AAAAAAaaargh! There Be Pirates!

Poland Spring Campground was overrun by pirates!

Those scurvy dogs sure were a busy lot! They raced from Storytime, to Bocci, Treasure Hunting , and jewelry making and sandcastle building too!




Those scurvey dogs did it all!  From making parrots and eye patches and sporting tattoos .  . .

IMG_0151 IMG_0152

to Scavenger Hunts, Pirate Training Games, Landlubber Games and Bubble Play!





We knew we had a lot of pirates in the campground. You couldn’t miss them! They were in the store, renting boats, and splashing in the pool . . . but when Tami and I saw the big band of pirates that showed up at the lake to make  Fairy Houses . . . .


IMG_0133 IMG_0131







We quickly signed up to join their motley crew!!



We didn’t want to end up walking the plank like these guys here

IMG_0148 IMG_0145

*Shudder*  No walkin’ the plank for me!  My fur gets all wet and stinky.

How I love meeting all my little camper pirate friends!








We have the best times at Poland Spring Campground!!

Pirate Weekend 2015




Shiver Me Timbers!  We were overrun by pirates!!

It’s taken Tami days and days to recuperate!







So, okay, they didn’t pillage and plunder.  But they DID play a ton of games all over the campground.

They built fairy houses down by the lake . . .






And then sank each other’s ships . . .



They scavenged for the Scavenger Hunt, had two story times, and trained to be a pirate under the most horrible of conditions . . .

Swabbing the deck . . .

Swabbing the deck

Walking the plank . . .

Walking the plank


Walking the plank blindfolded AND


getting squirted with water at the same time!


Walking the plank and getting squirted with water by your MOM!


And if all that wasn’t bad enough, then Debbie lined them up to throw water on them, like it was a hurricane or something!


I turned to Megan to ask if I could sail on her ship, instead of Debbie’s, but Megan did it too!


We played all kinds of pirate-y games . .  .


and made sandcastles too!



There was even some swordplay with the Poland Spring Captain!


We had a right, fine Poland Spring Pirate Crew!  I’d set sail with them anytime!


Pirates, pirates, everywhere!


Aarrrrrr!  We be a fearsome crew at Poland Spring Campground!!

Just look at me hook-hand!!


We be soooo tough, we encouraged the little pirates to sink ships!




and taught ’em how to walk planks!

Skinny planks.



And yes . . . even the wee ones!


The scurvy dogs couldn’t wait to shoot off water balloon bombs!




Especially the wee ones . . .


We had scavenger hunts, made houses for the little people who hide at the lake’s edge (they do!) so they wouldn’t make holes in our boats while we slept.


and  we made hook hands for the lot of us!


Then used ’em to play our pirate games!


Aaaaaand, apparently to eat with.


BUT AAAArrrrrrrr!  We be the most fearsome crew, Poland Spring has ever seen!


Trained by me . . . their Captain!  Maxwell Moose!

Look at ’em!  All brave and stuff!

But none be braver than this wee lad!

He took on our talkin’, squawkin’, porch pirate . . .


stamped his foot at him, and gave a swing of his sword.

At the end of the day, there was treasure for me crew for a job well done.


Yes. Well, done indeed!


The Weekend We Were Overrun By Pirates!

Aaaargh!!   There was so much to do Pirate Weekend, I didn’t know where to start!  The lake?  The playing field?  The playground or the rec hall!

Debbie and Maggie told me to take a deep breath and calm down.

“But, but, how am I going to do it ALL!” I cried.

Debbie handed me a schedule.  “It’s listed right here, Maxx. But you don’t have to do it all-”

“Oh yes, I do!” I lifted my eye patch to scan the schedule quickly.

And off I went!  Three days of pirate-y fun!

So many of my camper friends came decked out in their finest pirate clothes.

Pirate Weekend fun 048 (960x1280)

Friday was a full day with Bubble Play, bocci, story time,  and fairy house making . . .

Pirate Weekend fun 058 (1280x959)

Pirate Weekend fun 059 (960x1280)


Pirate Weekend fun 055 (1280x1274)

Pirate Weekend fun 057 (1280x1036)

I think the Poland Spring forest wee-folk are enjoying their castles! Don’t you?

Then this treasure hunting crew set about to find lost Doubloons . . .

Pirate Weekend fun 061 (1280x960)

We played sink the ship and we walked the plank!  Then I stayed up past my bedtime to go to family bingo.

And on Saturday morning I got up and was back for more!

We made parrots and swords!

Pirate Weekend 004 (922x1280)

I ran from the landlubber games to the cannon shooting contest.  I checked in on teen jewelry making, horseshoes,  the scavenger hunt and then the pirate training games . . .

“That was awesome!” I told Maggie on Saturday afternoon between moose yawns.  “I’m so tired . . . my antlers are drooping. I think I’ll go take a nap.”

“Well, you did play hard,” Maggie said.  “I’ll see you tomorrow for Sunday morning story time. Don’t forget the moose mix.”

