Super Hero Weekend ~ 2017

One of the things I like best about Super Hero Weekend – is that I get to meet so very many heroes all over the campground!!

At arts and crafts they made headbands, masks and arm cuffs to hide their  true identities!

There were some super villains among us too!

After doing all the usual mild-mannered, regular camper stuff Friday and Saturday morning, like super seed spitting, scavenger hunt, and bubble play,  we gathered on the playground to show off our super hero skills!

We zig-zagged our way across the playing field!

We were stylish!

We demonstrated great team work . . .

showed off our agility by crawling through small spaces . . .

And we soared through the air . . .

Okay, okay. Maybe we didn’t soar!  But we ran like the wind!

And we were very good at making distractions so the bad guys would be, you know, distracted and stuff from their evil-doings.

And Tami said we were super good at staring off into nothing-ness – like a true super hero.

Oh no!  Villainous villains!

We took out our super secret weapon . . .

the water balloon launcher!

Do they look a little scared?  Hmmmm . . .

Our Super Heroes are the best!

They play kazoos!

And they can count to three!

And they love hayrides, too.

On Saturday night, Almodarr and Angelique amazed us with their magic!

They did this thing, where they twisted that round circle with the spiral design and we had to stare at it and stare at it and stare at it . . . then Angelique said, “Now look at my nose-”

And I swear she shimmered – like she almost went invisible!  Other kids said her head got bigger.

And then there was the time Angelique started pulling ribbons from what I thought was an empty canister . . . .

and she kept pulling . . . and pulling . . . and pulling!

Finally, they came to the end! Whew!  I was beginning to wonder where we’d put all of that ribbon!  Hmmmm – maybe Debbie and Brooke coulda used it for next year’s super hero costumes.

The Steelgraves put on a great show!  Thank you Almodarr and Angelique!  We can’t wait to see what you come up with next year!

The Super Heroes of Poland Spring Campground

This year’s Super Hero Theme Weekend started like any other .  . . we had sandcastle building on the playground . . .


and my little campers and I talked about what Super Heroes we wanted to be this year.




The sandcastles were amazing!!


We have all kinds of fun, everyday!  All day!  But we really had a wicked good time building boats and racing them in the pool!  We were supposed to go to the lake, but we decided to stay close to the rec hall on account of the thunder we heard in the distance.



Friday night we had Candy Bar Bingo!  There were lots and lots of winners!

IMG_2506 IMG_2507

Stand Up Bingo games are my favorite.


On Saturday we made our Super Hero disguises . . . even Megan . . . Ahem . . . I mean, Super Megan, of course.


Debbie and Super Megan helped us to make capes,


And masks and arm bands too!


Which we wore to Super Hero Tryouts.


There were a lot of Super Hero Wanna-be’s!


We learned to work as a team . . .


run through obstacles . . .




leap tall buildings . . .


Everyone worked hard!  But we also had a lot of fun.



And Debbie proclaimed us Official Poland Spring Campground Super Heroes!


Suddenly, Tami got a call from Paula in the office!  Thor’s Hammer had been stolen by some really old, really evil guy and his gang.


Did I mention how evil they were?

As they marched toward us, they gained more minions!!!


And just like that, the line was drawn across the playing field.


We bit our nails!


Tami gave a really long pep talk about honor . . . and valor . . . and upholding the Poland Spring Campground Way!

And that was great and all, but when Debbie pulled out two crates of water balloons, and the slingshot, we gave a rousing cheer!


It was the villains turn to look worried.



The games were on!  We slung balloons . . .

IMG_1770   IMG_2653

And they fought them off!



We kept a close eye on the battle . . .



Soon, I could see that we had them beaten!


And Tami yelled, “Charge!! Get the Hammer!!”


They knew they had lost.


We saved the day for all the Poland Spring Campground campers!!


Our Super Heroes are the bravest . . .





Strongest . . .


most honorable Super Heroes in all the Universe!!


Well done, Justice League, well done.

Super, Duper, Hero Weekend!


Here I am with the very famous, very handsome, Superman!!!

Or should I say . . . .

Suuuuuuper- maaaaaaaan!


