Ice Cream Social and Maxx’s Birthday!

We always have two big ice cream events in the Spring!

Tami just <3 <3 <3’s  ice cream!!

But not as much as me!

All through Saturday May 20th,  my little campers played wiffle ball, shot off water balloons with the slingshot, played bocce . .. and at every event, they all asked each other what they were bringing for a topping to share . . .

It turned out to be the best topping smorgasbord ever!  Sooooo many campers came . . . I think they love ice cream as much as Tami does!

More than me!!

Okay, I think this young man loves it more than all of us combined!!

I always love to see what kinds of sundaes my little campers create . . .

Will they load up with lots of red toppings?

Or do they like blue??

This young lady sure is enjoying her sundae!

On June 3rd, we celebrated a very, very special birthday . . .


What a fun day that was!

We played birthday games,

shot off water balloons, and my little campers made cards and party hats at Arts and Crafts.

I had no idea they were planning a party though!  I was totally in the dark!

Tami told me Brooke needed to see me in the Rec Hall,

so I wandered on down . . .

What I didn’t know, is that there was  lookout behind the tree . . .

And a camper at the lights .  . .

when they saw me coming, they hushed up, shut off the lights, and waited . . .

and when I walked through the door, they yelled ~


I couldn’t believe it!

We blew out the candles on my cake together,

ate some cake and ice cream . . .

and my little campers gave me their cards.

They were all so thoughtful and full of heart!

I’ll treasure them forever and ever and ever!!

Thank you, Poland Spring Campers, for a fabulous birthday!  You’re the best!



Memorial Day Weekend 2016


Memorial Day Weekend was soooooooo . . .

much . . .



We had arts and crafts, the waterballoon slingshot, jewelry making, relay races, a scavenger hunt, and . . .

A Pots and Pans Parade!!  We made really loud noisemakers and Debbie and Brooke gave us whistles too. They told us to go wake everyone up.


So we did.


We had a hayride too!  That was tons of fun!

IMG_3236 IMG_3240

I even got over the the pool, to say hello to all my little campers.


AND we played candy bar bingo!!!

IMG_3243 IMG_3245

And that was all just Saturday fun!  You should’ve seen Sunday . . .

IMG_3249 IMG_3250

We have lots and lots of cool stuff planned this Spring and Summer!  If you haven’t made your reservations, now’s the time!!

Clean Up 2015


As always, our campers rock!  The place is looking pretty again!

Starting at 8:30, people grabbed a doughnut or muffin, and a cup of coffee before getting to work. I tried to take a doughnut too, but Tami slapped my hand!  “Those are for the workers,” she said.

“I work!” I told her.

“You work at playing!” she scolded.

Campers were seen raking by the pool, bathrooms, and game room .

Clean Up  (7)

About 80% of the sites and roads are now clean of last year’s leaves and twigs.

Clean Up  (11)

Clean Up  (12)

Two of my favorite workers!


Clean Up  (1)

Tami couldn’t believe how much the place changed in one day. It’s amazing!



Clean Up  (8)


And I have no idea what Tami was thinking, of course there was time to play!  Sheesh!


Clean Up  (6)

Tami even found time to chat with some of her readers!


We’re looking forward to an amazing season!  If you haven’t made your reservations yet, now’s the time!

Our Eagles Are Twitterpated!

Walk Dec 26  (32)
December 2014
March 2015

Can you see the difference?  It’s bigger, and higher.

And just today, there were even MORE sticks on the nest.

The eagles are getting ready to nest!

Last year, they were sitting on eggs, March 8th.  Tami is going down every day, hoping to see an eagle nestled in, only the top of her white head showing.

But for now, they keep adding sticks and twigs and pine boughs, waiting for just the right time.





Clean Up Weekend 2012!


We’re finally open!

And thanks to some amazing help from our Clean Up volunteers and crew – things are looking pretty good too!

Young campers and, the *ahem*  not-so-young campers,  were  rewarded with all the donuts and muffins they could eat.

Tami didn’t get as many pictures this weekend as she normally does because she was too busy going “Blah, blah, blah” in the store with practically every camper who walked in the door.

Geez, can that woman talk!

She even chatted about leaves with some of her camping buddies . . .

They’d found two leaf charts on the geo-cache course and Tami challenged them to find every one.  They almost did it too!  The one that stumped them was the Sassafras leaf.  Still, they’d worked so hard, Tami rewarded them all with a tattoo.

Ben, on the other hand, took some great pics of the afternoon crew, who picked up leaf piles all afternoon.

I don’t know how we’d manage to get this place in shape without our Clean Up volunteers!

Thanks a heap!



Can You Help Us “Think Spring”?

Hi!  Tami here . . .

A little bird told me I’d better check out the blog, and it’s a good thing I did!  That Maxwell!  He’s always sneaking on  to post something.  Even when I ask him to do the posting, he never does it like I tell him to.

I say: Tell your camping friends, the Calendar of Events will be out in the mail soon.

