Mother’s Day 2017

Oh my goodness!  Mother’s Day Weekend was so much fun!  Now, wouldn’t you think “Mother’s Day Weekend” means it’s supposed to be all about the Moms?

But, we played kickball in the playing field, and none of the Moms showed.

And we had arts and crafts at the rec hall, and none of the Moms showed there either.

I was so confused!!!


“Where are they all?” I asked.  “I’ve searched high and low and I just can’t find them!”

Tami patted me on the back and gave me that AWWW-you’re-so-cute  smile. “They’re back at their campsites, Maxx.”

“But, but, they’re all alone out there!  My little campers and I are about to do a scavenger hunt, and then it’s time for water balloon target practice!  I’m going out to find them.”

“No,” she said. “Leave them be. They’re enjoying their day.”

Sheesh! How can they enjoy their day without a turn in the bouncy house?

When all the fun was winding down, some of the little campers stopped by the store to pick out some flowers for their moms . . . .

Which was really nice and all.  “Well, my little friends had a ton of fun,” I told Tami.  “I sure hope the Moms weren’t too bored, though.”

“Maxx, you worry too much. Trust me. They had a great time.”

I guess she knows what she’s talking about. She’s a Mom too, but  I don’t know how you can have fun, when you don’t get your turn in the bouncy house.


Mother’s Day 2015


Wow!  We’re very excited to have so very many families camping for our Spring Special!  It’s great to hear laughter streaming from the campsites and the pitter-patter of little feet on the playground.

I have some of the best camping kids! This crew picked up trash . . .

all on their own . . .

not looking for any reward.


Tami couldn’t stop bragging about them!

We had some great recreation on Saturday; making Mother’s Day presents, playing horseshoes and other games.  On Sunday morning, we had a Free Mother’s Day Breakfast in the Rec Hall.  David had lots of little helpers!


Mother's Day 2015  (2)

And some “big” helpers too.  Couldn’t have done it without you!

Mother's Day 2015  (9)


A big shout out to all the camping Mom’s and their families . . .

Mother's Day 2015  (3)

Mother's Day 2015  (4)

Mother's Day 2015  (6)

Mother's Day 2015  (8)


So glad you could all join us on your Special Day!

Mother's Day 2015  (12)

A Gorgeous Mother’s Day!

I know it started with rain, but when the sun came out Saturday afternoon, I swear I could hear leaves popping out on trees and Tami’s perennials stretching from the ground with a sigh.

Debbie was back with the first official recreation of the season!  She had my little campers make Mother’s Day presents for their moms ~ flower pens in a pot!

They had water balloon target practice, played horseshoes and had a scavenger hunt too!

But the big exciting event . . . the one all the Mom’s were waiting for?

The Mother’s Day Breakfast!

Pancakes, bacon, and champagne in orange juice prepared with love by dads and kids.

Mother's Day  (2)

and served with love too.

Mother's Day  (3)


Mother's Day  (5)

The moms certainly seemed to like it!

Mother's Day  (9)

Mother's Day  (8)

Mother's Day  (7)

Mother's Day  (6)

Mother's Day  (4)

Mother's Day  (1)

I know Tami did!  She just loooooves being waited on.

Almost as much as she loves wildlife watching . . .


Mother’s Day 2013

It may have rained over the weekend, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun!

rainy June '09  2blog

Maggie came back to Poland Spring Campground to help us make presents for our Moms.  Beautiful flowers from tissue paper.  They were top secret surprises, so we didn’t get any pictures of them.

But we did get pictures of the winners of the Scavenger Hunt and Horseshoes

Mother's Day 006 (767x1024)

And we did get to have some water balloon target practice.

But the best-est thing we got to do this weekend, was take our Moms to a pancake breakfast!

Mother's Day 014 (1024x593)


Bacon and pancakes and syrup and orange juice and champagne for the moms . . .

Mother's Day 032 (1024x810)


Mother's Day 031 (1024x754)

Mother's Day 030 (1024x768)

And all we had to do was help set up . . .

Mother's Day 026 (757x1024)

Serve and clean up!

Mother's Day 025 (837x1024)


What’s not to like!? We go to hang out with our families and eat pancakes!  Two of our favorite things . .

Mother's Day 033 (1024x767)

Next weekend, we’re having an ice cream party!

Don’t forget your toppings.

And your appetites!




Happy Mother’s Day 2010

Look what my awesome little campin’ buddies made for their Moms!!!

Flower Pens in a decorated vase and cards . . .

How cool is that??

And then, as if that wasn’t enough, they helped cook, serve and clean up at the complimentary Mother’s Day Champagne Breakfast!

Here they are wrapping silverware in napkins

and serving pancakes, bacon, orange juice and coffee to their favorite Mom.

Of course, the Dad’s were earning their brownie points too

Tami said it was all so yuuuuuuu-mmy.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our camping Moms,

where ever you may be today!

Happy Mother’s Day

We had a great Mother’s Day weekend!  Bryant was back, doing what he does best:


The kids tried a new arts and crafts project, hand prints.

First, you were supposed to make a 2 inch impression of your hand in some sand.   Then they decorated them with rocks, shells or glass stones.  The last step was to pour plaster of paris all over the top of it.



Unfortunately, the plaster didn’t set as quickly as the directions for the Hand Mosaics said they would.  We probably should have had them sit overnight.  Still, I think the kids had a pretty good time playing with it.

Bryant also played kids games in the field.  Later in the day Saturday, Paula and her husband organized a parent/child horseshoe tournament as well as an adult dart tournament.  Thank you guys!

I was talking a little walk through the campground Sunday morning, trying to find some flowers for Tami, when I suddenly smelled bacon cooking!  I followed my nose, and found several dads and kids slaving away in the Rec Hall for the Mother’s Pancake Breakfast!  It was free for the whole family as long as one family member helped cook, serve,


or clean!


I peeked through the windows and saw every single table full of smiling campers!


We hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day!