There were lots of Supermans, and Batmans, and Wonder Womans and


Super Shoppers!



Super Buddies!

We made our own capes and headbands and tool belts at Arts and Crafts


then  had Super Hero Tryouts in the playing field . . .






All events were supervised by Batgirl, Catgirl and Superman himself.


Of course, we passed with flying colors.  We were even taught to look off into the distance at nothing in particular, like a real super hero.

And then, two villains showed up!  On OUR playing field!


We called on all superheros and whipped out our waterballoon slingshot to protect all the innocent camping families, and keep them from danger at Poland Spring Campground.



And just when we were getting the best of those two, three more villains showed up!


And we were all like . . . who ARE these guys?


We can take them!!!

And the three villains were scared.


Don’t they look scared!?

So we shot more waterballons  . . .


And just when we were getting the best of THEM, one more showed up!


Hey . . . doesn’t he look a little familiar .  . . Superman’s evil twin, perhaps?


Even with all their pirate-y, medieval-style stuff,



We still saved the day!!!

And it was a lot of fun too!

As always there were tons of things to do!  And we did them as our Super Hero selves, so no one would know our secret identities or anything . . .





Especially this guy.  I swore on my moose antlers I wouldn’t ever, ever, ever give away his real name.





Thanks to all the Super Families who joined us last weekend!  We loved having you!


Super Hero Weekend!

Da – Da – Da – Daaaaaah!

Super Hero '13 032 (1280x649)

Wondering why it took so long for Tami to get this Super Hero post up here?

Because she and I were having a “discussion” over whether or not she should give away all our super hero secrets.  I mean . . . she was like a crazy lady with the camera this weekend!

Super Hero '13 003 (933x1280)

I said, “Tami!  You can’t put those photos out there for the world to see!”

“Why not?” she replied.  “It was just all fun and games and -”

“FUN AND GAMES!   FUN AND GAMES!!  I’ll have you know we were training really, really hard so we could protect Poland Spring Campground!”

“But-” she began

“We learned out to tie up a villain  with toilet paper!  And how to search for clues with the Scavenger Hunt!  We made model scale super hero boats and tested them!  We even learned out how make our own super safe, super cool hero costumes in Arts and Crafts.”

Super Hero '13 101 (745x1280)


Super Hero '13 102 (1280x1143)

Everyone trained, right down to the littlest of us!

Super Hero '13 060 (789x1280)


Super Hero '13 064 (1280x1166)

“But if I show the world how you fought the villains and won, won’t that scare all the other villains away?” she asked.

Darn, that Tami.  She’s always got a perfectly reasonable comeback.

So I had a meeting with the newly decorated Poland Spring Justice League.

Super Hero '13 110 (1280x827)

and they agreed, Tami could show the photos of their super hero moves,AND of them beating the Poland Spring Dastardly Villians.

But that was all.

Super Hero '13 008 (1280x936)


Thor and Storm showed up to help Maggie and Debbie train the recruits.


Super Hero '13 032 (1280x649)


Right away, Tami and I got a tip from a very reliable camper, that the  villains were nearby, mixing in, not easily seen.   Hanging out amongst us.


Super Hero '13 108 (1280x1155)

We searched high and low, but didn’t see them, so we kept on with our plan to train in the playing field.

Thor raised his hammer of truth when the games began. And we watched for the best of the best.

Super Hero '13 007 (960x1280)  Super Hero '13 012 (1280x905)

We practiced jumping through hoops.  Everyone passed with flying colors!

Then Maggie taught us how to leap a tall building with style!

Super Hero '13 034 (947x1280)

Super Hero '13 037 (790x1280)

Super Hero '13 040 (1082x1280)

Super Hero '13 046 (1280x912) Super Hero '13 047 (1280x997)

And we learned how to squeeze through tight spaces.

Super Hero '13 058 (1280x960)


It was hot in that playing field, but we trained and trained and trained.  When Debbie and Maggie thought we were good enough.  They told us to take a break.

Super Hero '13 066 (770x1280)

And while we were off guard, resting in the shade, the villains showed up!

(Cue the action music!)