But then, as I crossed the parking lot, I saw this!

Pirate Weekend 005 (959x1280)

Debbie, giving the hayride rules!  And Maggie started handing out little pirate telescopes!

Pirate Weekend 007 (1280x816)


So of course, I had to stick around and hang out with my Poland Spring Campground crew!




Pirate Weekend 013 (1280x640)

Pirate Weekend 016 (942x1280)

Pirate Weekend 018 (934x1280)

And after I had a nice long nap, I watched Taryn from Mad Science perform the Fire and Ice show!

Pirate Weekend 033 (1280x960)


Pirate Weekend 045 (1280x960)


Pirate Weekend 054 (1280x960)

Pirate Weekend 044 (1280x960)

Pirate Weekend 047 (1280x960)

I told Tami that I wished it was Pirate Weekend, EVERY weekend!

“Hmmmm, good idea,” Tami said.  “All the campers seemed to love the whole pirate, swash buckling theme. I’ll go call Santa, cancel Christmas, leave the pirate decorations up-”

“Whoa, WHOA, WHOA!”   I cried, “Let’s not be hasty.  You can’t cancel *gasp* Christmas!

“Look! Look! I’ve already got my hat on!”

Christmas 2012 044 (832x1024)

Whew, that was a close one!

Always be careful what you wish for!



We be over-run with vicious pirates last weekend!

They were the most treasure-thirsty crew we’d ever laid our one, good eye on!

They insisted on cannon balling . . .

and playing sink-the-ship . . .

and reading pirate stories . . .

and  . . .


Building wee Tinkerbell Houses –

Oh, the horror of it all!

And that was just Friday.

On Saturday there was sword and parrot making, horseshoes, a scavenger hunt, pirate games like swabbing the deck and a cannonball shooting contest.  Jewelry making was a big hit, as was our land-lubber sea-rover hayride!

We flew the Jolly Roger proudly, circling the campground, looking for pirates to join our motley crew!


Pirates Beware indeed!  I think these babies intended on kissing and hugging me to death!

But I wouldn’t give in.  No.  I took it like a Moose.

And then, when I thought all the seas were calm and there be smooth sailing ahead,

Mad Science arrived with their Radical Reaction Show!


What a BLAST we had!

Sorry you missed Pirate Weekend?  No worries!  You can still make reservations for Superhero . . .

or Fiesta Weekend with it’s big carnival party . . .

or Medieval Weekend with the Magic of the Steelgraves . . .

Or choose either Halloween One . . . or Halloween Too!

What are you waiting for?

Call today!

Why couldn’t the little pirate get into the movie?

Because it was rated Aaaaaargh!

Get it?  Aaargh?  R?

Well, then . . .

Ahoy thar maties!

We was overrun with pirates last weekend!

and what a great time we had too, in spite of the showers on Saturday.

We played sink the ship

And made beautiful fairy houses down on the lake front.

We also had some pirates who showed their walking-the-plank skills

There were plenty of landlubber games too, like a ping pong tournament, swabbing the deck game, hook making, scavenger hunt and jewelry making.

Two pirates who were marooned here,

taught the kids how to be pirate-y by making a damsel in distress, practicing their Aaaarghing and sword fighting

with noodles.

When they felt the little landlubbers were ready, they swore them in be pirates

And Debbie gave them tattoos to seal the deal.

I had so much fun, I didn’t want to put my pirate eye patch away.  But Tami got tired of me knocking things over with my antlers.

Tune in tomorrow to see some photos from the awesome magic show we had Saturday night by The Magic of the Steelgraves!

Pirate Weekend!

Ahoy thar, me camping maties!


The weather was perfectly perfect for doin’ pirate-y things, wasn’t it?  We competed in pirate races, had a water canon contest and made hook hands and parrots.

pirate-weekend-006blog pirate-weekend-007blog

Lots of my friends dressed up while joining in the fun!

pirate-weekend-008blog pirate-weekend003blog2

Alex and Bryant did a little skit right before the ol’ sea roving hayride around the camp.  They called it, “So You Wanna Be a Pirate?”    And you know what?  Bryant


tried to tell Alex


that she couldn’t be a pirate.


‘Cause she was a girl!

Oooooo!   Alex didn’t like that!  So she bet him his whole treasure chest that she could do anything a pirate could do. Better too!

Even sword fight.


It looked like Bryant was going to win . . . but then she tricked him!  He tripped and lost the treasure to her.

Awwww.  Poor Bryant.

But Alex shared the loot with everybody


Even Bryant.

Aren’t they a fierce looking bunch?


Later that night Paul from Mad Science came to perform his Fire and Ice show!  He talked about low pressure and high pressure . . .


He showed us how fast fire can burn up


made water disappear

and his head disappear


He showed how to make a hard boiled egg get sucked through the thin neck of a beaker. . . without breaking!  It was so cool, he did it twice.