He posts: Hey!  Guess what?  I kind-of-sort-of- got a sneak peek at the 2010 Calendar of Events and here it is!

I say:    Maxx, post a little blurb about our Medieval Weekend.  Throw three or four pictures in there too.

He posts: Twenty pictures and two pages about all the fun medieval recreation games we had that weekend.

I say: Don’t post that picture of me in a gas mask!

He posts:    That picture of me in a gas mask.


This week, Maxx was really worried because one of his facebook camping friends told him they couldn’t “Think Spring”, no matter how hard they tried.

“Tami, Tami, what do we do?” he asked.

“Did you mention the cracklin’ campfire?  Remind her of the sad loon calls?”

“I did, I did!” he said.

“Really, Maxx, she’ll be fine,” I said.

Maxx wrung his hands.  “No, no she won’t.  She needs some spring NOW!”   And he ran off into the campground to find spring.

I don’t think he’s going to find it, do you?  Even the groundhog insisted there’d be six more weeks of winter, no matter how hard Maxx tried to get him to change his mind.

But maybe these pictures that the Snowdon’s sent in will help.

They camped with us last August and caught these beauties

There’s three generations of fisherman there!

So what about all of you?  Can you help poor Maxx out?  If you have any pictures from your stay at Poland Spring Campground that can help us all start Thinking Spring, e-mail them to us and we’ll post them here!

Who are these masked campers?

Maxx here!


Bryant set up the bouncy house this past weekend.  I begged and I begged and I begged Alex to take me to the playing field.  She finally gave in.

“Fifteen minutes,” she said, tapping her watch.  “No more.”

Sigh. She’s such a slave driver.

When we got there, I wanted to jump in the bouncy house too.

Alex said, “No, Maxx.  You’re way too big.”

“Pleeeeeease?”  I gave her my best pout.

Alex shook her head.  “Your antlers will knock out the kids!”

Whoa.  I hadn’t thought of that! I wouldn’t want to hurt my little buddies! So I just hung out with them instead.  We had a great time!

Earlier on Saturday, Bryant and the kids made these silly glasses.   Which ones do you like best?


may-16th-09001-blog may-16th-09004blog


There was a big ping pong tournament too!  Many entered.  They played with skill and cunning.  When the scores were tallied, three came out victorious!


Congratulations guys!!

Everyone here is running around like crazy people, trying to get everything ready for this coming weekend!  Would you believe it if I told you Alex and Bryant were vaccuming and scooping leaves from the pool today?  None of YOU are ready to go swimming yet . . . right?

Almost . . . .

Maxx here!


Tami is running around here like a mad woman, trying to get things ready for the campers coming in for Clean Up Weekend.

“Do you have the trees yet?” she keeps asking David.  “How many donuts and muffins should I order?  Ack!  . . . ” she slaps a hand to her forehead, “I forgot the orange juice!”

No worries though, she’ll have everything ready to roll on Friday.

Just wait and see.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to have one of these by the campfire


There’s nothing like a gooey s’more, by a crackling campfire, while the loons wail through the darkness.

Hurry up  Friday!

What a difference a week makes . . .

The weather has been gorgeous these last couple of weeks!  The snow is melting nicely.  There’s still a few snow covered areas like here in the 40’s

The 40\'s

but for the most part, the campground now looks like this

And Sam . . . your site looks like this

Isn’t that better!?

The roads are still too soft to drive on, but I think I can put those snow shoes away now.

Within the last week, we’ve watched the ice on the lake recede a few yards at a time. Last Sunday, there was still quite a bit off to the left of our point.  Today, I’m pleased to announce there wasn’t a smidgen of ice in sight.

The loons are back!  I can’t wait to hear their call over a roaring, crackling campfire.  It’s one of my favorite things.  There were ducks everywhere too!  At least fifty dotted the lake between our frontage and the golf course.

Even Mama Eagle was up on the edge of her nest, enjoying the warmth in the air

Eagle Nesting April 22nd

So keep thinking those Spring like thoughts!

For my buddy Sam

I’ve been sub teaching a lot lately, and I’ve had my buddy Sam quite a bit. Every time I see him, he asks:

“Is the snow gone from my site yet?”

Well Sam, here’s your answer:

Sam\'s Camper

And no, I can’t put the the heaters on it!

But don’t feel too badly. You’re site could look like Big Joe’s:

Big Joe\'s Camper

See how he still has snow on his roof? Just look at his picnic table!! And I don’t know about you, but I don’t think he’ll be opening that front door for a week or so.

The whole campground is like this Sam. Bare spots of ground are poking through here and there, but I’m sinking in up to my knees in most places when I walk to the lake. I still had to wear snowshoes as of yesterday!

I think it’s going to melt wicked quickly now, though. You’ll see!

Remember this picture from my March 1st post?


Well, from the same spot, it looks like this now . . .


Isn’t that better?

Before you know it we’ll be seeing this:


And swimming like Cookie did yesterday!

Cookie\'s April Swim

So hang in there Sam. Spring is coming!