun stuff going on during Medieval Weekend, I almost couldn’t do it all!

But my little campers did!

We had ourselves some target practice with the catapult Ben built in Boyscouts.  That was lots of fun!

There were viking ship races, a treasure hunt, ferrier fetching (which is a very fancy medieval way of saying “horseshoes”) and a scavenger hunt.

We also played a bunch of medieval field games . . .

like jousting with noodles!

You know what?  Tami wouldn’t let me try the porridge eating contest. I stamped my foot (hoof?) and crossed my arms and pouted for hours and hours.  She only shook her head and said, “You’ll never get it out of your fur.”

Maybe she was right.  But don’t tell HER, I said that.

Debbie and Maggie had the campers make Robin Hood hats and princess crowns at Arts and Crafts.  There was shield making too!  Isn’t this one well done???

He looks ready to march into battle!

And speaking of battles, this group of five put on an awesome sword fight performance,  right before the hayride.

First, Bryant arrived, telling Maggie he was back to claim the recreation program as his own.   Of course, Maggie refused . . .

Just when it looked like Maggie might lose the battle . . . Ben rushed onto the scene and it became 2 against 1.

As you can imagine, that didn’t sit too well with Bryant!  So he asked for volunteers.  After turning down a dancer (who I thought might have been a good distraction), he found a willing participant

who just happened to be dressed in medieval garb, and be carrying a couple of daggers.  Gee!  Bryant was lucky to find him, huh??

They battled long and hard . . .

aaaaaand . . .

you’ll just have to watch for the YouTube link we’re gonna post here soon, if you want to see how it all turns out! We’ll show it start to finish! It was awesome!  Bryant choreographed the whole thing! Thanks a bunch Bry!

I practiced my sword fighting skills too, you know.  Still, this guy beat me with one hand tied behind his back.  Sheesh!  I’m gonna have to ask Bryant to give me lessons.

You never know when I’ll have to rescue a damsel in distress!!

Although  . . . you know . . . now that I’ve seen Maggie’s sword fight skills . . . she’ll probably be the one saving ME!

Saturday night, Markus and Angelique from The Magic of the Steelgraves, performed some amazing magical tricks for the whole campground!  They juggled . . . they lit things on fire . . . they made a chicken appear . . . they ate doves . . .

No wait, that last one was just a trick.  Honest.  They didn’t really eat them.  It just looked like they ate them.  Aw geez, you’ll just have to see it for yourself next year!  You’d never believe it!

Medieval Weekend 2010

Oh my goodness!!

I was so busy trying to pick out a halloween costume, that I forgot to post some pictures from Medieval Weekend!


Once upon a time, there was a King

(that’s me . . . see the crown?)

and he ruled kind of wisely over Poland Spring Campground.  The Moose King was in charge of all the fun stuff like

sword playing, and jousting with noodles and treasure hunting and viking ship races and scavenger hunts . . .

(gasp, gasp, gasp)

sword and shield making at arts and crafts, medieval games, waterballoon slingshot . . .

(gasp, gasp, gasp)

boat building and racing . . .

and a porridge eating contest

and lots more too!

His subjects would come to bow down before him . . .

ah  . . . well . . . okay, so they didn’t exactly BOW . . .

But they did high five!

And we had a lot of fun!

The Red Knight and the Blue Knight showed up again.   Those two . . . forever arguing.

This time, it was all about  . . .

are you sitting down???

Googly bands.

Yes.  Googly Bands.

A CROWN googly band, to be exact.


So the crowd took sides to cheer them on!

and the battle began for the right to . . . ahem . . .

wear the purple googly crown.

They fought hard and long, but only one could win.

In a brilliant and final move, the Red Knight tripped the Blue Knight, pushed him down into the hay with his foot, and sword poised . . . he declared himself the winner!

Well fought, Red Knight.  Well fought.

So now, we’re all decorated for Halloween!!

What do you think of my costume?

We’re having two . . . TWO! . . . Halloweens, one this weekend and one next.

so you can still get in on the fun!

Call today!!!

Fiesta Weekend 2010

Fiesta Weekend was so much fun!

We had all our usual recreation, plus sombrero making

and hayrides

There was this HUUUUUUUUGE Fiesta Party in the playing field too!

Debbie made her famous Sopaipillas – Tami had to tell me they were fried dough – and the line for them was really, really, long too!

We had the bouncy house out!  I never get tired of the bouncy house.

My little camping buddies and I tried to win prizes at the dart game

and Musical Jumping Beans

and the Ring Toss too!

When I did all of those games, I tried the Quarter Game and Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

I tried to get Alex to give me a tattoo, but she just laughed at me and said it’d never stick to my fur.

But the very, very best thing at the party . . . the one that I couldn’t wait to do . . .


We whacked at them, and whacked at them, and whacked at them, until they cracked open

and we’ could get our hands on all the yummy candy inside!

The Fiesta party was soooo much fun, and lots of parents stopped Tami to tell her how awesome a time their kids were having, so I asked her if we could do Fiesta Weekend all over again THIS weekend.

But she said, “Maax!?  Don’t you want to have Medieval Weekend?  With the jousting?  Making your own shields and swords and princess hats?  What about the duel between the Red Knight and the Blue Knight?  And the viking ship races?”

Well, I DO love Fiesta . . . but I really, really, really  love Medieval too!

Hmmmmm, where did I put my jousting noodle?

Medieval Weekend

Maxx here!


There was so much for my little campers to do over Medieval Weekend!  Charging and jousting



ferrier fetching (horseshoes),  bocci,volleyball, boat races,

princess and Robin Hood hat making


shield making, cannon ball target practice, a penny hunt, viking ships in arts and crafts, swordplay

medieval-weekend-blog-023 medieval-weekend-blog-030


a scavenger hunt, porridge eating


medieval-weekend-blog-057 medieval-weekend-blog-068

and hayrides


Halfway through Saturday, Bryant the Red Knight and his friend Dan the Blue Knight,  had a liiiiii=ttle argument.  You see, Bryant thought Cookie Dough ice cream was the best Ben and Jerry’s flavor ever made.  And Dan thought Cherry Garcia was  tastier.  There was only one way to solve the argument . . .



they dueled!  The crowd cheered them on . . . rooting for their favorite flavor. Um,  I mean, their favorite knight.

Cherry Garcia won the day, but everyone came together in the end.


It was awesome to see so many ladies-in-waiting and knights

medieval-weekend-blog-003 medieval-weekend-blog-017



Robin Hoods and Maid Marian’s

medieval-weekend-blog-0751 medieval-weekend-blog-074

I really, really think it makes the recreation that much more fun when my camping buddies dress up!

On Saturday night Bryant hosted Trash Bag theater.  Three teams came up with the most excellent plays ever!

There was Every Man in a Dress across the  Time Space Continuum


and The Mystery of the Golden Bone


the last was simply titled, Camping.


I had so much fun watching them do their excellent acting, that I got a little carried away and kind of . . .

sort of . . .

conquered Bryant.


Tami shook her head at me.  “Maaaaaaxx!  We can’t do Adventurer Weekend without Bryant.  Help him up!”