Fourth Of July 2016

Yay!!!  David is our hero!!   He fixed this blog!!  There was some kind of crazy glitch in the WordPress’s update that kept Tami from uploading pictures . . . and if you know Tami – you know she can’t post on her blog without pictures.

Lots of pictures.

A gazillion-trillion pictures.

Max head shot blog

(And by the way – Tami tried for weeks and weeks to figure out what was wrong.  David googled it and had it fixed in half and hour.  Sheesh! )

Now I can show off all the cool things we’re doing here at Poland Spring Campground!

Fourth of July Weekend was a B – L – A – S – T!!!

The best one ever!   (Tami says I say that every year – but I don’t think that’s true, do you?)

We had so many new campers and returning campers . . .

Young campers . ..





and  . . .

Did you think I was going to say “Old” campers?   Pishaw!


I was going to say NOISY campers!

But that’s because Tami and Debbie and Brooke handed out noisemakers for our Yankee Doodle Parade!

IMG_0052 IMG_0051

If you wore red, white and blue on you or your bike . ..

you got a noisy prize!!





And Tami told us all, right before we headed out – “Wake up all the campers out there! Let them know it’s time to have fun!”

So we did.





That was one of the biggest Yankee Doodle Parades we ever, ever had!!

There were so many people, Tami had to take a pana . . . pana . . . romana . . .


a really, really, really long picture – on her phone – to get everyone in!

There was so much to do . . . bocci, bubble play, prize bingo and Arts and Crafts at the Lake!

We made rockets and shooting star wands.





We even played Colonial Kid Games, like marbles


And the fun continued into Saturday too! There was Arts and Crafts to make Yankee Doodle Hats and Drums for the parade.  We made jewelry, shot water balloons in the playing field, and had a scavenger hunt.

But the Watermelon Eating contest was my favorite!





Fourth of July Weekend is one of my favorites!


There’s always so much to do!

Now I have to run – because tomorrow is Sunday, and Sunday always starts with Storytime . . . and at Storytime, there’s always great books!


And Moose Mix!!  MMMMmmmmm!  My favorite snack!


Shared with some of my little campers . . .




I just hope there’s some left over for me!



June can be a quieter month, especially in the middle of the week . . . but the weekends!!  We had tons of fun!

David and Frank have been working hard to get the snack bar up and running.  Starting today, it’ll be open six days a week!  I’m so excited, ’cause they’ll be scooping ice cream!


Black Raspberry is my favorite!! Yum!

Chinese New Year Weekend always kicks off our Summer Recreation Program.  One of my favorite activities is noodle eating . . .



It makes for some messy, messy faces! Tami never lets me do it – cause she says it’s too hard to get out of my fur.  Thank goodness she doesn’t say that about the ice cream!!

We had arts and crafts in June too.  Look at these cool hats and fans we made last Saturday!  We all wore them to the hayride . . . .



And we got some prizes.

These Chinese Finger Traps are tricky though!




I got to hang out with so many of my little camper friends!






One of my favorite activities is our story times  in the office circle.  Brooke read some pretty great books last week!

20160626_090911 20160626_091007

And then she made Moose Mix!!  Mmmmmmmm!


We all helped her mix in all the ingredients.


And then shared the mix around the circle!


We had some face painting in June too!  Turns out Brooke is pretty good at it!  Soccer balls, cheering logos,

IMG_0001 IMG_0002

And . . . oh!  How cute!! Even my name!!


This weekend we’ve got a campground full of campers and a recreation schedule full of fun!!    C’mon – make your reservations!


Memorial Day Weekend 2016


Memorial Day Weekend was soooooooo . . .

much . . .



We had arts and crafts, the waterballoon slingshot, jewelry making, relay races, a scavenger hunt, and . . .

A Pots and Pans Parade!!  We made really loud noisemakers and Debbie and Brooke gave us whistles too. They told us to go wake everyone up.


So we did.


We had a hayride too!  That was tons of fun!

IMG_3236 IMG_3240

I even got over the the pool, to say hello to all my little campers.


AND we played candy bar bingo!!!