Then he astounded everyone when he made clouds appear in the rec hall




Everyone wanted to be squirted in the face with them!



He put bubbles on my little camping buddy’s heads too . . .


It was a very cool show!

Alex took all the pirate decorations down this afternoon and I was so sad.  But she told me to cheer up –

because next weekend is Fiesta Weekend!


We’s bein’ overrun with pirates!



They’ve already played sink the ship . . .

and had a walk-the-plank contest . . .

and shot some pool.

What more can they do???

Weee-llll, I suppose.

If you can’t beat them . . .


join ’em!

I’m off to the canon shooting contest!


Shiver me timbers!  Me maties and I had a jolly good time this past weekend!

The theme (as if you couldn’t guess!) was Pirate Weekend.

We started celebrating on Friday with a doubloon hunt, walk-the-plank contest

and sink-the-ship game

Then we had a very exciting Ping Pong Tournament! Here are our first and second place winners, Tom and Erin

Tom won by the skin-of-his-teeth, didn’t you? Erin is quite the player!  A wicked good game!

On Saturday, I trained our new employee, who for some reason, only wanted to hang out on the porch.

We greeted all the little “sprogs” (recruits) who be wantn’ to join our crew!

We played landlubber games, had a canon shooting contest, made pirate hats, tossed horseshoes and organized a Yo-Ho-Ho scavenger hunt.

Our resident pirates

Capn’ and Bones, trained the sprogs and then swore them in as official pirates!

Saturday night, Mad Science came to perform some magical science for us!

She balanced a ball on a leaf blower –

Introduced us to her very good friend Eggbert . . . then popped him into her mouth

for safekeeping!  Then she lit a fire under him (in the beaker) to get him to “go home” (by having the oxygen outside the beaker push him inside).

Eggbert went a little way in, then he got stuck.  Elizabeth said she’d take care of him later.

She went on to give the kids a dry ice bath,

and the adults a dry ice shower (which had the kids giggling)

It was great to see so many kids take part in our Pirate theme!  I had a great time, I hope they did too!

Maxwell Posts for Tami

Tami and Ben have been sick with the flu for a week. So, I trudged through the snow to check in on them.

“Maxwell,” Tami said between coughs, “I need you to do me a favor.”

“Sure! Anything!” I put my hand . . . um, hoof . . . over my heart. “Your wish is my command. Clean the bathrooms? Answer the phones? Play with Ben? Take Cookie for a walk?”

“I need you to blog for me. There’s been no new posts since the 11th. My customers will think I’ve given up on it already.”

“Blog? Me?” I paced back and forth in front of her, scratching my antlers. “But, but, Tami . . . what’ll I say? What’ll I do? Who’s gonna want to read a moose post?”

“Your fans would, sweetie.” Tami patted my head and kissed my nose right before she sneezed, once, twice, three times. Flopping back on the couch and covering up with a blanket, she mumbled, “Write about what you do best, Maxwell. Fun and games.”


Yeah! I can do that!

Recreation is one of the best things about Poland Spring Campground! It’s why I hang around. Every day in July and August is loaded with awesome things to do. There’s arts and crafts at least once a day where you make stuff like catapults, boats, candles, princess hats or super cool glitter glasses


We play volleyball, basketball, bocci, horseshoes, relay races, water balloon slingshot, penny hunts, ping pong and pool tournaments for teens, bingo, flag football. We have ice cream making once a week. Pool games. Hayrides! Bingo! Jewelry making! Bubble play! Trash Bag Theater! Story time with moose feed!

You can see a sample of our recreation schedule here, on our website.

Every Monday night we have candy bar bingo. Tuesday has free pony rides


Thursday night brings popcorn over the campfire with scary stories told by the kids.

We theme every weekend too!

Pirate Weekend was new last year and an instant hit!


Here’s a scene from a skit Alexz wrote called Who Wants to Be A Pirate. Bryant and JMoney showed all the pirate campers how it’s done and then swore them in by reciting the pirate code.


Medieval weekend is always a lot of fun too! Jousting with noodles, Viking ship races, and a porridge eating contest are just a few of the awesome things you’ll find on our schedule that weekend.

misc-019.jpg misc-002.jpg

Let’s not forget Christmas in July


Halloween in August

100_0296.jpg halloween-07a.jpg

or Fiesta Weekend with a big South of the Border Party, donkey rides on Ricco Suave, pinatas and the bouncy house


But you know what I can’t wait for this year? Our brand new theme –

Super Hero Tryouts Weekend!

Who are you going to be? I think I’m going to dress up as . . . da-da-DAH . . .

Super Moose!

Shhhhh! Don’t tell anybody, but I’ve been practicing my jumping and running so I can try out at the silly Olympic events. Tami says there’s gonna be a toilet paper tie up contest and water balloon target practice too! There’s so many cool weekends, I can never choose just one favorite. But I think Super Hero Weekend is going to be top of my list.

What’s your favorite weekend?