They were dastardly . . . horrible . . . mean . . . and . . . well . . . your typical campground type villains.

Super Hero '13 070 (1175x1280)

They were up to no good!  We were sure of it.

So we took out our trusty water balloon slingshot . . .

Super Hero '13 072 (1280x960)

And our secret stash of water balloons . . .

Super Hero '13 091 (1280x960)

And we let those villains have it!

Super Hero '13 080 (960x1280)


Super Hero '13 074 (1280x970)

Super Hero '13 090 (1280x1044)  Super Hero '13 096 (1280x599)

The balloons went flying . . . and a few came flying back at us.  But before long, those villains were done for.  And Poland Spring Campground was safe for another year!

Super Hero '13 107 (1280x1251)   Super Hero '13 112 (959x1280)


Super Hero '13 116 (959x1280)

Thank you Poland Spring Campground Justice League . . .

Thank you!

Suuuuuuuper Heroooooo!

Oh . . .

my . . .


Super Hero Weekend was amazing!

Not only did I get to meet Thor . . .

but we created our own Super Hero characters too.

We made capes and masks and headbands in arts and crafts

Then Debbie and Maggie tested our super hero skills on the playing field . . .

Weaving in and out . . .
Ready . . . Set . . .
Our secret weapon target skills

My little campers were awesome! Debbie and Maggie had soooo many tests for them, but they aced every one!

Finally, there was one last . . .

very, very important . . .

most important test of all . . .

Villain target practice.

Super Heroes came from all over the campground to prove their targeting skills.

while the villains stood taunting them  . . .

everyone had fun though!

Debbie and Maggie  graduated our campers to become the

Duh, Duh, Duh, Daaaaaaaaa . . .

2012 Poland Spring Campground Justice League!

I feel so much safer now.

Our heroes learning was not yet done though.

They learned magic from The Steelgraves

Practiced keeping their identities a secret

even when eating lollipops on the hayride.

And they had villain tying practice too

I don’t think those villains are going anywhere!

We have the best Justice League in the town . .

In the State!

In the world!


In . . . the . . . Universe!

Thanks Debbie and Maggie, for a Super Weekend!

2011 Poland Spring Campground Justice League

Beware Evil Doers!

We’re the Poland Spring Campground Justice League, and you don’t want to tangle with us!


Because we can run faster than a speeding bullet . . .

Jump higher than the tallest building . . .

Make our own Super Hero costumes to hide our identity . . .

Mask making . . . with Mom's help. She's the only one you can trust your secret identity with
Cape making

We can shoot water balloons at evil villains . . .

and then tie them up with toilet paper!

Poor Cat Woman

Those villains were no match for us!  Not when you have super heroes like these hanging around the campground all day . . .

Spiderman has an admirer
BatGirl found her batman!
Spidey and some of his favorite Superheros . . . is that a villain in the middle?
Super Girl gives the Joker a "talking to"
That's a pretty amazing group of Superwomen!

There were superheros at horseshoes . . . superheros at the scavenger hunt . . . and superheros at the hayride too!

Tami wants to make a BIG, BIG shout-out to all the amazing helpers  .  . .

Bryant, Nancy, Mighty M, Debbie, Tami, Alex and Maggie
Our Super Villains who let the Justice League pelt them with waterballoons
We even got David to dress up!

I cleverly hid my secret identity behind a cape and mask to arrive as

Dah ~ Da ~DA!

Mighty Moose

Do you think anyone knew it was me???

the Poland Spring Campground Justice League!

Wow!  I’ve never seen soooooo many super heroes here at Poland Spring Campground!

There were Supermans, Spidermans, Wonder Womans, Power Rangers, Super Girls, Iron Mans and many, many more!

Every where you turned, there were Super Heroes galore!!

and they all came together (after making masks and capes at Arts and Crafts) for Super Hero Try Outs!

They leaped tall buildings in a single bound

showed off their fancy footwork

and their ability to squeeze in and out of tight spots

Then, the evil villains came out of their lair

and our Justice League banded together

to show those evil-doers what we were made of!

Once again, Poland Spring Campground was safe for campers everywhere!

Whew!  I don’t know about Tami.  But I was worried there for a minute.