IMG_3243 IMG_3245

And that was all just Saturday fun!  You should’ve seen Sunday . . .

IMG_3249 IMG_3250

We have lots and lots of cool stuff planned this Spring and Summer!  If you haven’t made your reservations, now’s the time!!

Thank you, Campers!

This weekend was an amazing one!  Mother’s Day and Clean Up all rolled into one . . .

Tami, David  and I think we have amazing campers. Every Spring, they sign up to camp and help us rake sites, culverts, roads, playgrounds and more.

And in return we give them donuts.


20160507_081107 20160507_083120

I looooooove donuts.  But it’s not nearly enough!  Our campers work hard!


Okay. Most of them do. I’m going to have to talk to that Ben. I want to know how he does that.

Clean Up (1) Clean Up (2) Clean Up (3) Clean Up (4) Clean Up (5) Clean Up (6) Clean Up (10) Clean Up (11) Clean Up (12) Clean Up (13)

After the Clean Up, kids gathered to make a special treat for their moms.

Clean Up (14)

Tami got all teary and stuff, when she read their notes to their moms.

Clean Up (16)





We’re looking forward to this 2016 camping season!  We have lots of fun planned!

Come and join us!

Helloooooo Campers!


I can’t stand it anymore!!!  It’s so booooooring around this place without all of you, my little campers!

The store’s closed, game room’s closed, pool’s closed, and worst of all . . .

The Snack Bar is closed!

Memorial Day 2015 (16)

I’ve had nothing to write about . . . nobody to talk to . . .

well, except this guy.

Halloween Too  (80)

But he doesn’t say much.

And then just now,  I went into the house for a snack and saw THIS on Tami’s camp desk!  CALENDAR OF EVENTS 2016

Finally!  Sheesh!  It took her long enough.

Now I can start counting down to Camping Season!

Only 113 days until Clean Up Weekend!



Labor Day 2015


Tami about fell off her stool, when this grumpy camper walked in the store!  I mean, really??  What does he have to be grumpy about?  We had tons of cool things happening at the campground!!

There was our last Candy Bar Bingo of the season.  Our last Arts and Crafts.  The last Waterballoon Slingshot.  Our last Patriotic Parade







Our last Horseshoe Tournament, Jewelry Making, and Hayrides, too.


Our last group photo of 2015.




Our last Storytime with Moose Mix . . . . HEEEEEEE-Y!


I think I get it.

Darn it!  Now I’m grumpy, too!

Medieval Weekend 107

“Get up, Maxwell,” Tami scolded. “You’re antlers will stay droopy if you keep pouting like that. Go spit some seeds or something.”   Tami paused, then slapped a hand to her forehead.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“I can’t believe I just gave you permission to go spit.”  She sighed.

I laughed all the way to the Seed Spitting Contest!  That’s all I needed, was a giggle.  Tami’s so smart.

From there my little campers and I went to Bocci, Bubble Play, Kickball and lots more!!

One of the really cool highlights of the weekend was Trash Bag Theater!

We had four groups of kids, brave enough to play.  They each got a trash bag of random items, and they had twenty minutes to create a play, using each one of the items.  Then they performed their stories in front of the campground audience.  Sooooooo, much fun!!





We had plays titled, Sideway Tales, The Witch and the Sword, Pollution Mystery, and Distracted Crows.  Great job everyone!!!

The recreation may be put away, but we aren’t closed yet!  We’ll be here until Columbus Day and the lake is prettiest this time of year.  Come and camp one more time!!!

Aliens!! Aliens Everywhere!

I forgot to mention that Poland Spring Campground was overrun by Aliens back in August!!

Aliens!!!  Everywhere!!


No!  Not them!  Those are aren’t the aliens, those are my little campers.  Sheesh.  THEY played all kinds of games with Debbie, like flashlight tag, water balloon slingshot, jewelry making, space games . . .

and an alien slime eating contest.

Alien Slime!!!!




I was hanging out with them, minding my own business, when all of a sudden, Aliens started showing up all over the place!


In the rec hall . . .


In the office circle . . .


I couldn’t escape them!!





