Red, White and Blue!

Memorial Day Weekend is one of my favorites!  You know why?

Because I get to come out and play for the first time of the new season!

Boy oh boy, did I miss my little campers!

Debbie and Brooke planned tons of fun stuff to do, from Arts and Crafts where we made red, white and blue decorations

for the Pots and Pans parade!


to the water balloon slingshot,

jewelry making, relay races,

a scavenger hunt, wiffle ball and candy bar bingo!

Whew!  And that was only Saturday!!!

That’s the other thing I like about Memorial Day Weekend,

it’s a three day weekend!!!

On Sunday, we started the day with Story Time in the office circle.

Tami picked out some of my favorite stories.  Moose stories!!

And Brooke made some moose mix to nibble on while we heard them. Yum!!  I love that Moose Mix!

After Capture the Flag and some water balloon target practice, we had more arts and crafts time,

We made eagles in honor of our veterans, of course.

and bubble play!

My little campers make the biggest, bestest bubbles!

And then it was time for my favorite weekend activity of all . . .

Nooooooo . . . not swimming. I’m not allowed to go swimming in the pool like this little camper . . .  something about my fur clogging the filter or something-

And it wasn’t fishing, because this guy beat me to it!!  A 15 inch crappie! Wow!!

It was our weekly Saturday hayride!!  The time of the weekend when we get all my little campers together for a group photo . . . it’s . . . it’s . . . .

what does Tami call it?

A tradition!

Come make some family traditions with us this summer!  We’d love to have you . . .




Memorial Day Weekend 2016


Memorial Day Weekend was soooooooo . . .

much . . .



We had arts and crafts, the waterballoon slingshot, jewelry making, relay races, a scavenger hunt, and . . .

A Pots and Pans Parade!!  We made really loud noisemakers and Debbie and Brooke gave us whistles too. They told us to go wake everyone up.


So we did.


We had a hayride too!  That was tons of fun!

IMG_3236 IMG_3240

I even got over the the pool, to say hello to all my little campers.


AND we played candy bar bingo!!!

IMG_3243 IMG_3245

And that was all just Saturday fun!  You should’ve seen Sunday . . .

IMG_3249 IMG_3250

We have lots and lots of cool stuff planned this Spring and Summer!  If you haven’t made your reservations, now’s the time!!

Memorial Day 2014!


I ran into the campground office last Wednesday and told Tami I had somewhere important I had to be, and asked if she’d post all the cool pictures we’d taken of me . . . I mean, of my little campers . . . over Memorial Day Weekend.

She looked at her calendar, “I think I can, Maxx, if I squeezed it in after school, but before writing Cooper’s third adventure.  Oh! I promised Debbie I’d order some new recreation equipment, too!  Are you sure you can’t ~”

“Gee!  Thanks!!”  I gave her a big hug and took off to do that important thing I’d been waiting all month to do –


The fries were awesome!  Thomas said he sold a ton of them. The Deli Sandwich was pretty good too.  And that warm chocolate chip cookie!!  Heaven!

“Maxx!” Tami tapped me on my shoulder as I scoffed down the last of my third order of fries.


She pointed to the store.  Then the back office.  Then she showed me a roll of camouflaged colored duct tape.

I got the message.  Sit and write until I got it done.

But those fries!  And pizza!  I hadn’t tried the pizza . . .

Tami shook her head.  “No snack bar for you until you finish the blog post you promised your campers!  I told Thomas to shut you off.  You’re banned from the snack bar until you finish this blog post.”

So here goes . . .

Scenes from candy bar bingo!  It was a full house!



Lots of candy bars were won and lost!!


We had arts and crafts and water balloons and ceramics and bocci and story time and jewelry making and the movie Frozen and

bubble play!!


We made HUGE bubbles!


Salamanders were found . . .  and saved from the pool.


We had a pots and pans parade (Tami put a video of it on Facebook!)

Here I am, getting kicked out of the driver’s seat of the golf cart once again.




I LOVE our parades!




Maggie and Debbie and I make a great team!!!


I took lots of photos with kids too!



There was one glitch to the weekend though.  As if the crazy on and off again rain showers weren’t bad enough, right before the hayride, David discovered a flat tire on the wagon.


But you know what?  I have the very best little campers in the whole world!  Because they didn’t complain once!  I was so impressed, Debbie, Maggie and I handed out some patriotic tattoos!


Aren’t they all awesome!


Thanks to a camper friend who fixed the flat, we were able to have the hayride on Sunday instead!



I don’t just hang out with the kids either, you know.  I met lots of cool adult campers too!


But no one was as cool as this kid!  Check out his shirt!


Spider Moose!  My favorite Super Hero of all time!  He can climb the climber, and swing from tree to tree with his super spider webbing!  And with his spidey-senses he can tell . . .

There’s crumble burgers being served at the food cart!

Gotta go!


Memorial Day Weekend 2012!



What a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend.  The weather was picture perfect.  Not too hot, not too cold.  Not even one, teensy, weensy drop of rain.

Swimmers paddled in the the lake and pool for hours. Several of my little campers ended up with sunburns.  Ouch!

For arts and crafts, we gathered in the rec hall to make red, white and blue noisemakers

and visors

for our pots and pans parade!

Maggie and I led the way as my little campers banged pots,  pounded pans, and blew  noisemakers

We made sure everyone heard us loud and clear!

Don’t we look like a rough and tumble, rowdy bunch!?

There were field games, the water balloon slingshot, ceramics, wiffleball, candy bar bingo, horseshoes, teen jewelery making, storytime, darts, movies  and much, much more! They loaded up Saturday and Sunday with tons of fun things to do which had all my camping buddies grinning from ear to ear like my friend here . . .

One of my favorite activities is the Saturday afternoon hayrides.  ‘Cause that’s when I get to hang out with all my little buddies the longest!

Debbie and Maggie handed out little flags to everyone

and we had the best-est time waving them and singing our way around the campground.

And look at this All-American Guy!  Our American Flag in one hand and an ice cream in the other!

If you didn’t get to join us for this holiday weekend, no worries.  We have a whole summer of theme weekends to choose from!  Super Hero Weekend, Christmas in July, Fiesta, Chinese New Year, Pirate, Halloween One and Halloween Too and Medieval, to name a few. The schedule is on our website.   And don’t forget, our recreation activities are ALL DAY . . . EVERY DAY in July and the first three weeks of August.  AND THEY’RE FREE!

So come on!  Come stay a weekend . . . or better yet, book a week at 15% off!

And when you call or e-mail in those reservations, tell them Maxwell sent you!




Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend





We had a Pots and Pans parade on Saturday.   Bryant and I led the way through the campground


while Debbie and my friends followed behind, bang-bang-banging their pots


and tooting the super duper whistles Debbie handed out.


I could tell the parents re-ally looooooved those whistles.  They kept thanking Tami and telling her they wished they could repay her in some way.

Our friends the Walkers ran Volleyball for us, while Paula organized a dart tournament for adults.  Thank you!!

Debbie and Bryant were wicked busy with relay races, arts and crafts, ping pong, family bingo, story time, bubble play, hayrides, movies, waterballoon target practice –

and Trash Bag Theater!


I heard lots of awesome things about the plays these guys wrote and acted in! Tami said she could hear the audience laughing all the way up at the office.  Great job everyone!

Huh?  What’s that?  You want to know my favorite part of the weekend?

Why, it was hanging with all my camping buddies, of course!



memorial-day-09021blog memorial-day-09022blog

I even got to play a little fuseball!


I missed you guys all winter long.  I’m glad you’re back!!