We had paddle boat building,  bocci, horseshoes, story time, lessons on how to tie up a villain

jewelry making, a scavenger hunt, movies, super hero training and hayrides too!

Feeling sad you couldn’t make it this time?  Well, we still have lots of Theme Weekends left you know.  Fiesta Weekend, 2 Halloweens, Adventurer Weekend and Medieval too!   Take your pick and give us a call!  We’d love to see you!

Super Hero Tryouts


Check out our Poland Spring Campground Justice League!

Don’t they look super cool and brave?  I was .  . .


Miiiiii-ghty Moose!  Defender of  little campers, protector of woodland creatures,  lover of Debbie’s Wednesday ice cream!

We started the weekend by finding stolen treasure, making get away boats then racing them in the rain,  playing ping pong  and bingo too.

When Saturday dawned bright and sunny, everyone bowed down to Storm for arranging it !


The first important task on our long list of things-to-do, was to design capes and masks to hide our secret identities


Then we went right into the Tryouts!   My little camping buddies were tested by Daredevil Debbie and Spiderman


to see if they could run faster than a speeding bullet


did they have teamwork skills?


Could they jump through hoops to capture an enemy?


Leap tall buildings?


Squeeze through tight spots?


Everyone did such an awesome job!  They passed every test we threw at them!


Then, from out of nowhere, we were surrounded by the Poland Spring Campground Tie-Die Villians!


So my Super Hero campers got together and chased them away . . .

super-heroblog101 super-heroblog113

With our handy, dandy, waterballoon slingshot!

They got scared, I tell you.  Scared!!

Then they shot balloons at us, and let us catch them.

Later that day we practiced tying up villians . . .


had important discussions about Super Heroes past and present . . .


and hung out with Storm, Spidey and Bat Girl!


Actually, we hung out with lots and lots of Spideys!  Including Bear Spideys .. .

On Saturday night, Almodarr and Angelique: The Magic of the Steelgraves, magically reappeared this year to amaze and astound us!   Tami could hear their laughing and clapping all the way up at the office!


steelegravesblog031 steelegravesblog033

I wish I could’ve gone too, but Tami told me I had to go to bed early, ’cause I had to be at story time Sunday  morning. Early.  Really early!  9am!

My friend Sammie .. . well, she and I loooooove story time.  But we think it’s kind of early in the morning for a Sunday.  So, I tried to tell Bryant it was toooooo early.

But Bryant said it’s never too early for a story and moose feed . . .

So I tried to tell Ben.  But he said, that if he and Amanda had to get up at 7am to deliver the Sunday paper to all 132 campsites, I can get up to go to story time.

So I complained to Dave.  He said that he’d gladly get up at 9am to listen to stories over his morning coffee  . . . buuuut he has to do security rounds till at least 2am the night before.

I’m not even gonna ask Tami, ’cause I KNOW what she thinks about storytime.  I guess it has to stay at 9am Sammie!

Now we get ready for Halloween!

A whoooooole week of it!


Super Hero Weekend!

Mighty Moose here!

What a super fantastic weekend! Debbie and Bryant made Get Away Hydro Boats, hero vehicles with coffee clay, capes, masks and helmets too! We found the missing store treasure, and tested hero water skills at the lake.

Heros were found in every corner of the campground! Here’s Bumble Bee from the Transformers

Super B!

and Super Princess

Hero’s were tested to see if they could tie up their villians super tight

They were asked to run faster than a speeding bullet

jump higher than the tallest building

and perform daring feats

Some showed off moves that had even Cat Woman jealous!

When Flash’s arch enemies, The Rogues, appeared

our super heros attacked back with water balloons and won! Poland Spring Campground was safe for all campers once again.

We celebrated with a victory hayride!

Here’s the Poland Spring Campground Justice League

On Saturday night Paul from Mad Science performed his Spin, Pop, Boom show!

As our camper families checked out today, they all told us what a great time they had this weekend!

A big shout out to Heart Girl, Super Brody, Super Sleuths, and all the Super Hero’s who showed off their moves to me, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Cat Woman!

We all had an amazing time!

Come back and see us real soon . . .