And I couldn’t get them to leave!  I dragged a couple of the littlest Aliens over to Tami and told them, “Here!  Here’s my leader!  You can have her!  Now go back to your planet!”

“What on Earth are you talking about Maxwell!?”  Tami asked.

“I think, HE thinks, we’re really aliens!”


One of my little campers lowered their mask. “We just want to bounce!” she said, as she ran to the Space Walk Bouncy House.


Tami put her hands on her hips.  “Maxwell?  Really?  Aliens in the campground?”  She took out her camera and started scrolling through the photos she’d taken all day.  “See?  They made masks and alien friends at Arts and Crafts.”




I took the camera.  “Sorry. My bad. I guess I over-reacted.”  A shiny object going into the store caught my eye.  “Wait!” I dragged Tami to the store.  “So what about that?” I cried peering in the window.


“Maxwell!  You’re letting your imagination run away with you!  For heaven’s sake, those are my friends!!  He’s an astronaut and she’s a school teacher.  For the last time, there’s no such thing as Aliens.  Now go play!”

She marched in the store.  I didn’t dare ask her about the next picture on the camera.


But it looks like an Alien to me!

Where Have All The Campers Gone?

Halloween 2b (15)

It’s suddenly very, very quiet here! Where have all my little campers gone??



Halloween 2b (14)

Tami says it’s because everyone is back to school shopping and stuff.  Sheesh.

Halloween 2b (13)

Without my little campers to keep my company, I keep getting into trouble.  Tami yelled at me today for putting my butt in the ice chest.

Halloween 2b (10)

And then she fussed at me for ringing the bell on this bike over and over and over and over.  I liked the tinkling sound.

Tami did not.

It’s a good thing I still have Sammie to keep me out of trouble!

Halloween 2b (4)

We still have some good camping days left!!  Sci Fi Weekend is going to be a ton of fun!  And we stil have sites for Labor Day Weekend, but they’re going fast!!

Halloween One 2015!


The Halloween decorations went up on Thursday the 13th,  and all the little campers were most excited!!

Halloween 1  (30)

Our usual Thursday recreation has Sandcastle building on the playground . . . .

Halloween 1  (32)


And boy-oh-boy, did they ‘go to town’ with their building!  Look at the details!  The American Flag . . . the roads . . .

Halloween 1  (36)


And is that a bridge??  Impressive!

Halloween 1  (37)

What a cute little city!

On Friday, after Storytime, Bocci, and Bubble Play, Debbie took the little campers to the lake for a Nature Walk.  Along the way, they picked up all kinds of nature items to make Lake Monsters for the Costume Party on Saturday.

Halloween 1  (46)

Halloween 1  (45)

Halloween 1  (44)

FINALLY, Saturday was here! The BIG DAY!  Kids stampeding all over the place!!

At Arts and Crafts, we made site markers so the campers could mark their sites if they were giving out candy. We made lots and lots and lots of them . . . .

Halloween 1  (62)


In hopes there’d be lots and lots and lots of campers TO give out candy.

Halloween 1  (61)

Halloween 1  (59)

Then we made Frankensteins!


Halloween 1  (75)

It’s Alive!!!

Halloween 1  (71)

Well, kinda-sorta alive!!!

Halloween 1  (69)

We shot water balloons, made jewelry, had an adult horseshoe tournament and joined the  scavenger hunt and THEN . . .

It was witch’s stew eating time!!!

Halloween 1  (83)

Halloween 1  (84)

Tami just won’t let me do this, no matter how hard I try!!  I pleaded!  I begged!!  But she firmly said no!

I wonder why?


Halloween 1  (88)

We tried to have a Pumpkin Parade . . . we gathered .  . .

Halloween 1  (4)

But all of a sudden we heard rumbling and Tami cried, “Is that THUNDER????”  She and Debbie shooed us inside as fast as they could.  We played games instead and tried to guess the how many candy corns were in the jar.

Halloween 1  (7)

We kept one eye on the skies as the minutes ticked by . . . . 3 o’clock.  4 o’clock.  The skies cleared a bit and the sun peeked out.  5 o’clock.  6 o’clock.

6:30!!  Time for Tami to give the rules!!  And then she makes us pose for a group photo.

Halloween 1  (97)

Before she finally sends us out to trick or treat!!

Halloween 1  (8)

Halloween 1  (10)

Halloween 1  (11)

Halloween 1  (13)

Halloween 1  (20)


We got tons and tons of candy!!

Halloween 1  (18)

When we’d gone to every campsite that had a marker, we went down to the lake for a costume party and snacks.

Halloween 1  (25)

We all love having the party at the lake!

Halloween 1  (100)

Halloween 1  (126)

Halloween 1  (112)

Halloween 1  (111)

There’s all kinds of cool games to play for prizes.  And Sammie gives Tattoos too!

Halloween 1  (101)

She said the magic spell, tapped the tattoo with her wand and Abracadabra!!  The perfect Tattoo!

Halloween 1  (104)

I was amazed!!!  Maybe this time, finally, after all these years, the tattoo would stick to my fur!!  I crossed my fingers to help the magic . . .

Halloween 1  (23)

But it didn’t work.  Sigh. One of my little campers gave me a ghost sticker though!  I love my little campers!

And their costumes!

Halloween 1  (94)

Halloween 1  (95)

Halloween 1  (96)


Halloween 1  (117)

Before the party ended, I made sure to get myself a Halloween Frosting Stick and a glass of Tami’s special punch.

Halloween 1  (114)

Halloween 1  (113)

Choosing the sprinkles is always the hardest decision!

Halloween 1  (124)

When I saw the sun setting over the lake, I was so sad. I didn’t want Halloween to end.  I wanted to hang out with my little campers for ever and ever.  And ever.  I scuffed my feet in the dirt when Tami told me it was time to go.


But a pretty girl came over to tell me Halloween wasn’t ending yet!!  We had a whole week of recreation ahead of us!

“And trick or treating?  Another party?” I asked.

Halloween 1  (116)

“We’ll do it all over again next Saturday”, she said, before giving me a kiss right on my nose.

Yes!!  Halloween again!!  I can’t wait!!


Fairy Tale Weekend

Sometimes, it takes a couple years for a theme weekend to catch on and become big. Not so with Fairy Tale Weekend!!! We started with Bubble Play, a Fairy & Gnome treasure hunt, and Cottage Building for the wee folk  . . .


IMG_2852   Then we had Tortoise and Hare Races on the playing field, Arts and Crafts, Waterballoon Slingshot, Jewelry Making, a Scavenger Hunt and a Porridge Eating Contest! IMG_2860   Tami wouldn’t let me enter that contest.  She said it’d get in my fur and she’d never get it out. IMG_2863 We had our usual Saturday Afternoon hayride and that’s when all the Fairy Tale Characters came out to play!! IMG_3291

Some of our characters gave a shout out to a special friend of ours, who’s staying at Boston Children’s Hospital.




How I loved meeting all the characters!



Shrek and Fiona were a huge hit!!


We made Magical Wands and Fairy Tale Character headbands at Arts and Crafts.  There were lots and lots of spells being tossed around the hay wagon, I tell you!  I was worried I’d get changed into a toad or something.




And check out these knights in shining armor!!  Very impressive!  I’d let them guard my gate against fire breathing dragons any time!



We had so many beautiful princesses too!






And Noble Kings.  Doesn’t he look wise beyond his years?


Here is Girl Scout Troop 1655 in Harpswell.  They worked hard selling cookies this year and earned a camping trip.  Maxwell Moose bragged to everyone he knew that they chose OUR campground to visit.   Thanks girls!!!


Princess Megan was beautiful in all her finery!!


Peter Pan came to visit too, with Tiger Lily, Wendy, Tinkerbell and a Lost Boy!!


I finally got a chance to meet Shrek face to face!  He’s not a bad guy really, if you can get past that onion smell.  Tami was taking our picture for the big guy, when .  . .


Fiona just had to go and photobomb us.


Personally, I think she was a little jealous, since Shrek had just gotten a big ‘ol smooch from Paula.


Here’s the whole Poland Spring Campground Fairy Tale crew!!  Thanks again for visiting us everyone!!


This theme will be on the schedule for 2016 for sure!!